Five Nincompoopish Ideas

Some friends and I had an interesting discussion last evening and, naturally, the BP gulf disaster arose as a topic of debate. What became clear to me during the discussion is that this nation can never again go back to the weepy-eyed days of yesteryear, the nostalgic times that the right-wing nincompoops dream of.  Never.  This nation of ours is too big, too diverse and much too complex to go ‘back’ to those so-called good old days. Rather,  it needs MORE government, not less.

The Gulf oil disaster puts this all together in a neat, but ugly package.  It is interesting that this disaster is effecting all five tenants of that philosophy, that political ideology. Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, the states most impacted,  are customarily red on the political map whose citizens decry ‘big government’ and who believe in ‘states rights’ and other post-confederacy ideals.

Yet now they beg for ‘big government’ to come to their rescue.  And they plead for the President- the man that they voted overwhelmingly against – to help them out.  Odd paradox, indeed.

The right wing has decried 5 issues which have contributed to this ongoing disaster: environmental protection, regulations, taxes, alternate energy sources and the reach of the Federal government. Those GOP-voting states are now living the nightmare of the  arcane political philosophy for which they voted.  ‘Drill baby, drill!’ encapsulates the mind-set perfectly.

From whose lips did that phrase roll so smirkily? Those less-government, no-regulations, tax-credits for the oil companies crowd.  Those people. The 1950’s nincompoops. The ones now crying for help.

After the disaster  and the clean-up is over, will those people have learned an important  lesson on governance of this nation in the 21st century?  Will they come to the realization that a nation of this size, of this diversity and this complexity cannot be governed by platitudes that may have been relevant 50 or 60 years ago?

Don’t bet your shrimp cocktail on it.


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  1. Can you believe that the shills for the oil industry are now whinig about the “delays” they are facing in having new off shore wells approved?

  2. I just read comfirmation of what I knew would occur, BP’s latest Plan 9 from Outer Space, the Top Kill (they must have a PR firm working on these names) did not work.
    Because of the “special relationship” BP enjoys, as a corporate entity calling the shots, they have become a criminal enterprise which has been allowed to commit an actrocity that any decent terrorist organization could only fantasize.
    On top of that, they have contracted a private army, Fingerhut, you know, the guys who brought us the Afghani Hazing scandal last year, to shield their activities from the glare of investigative reporting. NO PRESS!
    They brought in a legion of phony workers to create the impression that they were “doing something’ when Obama visited the beaches.

    At this point in time, there is no other option but to destroy the well, by what ever means neccessary. Early on, I jokingly suggested that the well be destroyed the way the Russians have successfully dealt with didasters like this in the past. They nuked the wells, collapsing the layers of rock that the drill went through to reach the oil dome effectively sealing it permanently.
    Experts at the time were calling for this, but saying that it could be done with conventional explosives. Now a number of scientists are saying that the Russian solution is the only one that will surely work.

    The administration mike make some republicans mad, anything they do will make some republicans mad…anyting they don’t do will make some republicans mad…but to take definitive control and act now would be heroic.

    BP can be prosecuted and dismantled later. They have proven that they cannot be involved in the solution of this catastrophe they created.

  3. they have become a criminal enterprise which has been allowed to commit an actrocity that any decent terrorist organization could only fantasize.

    Very interesting analogy and not that far from reality. Isn’t it maudlinly interesting that the U.S. has all sorts of anti-terrorist protections in place at airports, nuclear facilities and other important targets of terrorists, yet we opened the door- or rather invited them in- to extract the oil which, by the way, was intended for Asian markets. And the result is, as you said, more than a terrorist could fantasize!

  4. There is now a Playskool airport security play set… really…..
    Ve start ven dey is young…and mold de leetle minds…vat ees not normal? Eet beecomes normal….Ven vee say eet is!

  5. Hello Muddy,
    I just did a posting myself on Gov. Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana and who spoke at the Republican Presidential Convention supporting Sarah Palin’s “Drill Baby Drill” policies. Basically his speech was just the same old rehash of Regan’s, “Government is not the answer…Government is the problem,” tired old policies that have failed the American citizens raping our retirement, medical health policies, income status, and the wealth invested in our homes for over 30 years.

    Of course Gov. Bobby Jindal is crying that the President Obama and the Federal Government did not spend U.S. tax payers money to build barrier islands off the coast of Louisiana to protect it from the oil industries F#*ked Up off shore drilling policies that was so embraced just a little over a year ago by the Republican Party with the likes of Sarah Palin and, YES, Gov. Bobby Jindal.

    Gov. Bobby Jindal’s voiced viewpoints at that time were, government needed to stay out of overseeing, and regulating the industry because the compassionate global corporations would monitor and protect the citizens of the U.S. by themselves.

    Well to coin a phrase from Dr. Phil….How’s that been working for ya?

  6. I would like to draw your attention to the delta region of Nigeria where every year, more oil is leaked than will be splled by BP in the Gulf. If you waqnt to see what is in store ecologically, just google. Sure, the Nigerian government nationalized the oil industry to some extent, but the deterioration of the system and the leaks had already started long before the Nigerian nationalization. Shell and Exxon are still co owners with the Nigerian government.
    As the history of BP’s safety record comes more under scrutiny, it will become more apparent that they are totally irresponsible and the idea of preparedness and safety is simply PR!

  7. One more thing…
    If corporations are now guaranteed the same constitutional rights (such as freedom of expression as per the recent Supreme Court Ruling) that we the people of the United States enjoy, then it stands to reason tht they should be expected to pay the same penalties as we the people do as well.

    I am not a supporter of the death penalty, but the states bordering the Gulf of Mexico are. There is a man on death row in Texas who was sentenced because he had a passenger in his car, a friend, who went into a convenience store and committed a burglury and shot the clerk in the course of the burglury.
    The driver claimed he did not know that this had occurred until he was arrested. He was convicted and sentenced to death on the chance that he might have known what his friend was planning and did not stop him.
    Obviously, if he wasn’t a poor black man and could afford a slick lawyer, eh probably would not have been convicted.
    But say, you, through your willful negligence and manipulation of safety data were responsible for a major ecological disaster that will affect the lives of millions of people, an act that any proper terrorist organization could only fantasize of committing. No slick lawyer could ever get you off. The public would demand a scapegoat.

    Well, corporations are people too now, right?

    I think that is a moderate proposition.

  8. Am I fantasising or are the “Conservatives” blaming the government for this?

    I could swear Gov. Jindal is asking for federal helpin solving this crisis.

    Now, my problem is this: The folks doing the drilling are coporations. These corporations have assured us that drilling is safe and that they have the technology to handle a spill.

    Yet, it seems the spill is out of control.

    So, instead of demanding responsibility from the oil drilling corporations, people like Jindal are asking for help from the feds.

    Is something wrong with that picture?

  9. Is something wrong with that picture?

    Only if you live in the World of Delusion, aka, the right-wing of life. Perhaps you know of their first maxim: Corporations- good, government-bad.’ It is a simple, 4-word phrase that reflects their mental capacity.

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