It’s the F’n Economy, Stupid!

Political pundits are awash in oil these days and throwing around terms like Obama’s Katrina.  ‘Could the BP disaster sound the death knell for Obama?’ they ask.

No, it’s the economy, stupid!  While 4 states are affected by the oil spill, 46 others are not and the lives of the citizens in those 46 are deeply affected not by oil but by lack of jobs, mortgage difficulties and are covered with fiscal ooze.  Jobs, jobs jobs!

Which is why I have called for a resurrection of the 1930’s  post-depression CCC. The Federal government is the only agent large enough to create the massive number of employment positions that will get this economy back on its feet.  Small business can’t and large corporations find workers in 3rd world countries.

A Federal Jobs Program- a slick idea.


3 thoughts on “It’s the F’n Economy, Stupid!

  1. The Jack is back, and he joins you in the call for a new CCC (and even a new WPA, too)! Big banks and big business, left to their own devices, are once more failing the public. Here is an excellent opportunity for President Obama and our government to provide good jobs at good pay, and help restore our decaying infrastructure in the process. Dedicated government public servants actually care about people; profit-obsessed big business does not.

  2. This is an example of the ladder principal.

    The depression era economy was fixed by programmes such as CCC, WPA, and so on.

    Likewise, regulation kept the economy under some semblance of order.

    But, by removing these, there was short term gain followed by long term woe.

  3. Jack- glad to have you back and thanks for the salient comment. Of course, the Wild Free Market-eers in this nation are totally against any help from the much-disdained government. They’d rather let people starve than help them out.

    Laci- that regulation think really irritates me and is one of the sore spots I have with Obama. He knew before he was inaugurated, that Bush and Cheney lifted most of the Federal government regulations on corporations, yet he did nothing to reinstate them. Politics as usual!

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