Retina Created from Human Embryonic Stem Cells


It’s been done! Scientists have created a retina in a laboratory.  Science Daily reports:

UC Irvine scientists have created an eight-layer, early stage retina from human embryonic stem cells, the first three-dimensional tissue structure to be made from stem cells. It also marks the first step toward the development of transplant-ready retinas to treat eye disorders such as retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration that affect millions.

The ‘creationists’ have often poined to the eye as the best ‘example’ of just how wonderfully  perfect the Creator’s magic is, but now that ‘magic” is being concocted in a science lab.  At least the retina is for starters.  Oh yes, that ‘perfect eye’ thing is rather a myth as those of us who wear glasses can testify. Or those with macular degeneration or the blind.  Fortunately new stem cell rules were put in place when the Obama Administration took over so that  scientists can now begin to repair this not-so perfect human body.

I am always amazed to see just how many new science discoveries have been detailed each day as I check out my favorite science sites.  The ‘mysteries’ of life are being peeled back daily as scientists investigate, explore and experiment. The ‘magic’ that our ancestors believed in is being eroded with each new discovery.  Myths and legends fall by the wayside and are replaced by provable facts.

This truly is the second age of enlightenment. Most of the people on earth celebrate and welcome these new discoveries. Yet there is one group which is fear-filled: the fundamentalists.  Fundamentalists, clinging to their ‘holy books,’ abhor science and what truths it brings to light. Their once-sacred texts are falling apart, their myths and magic exposed,  much like Dorthy’s dog, Toto.

They don’t give up easily, though. They can’t.  Sadly, the entire belief system is built on sand and, as the discoveries of science lap at the foundation, the structure is slowly crumbling. Most fundamentalists have put their very heart and souls into these beliefs and they are not willing to easily give them up.

Christian fundamentalists in America are in much more danger than their cousins- the Muslim fundamentalists in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. There, these new science truths are often repressed and/or denied by powerful clerics who wish to keep their congregations ignorant and the magic alive. Here in The States, however, the truths are available 24/7 for all to read.  Censure is not possible.

That’s why American fundamentalist Christians are worried; that’s why there is an ongoing effort to denounce many of these scientific discoveries with ‘testimony’ from their own ‘expert witnesses.’ Further, many choose to home school their children so that these science concepts are not taught to the children.

They tried and succeeded in many instances to elect their own people to state and local school boards [note Texas Board of Education] in order to ‘filter’ the data and the facts about not only science but also history.  Luckily they are in the minority and most Americans are in the know about that ruse.

It is, however, an on-going struggle from which fundamentalists will not back down easily.  If they do, if they open the windows to allow fresh air and light in, then all of their myth, mystery and magic will evaporate instantly.  And, their ‘faith’ along with it.


8 thoughts on “Retina Created from Human Embryonic Stem Cells

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I too had heard this story a few days ago on how they have synthetically made the proteins need to insert into a cell to start life. My thought then was, “I wonder how the Fundamentalist Christians were going to explain this away.”

    My only comment to your, “many choose to home school their children so that these science concepts are not taught to the children.” Yes, Fundamentalist want to keep our children, the next generation that is to lead this country, safe by keeping them ignorant under the banner of keeping the faith of religion instead of recognizing science facts.

    Long before this country was ever thought of coming into existence, the Masons core beliefs were that All Men Being Created Equal, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, but most importantly, Freedom of Ignorance!! A Mason’s personal journey should be one of Enlightenment…..Illumination…..Illuminati!!

  2. I’ve always said – the path to the Creator, if there is a creator – is thru “his” creation, which = scientific curiosity, scientific discovery, and scientific knowledge.

    The fundementalists are not really, if they are honest with themselves, protecting “faith”, or protecting God (as if a God needed a man to do battle for “him”). They are protecting their man made philosophical and political institutions that surround their faith- Things that enable the social order, things that fracture society into separate factions, things that allow the continued power structures of patriarchy and intolerance. I think to most “true believers”.. God, Jesus, Allah, and Mohamhed are distant abstractions.. What is real, viscerally, to them is the social order and exclusionary sort of gang mentality that the patriarchs have created for them to feel elevated above the fray. The sword of the spirit, and the sword of Islam march forth.

  3. Lies and myths enslave, the truth makes you free. The fundamentalists of all shades win occasional victories and revel in their ignorance, but the progress of knowlege, science and truth is relentless. It cannot be stopped.

  4. “Climatology” IMO is a religion to some of the fanatics who buy into it all.
    As for stem cells VS church, the score is stems cells 1, church zero.

  5. Steve- They are protecting their man-made philosophical and political institutions that surround their faith-

    Interesting observation, Steve. I defer to you on this if you wish to [have time to] expand on this concept.

  6. It’s just a bunch psuedo sociological observations I have about religion and group mentality and our chimpanzee brains that want to isolate ourselves from the scary and the unknown by separating ourselves into troups / tribes / groups of like minded and similar looking people. Anything that threatens the troupe is dealt with violently or with aggressive pressure. Even worshipers of the same God and religion separate themselves into violent factions – think of the Irish catholic vs Irish protestants, or the Sunni vs the Shia. Small doctrinal differences – of which I’m sure a God, if one exists, would not care in the least – these differences get people to don explosive vests, or fly planes into towers, or shoot others. It’s not even about the God or the religion any more, but about protecting the troupe.. the tribe.. the group.. It’s an excuse to kill, marginalize, beat down “the other”.. like chimps in a territorial rage. I’m sure you’ve seen those “rages” on the nature channel.. chimps going wild slapping and killing and tearing asunder the outsider.

    (For microdot – A great Tool song is about this idea, called “Right In Two”).

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