Goats are great animals.  Compared with sheep, goats are much more versatile and useful especially in 3rd world countries. My wife and I donated 5 goats [Heifer International] to a family in Central Africa for each of our 5 grandchildren at Christmas.  I’m not sure that the children fully appreciated the gift, but surely the families that received the goat did.

Frequent commenter Steve and I were called ‘goats’ on another blog, a fundamentalist [c]hristian blog, by a person who, unlike me,  reads the bible and knows the ‘laws’ and ‘rules’ and of course, the damnations.  Steve and I were, for all practical purposes, placed among the goats.  The righteous [c]hristian, naturally, lies with the sheep and, as such, will be taken to Heaven when Jesus returns, but Steve and I will burn, with the goats, forever.

I know, I know. But the trouble is, she actually ‘believes’ all of that stuff. She wrote, “When you are told to go to the left of Jesus where the goats are instead of the right where the sheep will be you will be so full of remorse and guilt and trying to bargain, but it will be too late.  Jesus is depicted as the Lamb of God. A lamb was the preferred animal for a burnt offering to God. A goat was after a sheep and other animals below the goat.”

She literally believes this. Apparently, metaphor never gets in the way.  If Jesus came to a culture where goat herding was most important, then Jesus would have been ‘depicted’ as the Goat of God.  If Jesus came to the Bedouins, then Jesus would have been the Camel of God. What about a culture that finds the lowly jackass to be of the greatest usefulness?

Metaphor is a beautiful linguistic technique which is too often wasted on the illiterate.


3 thoughts on “Goats

  1. Iteresting, mudrake, if I had my druthers, and had to choose between being a sheep ofr a goat, I would mist certain,y choose a goat. But I live in the country…I see herds of cheep…I see groups of goats. Goats are so much cooler. We goats are an ornery bunch with a lot of personality.
    Sheep tend to stay in herds and do things as a group. The feed in groups, the get sheared in groups, they breed in groups and they panic in groups.
    Here in the Dordogne, in France where there are hundreds of cheeses, the only cheese which is truly of this region is the chevre…the goat cheese. Goat cheese is made all over France, but here the speciality is the crottin de chevre…the little cabecous which are little disks of white cheese. They start out mild…well if you could ever call goat cheese mild..some people cannot stand what they percieve as the goat urine smell which makes the cheese special.
    Then as they age, they get harder and stronger.
    The young cheeses are great heated on a lettuce leaf onder a broiler for a few moments then put on a nice garlicky dressed salad.
    But the older funkier cheeses are relished by themselves with a bit of nice crusty pain de compagne…
    The reall funky cheeses are a speciality in themselves…the peasant producer ages them in a dry dark place and periodically rinses them in goat piss…Just the thought of this would give your garden variety sub urban Ohio Fundamentalist Christian an instant cardiac infarction.

    Un peu plus de fromage, madame?

  2. Call me when the bb-q is lit. I like my goat slow cooked on pita bread with some lettuce and garnished in garlic sauce.

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