One-term President

President Obama ought to make the same statement as Lyndon Johnson made some 40 years ago- that he will not seek re-election.  Johnson, of course, was deeply embroiled in the Vietnam War and most people already knew that he would not  be able to win the next time around.  The verdict is not in on Obama yet, but he needs to make a similar statement and then move on to really helping out this nation in the remaining years of his presidency. That act would be one of the most ‘patriotic’ moves ever in the history of this nation.

Our country is in a mess.  Period. Two wars, a gulf filling with oil, fiscal chaos, rampant  unemployment, an impotent Congress and an angry, confused electorate. Although he may not solve each of these problems as a self-imposed lame duck, President Obama could make significant inroads into the solution of many of them if he is unencumbered by the usual political nonsense and obligations attached to a first-term president.

Will he? Who knows for certain, but such an act, a sacrifice like that, may not only reap untold benefits for our nation, but perhaps on Mr. Obama himself for his courage and  conviction.


5 thoughts on “One-term President

  1. Frankly, I don’t see this as a very positive move or idea.
    In the political climate we live in, this would only become an empowering gesture. It would be interpreted, in spite owhat ever the honest motives might be as laying down in the middle of the road and letting the rethuglican machine steamroll their way back into power and we would be in deeper doodoo than our hot little brains could ever imagine.

    No, in spite of the onslought of negativity, the slanted media propaganda, Barack Obama gets up each day and deals with a new set of problems and the wall of idiocy that blocks every initiative and has to compromise to make any positive headway…yet he does it and the real polls say that if the election was heald today, he would be re elected.

    This is not a realistic position to me because the alternative would be worse than I would care to imagine.

  2. P.S. I understand the reference to Lyndon Johnson and his one term preisdent statement regarding the ending of the Vietnam war…but it didn’t really help now, did it? We got NIXON!

  3. Yes, we got Nixon, Microdot and more of the same war [as if that was not expected, eh?]

    Just because Obama ops out does not necessarily give a win to the GOP in 2012. After all, look at who are waiting for the nomination! Try not to laugh when you think of the line-up.

  4. Hello Muddy and Microdot,
    This may sound quite bizarre coming from me but I had to agree with Bill O’Reilly the other day….he said, “People are blaming President Obama on the BP oil disaster in the Gulf but this is so misplaced…what do these people want him to do….put on a diving suit, dive down almost a mile and plug the leak himself….To blame the President is undeserving and not even of logical sense.”

    Well there you go…a right wing Fox programming personality taking up for the President. If you live long enough, you will see everything…then again maybe Bill knows something we don’t.

  5. Yeah, we all yearn for the good old days when a president could just put on a flight suit with a couiple of pairs of gym socks stuffed down the crotch, land on an aircraft carrier and say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”.
    Those right wing boys are still talkin about how swell he looked!

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