George Will- Wrong Again

Columnist George Will’s latest opinion piece demands cuts in education funding.  This from a man who was duped by Bush and Cheney into writing pro-war columns for the pre-emptive attack on Iraq in 2003.  Will writes, “Just 16 months ago, in the stimulus legislation, Congress shoveled about $100 billion to education, including $48 billion in direct aid to states.”

Apparently, one hundred billion dollars to educate the children of this nation is way too much of a burden on the tax-payers.  What is the Pentagon budget?  That’s $664 billion.  For what?  Two useless wars and 5000 dead American soldiers.

It seems that Mr. Will has his priorities screwed up, but it wouldn’t be the first time nor, sadly, the last time. He has been criticized by the science community for stating in many columns that climate change is not man-made and, further, that he uses specious climate ‘data’ to bolster his point.  As mentioned, he believed the WMD claims and mushroom cloud propaganda put out by the Bush Administration. In 2008 he wrote that the Chinese were drilling for oil off of the coast of Cuba- a scare tactic to excite the reactionary right. He had to retract that ‘inaccuracy’ a few weeks later.

What’s that line about being entitled to one’s own facts?

While bashing education funding, Will is a strong proponent of tax cuts. Except for the military.  I know that there is some axiom out there about a nation which feeds its military better than its own children.

Perhaps Mr. Will wishes to completely dumb-down the citizenry of our nation so that his 18th century political agenda can more easily be wrought upon us. After all, ignorant masses don’t know what they don’t know.


4 thoughts on “George Will- Wrong Again

  1. Will has proven time and time again that he writes what he he is paid to write. Unfortunately, there is a pantheon of disinformationists at work enshrined and paid for their disinformation in newspapers and the media.

    How does one get to be a “pundit” in America? In the twisted reality of American intellectual discussion, all too often the equation: Same Old Tired Corrupt Paid Off Hack=Pundit.

    Let’s face it, most people don’t want to think, they just want to drink and go hoime and forgetaboutit…..

  2. his is not just an American phenomena…here in France we have Claude Allegre…Socialist (in name only) hack who wrote a book discrediting climate change. H e was paid off by the oil companies, in their pockets…and uses the same disinformation that Wills uses, he quotes Wills as anexpert in his book, which shows how disinformation is viral when it becomes popular myth.
    We also have Bernard Henri-Levi, who has written many books and become more and more popular as a media figure. He was quite left wing back in the 1990’s, a real intellect and graduate of the the top Philosophic School here in France.
    But as he became more popular and married an aging “singer/actress” with amazingly surgically enhanced breasts, he has become more vapid, a money making machine who has no intellectual credibility left, but parlays his media image as a “philosopher” into big bucks from the pro Israeli lobby here. It’s amazing to watch this whore disgrace himself on national television demanding that the west attack Iran, now…or defending the right of the Israelis to massacre the Gaza Freedom Boat activists last week.
    He spends a lot of time in America lately.

  3. Hello Muddy,
    What a good posting. I guess George Wills does not realize that a nation’s wealth is a well education citizen population….but then again were would the current Republican leaders get their support from?? All Hail Sarah Palin!!

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