Who Will Stand Up and Save Us?

Frequent commenter UptheFlag posed a question in a previous thread:

“The situation, my friend, is no longer serious; it is dire. Where is the leader, the politician, who will stand up and say or write that we have to cut programs and raise taxes? Who is going to stand up for cutting complete programs from the Department of War…”

Who?  I suggest not one person, but rather a team. A team of intelligent men and women whose sole assignment is to figure out how to get our country out of the economic mess in which we find ourselves.

The answer- The Thinkers.  Specifically, The Thinkers 50. This organization compiled a definitive listing of the world’s top 50 business thinkers.  We’ve trusted politicians and they fail us every time.  Why not go directly to the experts in the business field?

Here is a list of the 2009 top 50.  President Obama ought to invite all 50 to the White House for a 3-day summit on ways to address the failing U.S. economy.  What could it hurt?


25 thoughts on “Who Will Stand Up and Save Us?

  1. Who will save us? Muddy, the answer to that question is…US.

    Sure Obama should invite America’s top business folks. He ought to invite top business thinkers worldwide to provide input. But, Mr Obama should be well prepared to have his policies and agendas thoroughly critiqued and in many instances, recommended for the scrapheap.
    Certainly cuts could be made to the military in the hardware department with the focus at cutting obsolete last generation equipment that isn’t workable on today’s battlefields.
    But, be prepared for demands to social program cuts as well. Military salaries see the highest tax rates being payed back into the system since the majority of the employees file single…social programs rarely have a tax base at all.

    But, as you know, for every solution there are 1000 people who will find fault with it.

  2. But, be prepared for demands to social program cuts as well.

    So, Sepp, in order to HELP out the failing economy, loss of housing and unemployment, you suggest cuts in SOCIAL PROGRAMS? Tell me more about that logic.

  3. Sustainability muddy. Without jobs you have no tax base to pay for them.
    Seen Greece lately?
    Those social utopian work great as long as you have the workforce to fund them. When the workforce dries up, try weaning the folks off of those freebies and see what happens!
    Entitlements that people assume they’re entitled to regardless of how bad the economy that drives them becomes.

    Ever wonder why we don’t have a WPA style program for the unemployed to EARN a little bit of their freebies anymore?
    #1 people have gotten too lazy to do anything after getting it all for nothing for so long…people USED to have some pride where they were willing to do SOMETHING for what evolved into welfare as we know it now.

    And, #2 the labor unions put the kabosh to that type of program since it keeps union labor from getting $30 an hour for projects that people used to do in exchange for their relief checks!

    But, it was easy to guess that gutting the military…an entity that employs people who pay taxes would be completely agreeable to you as opposed to cutting welfare rolls of the able-bodied who have made a “career” of doing nothing other than producing 6 fold each of the next generation of leaches to the system who demand even more from the producers of society.

    I’ve asked you before muddy…”what is the fair tax rate for a worker?”
    And, you dodged answering the question.

    Now I’m going to ask you…
    What percentage of the working population should be held responsible for paying for the percentage of non-working population?
    50% supporting the other 50%?
    What then?

  4. Snake Hunters Sez,

    The Muddy-thinkers in the Obama Administration have announced to the world that they intend to fundamentally “change” the most productive and innovative system of governance ever, into a “progressive” form of generous redistribution of wealth, away from the Producers of Goods & Services to the consuming Non-Producers.

    Sepp asks, “What then?” Answer: If we reduce the required incentives, then the motives to produce anything will simply disappear. – reb

  5. Sepp,
    Your anger is SO palpable in what you write, it never ceases to amaze me. Don’t you think we, as a country and people, are where we are today by all the choices we have made historically? It doesn’t matter what administration, or be it personally, by our own voting choices, and living actions. This country is the sum of all of that. You speak of the pride of the entitlement crowd and welfare recipients. That leaching happens at both ends of the ladder. Have you ever walked in any of those peoples shoes? Yes there is always somebody who works the system, and becomes quite professional at it, at both ends of the ladder. Humans seem to always look to the easier way to gain, be it from laziness learned behavior,or greediness. I mean how much $$$ do we need to live a decent, productive life.
    Our tax system I believe needs a total revamp, to benefit the majority of Americans. But we are such a greedy , wasteful lot of people, who want a fabulous life, but don’t want to pay for it, or do the hard work to make things happen.
    I remember my father speaking of the gap between the have’s and the have nots growing larger and larger. That is still going on today at a bigger and faster pace.
    I don’t care if you are Dem/ Repub/or Liberal, Progressive, Independent etc. The majority of the people is what is important, AND unfortunately $$$ dictates the direction of this country and world.
    For being the wonderful, super power we are in this country supposedly, I’m embarrassed at the direction of what we the people deem as valuable in this country, to carry forward and am worried for future generations to come.

  6. Midwestgirl, I’d say it was more frustration than actual anger. The mistakes we’ve made as a country was to allow our “leaders” to incrementally chip away at our liberties and run roughshod over us at will and without any real consequences.
    I get frustrated when supposed intelligent people are living in a world of self delusion and denial and assist in perpetuating the corruption in our government.
    Enablers I believe is what they’re called nowadays.

  7. “But, as you know, for every solution there are 1000 people who will find fault with it.”
    DUDE! LOL…..

    And then get a load of this smarmy self love:
    “the most productive and innovative system of governance ever,”

  8. “Who will save us? Muddy, the answer to that question is…US.”

    I should have included this, the most obvious quote in my above post…
    I get the impression that the term US as defined by Sepp excludes almost anyone who doesn’t think as he does. These US have screwed the world up pretty good with their laissez-faire approach to governance and social realities.

    Who is US, Sepp?

  9. Sepp- I get frustrated when supposed intelligent people are living in a world of self delusion and denial and assist in perpetuating the corruption in our government.

    And how long has this situation been going on? Hopefully you are not limiting this set of ‘supposed intelligent people’ to your favorite target, Obama and his staff. Our government is ‘corrupt’ on so many levels and in so many situations that attempting to pinpoint the corruption with a narrow brush is fruitless.

    Rather than starting with your favorite ‘corruption’ Sepp- social programs- I believe that we need to begin with, as UptheFlag said, the “War Department.” Just think, if that sector of our ‘corrupt’ government were addressed properly, what a wide-spread positive effect that would have on our country [and the world].

    It’s the Military industrial Complex, Sepp. That’s the #1 ‘corruption’ of our government. It isn’t that welfare queen getting food stamps- although she is such an easy, convenient target!

    Rather it’s the $667,000,000,000 ‘defense’ budget. Defense? Defending against WHOM?? Let’s take a large scissors to THAT corrupt expenditure and see just what a positive change that would be for our nation as a whole.

    Sepp- I know that this topic- drastically cutting the Pentagon pig- goes against your grain but common sense tells us that the United States can no longer spend 1/3 of its budget on the Defense Department. It smacks of the Roman Empire that fell from within, not from a foreign ‘enemy.’

  10. Did you see in the news yesterday, a senator (don’t remember who it was) attached an education rider – in the hundreds od billions – onto the defense spending bill being debated. Should be interesting how the debate of education vs defense shapes up.

  11. Should be interesting how the debate of education vs defense shapes up.

    Terrific! That will clearly delineate the two political philosophies- guns v. butter. It truly amazes me [even in my old age] that so many Americans seem to be so blind to the long-term effects of supporting, mindlessly, egregious sums of tax dollars for ‘defense’ yet bitch about a 0.75% increase in local taxes to support their schools. Are the citizens THAT dumbed-down??? I’m afraid so, and as such, our tax dollars gurgle down that black hole drain named The Pentagon.

  12. “Hopefully you are not limiting this set of ‘supposed intelligent people’ to your favorite target, Obama and his staff. ”

    No, I was referring to you! You’re such an Obamaphile you’ve lost all sense of reality where anything Obama is concerned and act like a love sick little puppy.
    If he does or, says something stupid…you’re ready with an excuse.
    If he does “Bush-ish” things…you blame Bush for doing it first! Never mind that it was bad to begin with…Obama makes Bush ideas acceptable to you!
    Anyone else see something wrong with that?

    And to answer your question, the “US” must be the people…everyone. Including you…who draws a line in the sand as to what is acceptable conduct from our representitives.
    That means…and I know this part will be hard for you muddy…holding ALL of them to the SAME standard.
    Which means what is “bad” for one party to be doing…is “bad” when the other does it.
    I highly doubt you could muster the strength to hold Obama to the SAME standard you set for Bush without fainting.
    Unconstitutional…call them on it.
    Illegal…call them on it.
    A lie…call them on it.

    I’ve called out BOTH sides plenty of times and you know that FACT full well.
    You? You condone bullshit…as long as it’s bullshit comming from the “correct” side of the isle….then it gets a pass.

    …and you ask “who will save us?”

    We damned sure won’t be “saved” by you or, your GOP counterparts. It’s folks like you who have perpetuated the problem.
    The Bushites let him get away with murder…you Obamaphiles let HIM get away with it too!
    You want to make a difference?
    Start making one!

  13. Hey microdot, I live here! The bad decisions of government effect me! Bring your ass back to Detroit for a few years to live and get back to us when they’ve effected YOU on a personal level instead of with a 2000 mile comfort cushion between you and the reality on the ground here.

  14. And now we are back to the idiocy that I don’t have the right to voice my opinion, or have an opinion because I don’t live in Detroit anymore….
    How many times have I heard this from you?

  15. By the way, sir, I want to remind you, that I am a property owner in Detroit.
    I have just erected a small model of the Eiffel Tower on my property and will be porudly displaying the photos very shortly!

  16. Snake Hunter Sez,

    The mind is a terrible thing to waste–on one-track solutions. A striking example is the ever-present cry for “Peace” at any price.

    If anyone honestly surveys the 5,000 year history of human existance, it becomes quite obvious that early on, from tribal chieftans to monarchs, to military & religious dictatorships, mankind is perpetually at war. See our ‘Continuum of Wars’ {post}.

    For todays citizens to ignore that our founding fathers granted this nation a new beginning “conceived in liberty and justice for all”, with a set of rules governing conduct unlike anything before, are immune to historical reality.

    To ignore, or to minimize, or to apologize for the fundamentals that gave us the very foundations for these incentives leading to inventive genius, innovation, and scientific achievements in the 20th century, is an object lesson in abject Ignor-ance!

    The Challenge: Point to a better system of governance, anywhere!

    False notions of ‘Peace’ are laughable concepts to the Grand Ayatollahs and Communist/Socialist Dictators that only seek our destruction.

    Properly, ‘Peace Through Strength’ is our only logical alternative.


  17. “And now we are back to the idiocy that I don’t have the right to voice my opinion, or have an opinion because I don’t live in Detroit anymore….”

    Imentioned that what? ONCE 5 years ago? And not only do you “not live in Detroit anymore”…you don’t even reside HERE anymore! You’re where YOU want to be. And certainly you’re entitled to your oppinion…I’ve never said you couldn’t have one.
    But, opining on policy and actually having to live under it are 2 different things!
    Detroit has been run under liberal (YOUR) ideals for decades! So why would you leave that utopia for better digs in France? It must be a real bitch for you to armchair quarterback policy that have no real effect on you! You’re isolated from what happens here.
    Any bad policy here has only minimal effect on you …if any effect at all!
    And if there are effects…name them! Detroit squandering the taxes you pay on your property?
    Sell the property…done!

    As much of a liberal as you play yourself to be, I have to doubt that you cheer everytime the city of Detroit raises your tax assessment to cover for it’s shortfalls it passes onto the property owners!
    If you do…you’re a fool.
    So giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you’re NOT a fool, I’d say that you either pass the increase onto whoever is maintaining your property or, your property isn’t actually IN Detroit at all!

    Because, lol…if you DID errect a mini eifel tower IN DETROIT…the scrapmetal scavengers got it 2 minutes after you left!

    A co-worker of mine spent his days off moving out of Detroit to a new place in Lincoln Park…3 days later when he went back to paint, it was ALL gone! No copper pipes or, even electrical wiring was left! And he was flipping out at work that he KNEW his aluminum siding would be next!

    So if you built an eifel tower in Detroit…I hope it was a plastic version! And, I hope you took pictures. Because, unless you have an ARMED guard on your metal creation…it’s long gone brother!

    But, I’m sure the ville you’re living in in France is the same way!

  18. I have to remind – taxes are at historic lows. But the solution seems to always be to decrease taxes even more from their historic lows. The infrastructure is collapsing. It takes infrastructure to have a successful civilization. I suppose we could reduce our taxes to Mogadishu levels and then the Wingers could be their own warlords. Maybe that’s the plan.

  19. Historic lows? You’re thinking of interest rates Steve!

    Taxes are nowhere near being historic lows!

    So what do people do with all that extra cash when the tax rates are low Steve?
    They buy property, they improve properties, they puchase merchandise and some even save it in a place called a bank!

    The government gets a chunk of that money via sales taxes, increased values in property assessments and, taxed interest!
    Wow…win -win! Without the govt just confiscating the money and dumping it into itsself without accountability!
    What a concept!

  20. Snake Hunters Sez,

    On May 18th, 2010 Mr. Mud rake posted this question here:
    ‘Who Will Stand Up And Save Us?’

    On May 16th, a critical Mud-rake tried this bit of satirical nonsense in our comments section: “Wow! I never imagined that there was a group of Americans so obsessed with fear of Islam…like those who post and comment here!”

    Answer: To All of The Fruitcakes That Ignore…the one billion Muslims that are hell-bent to dominate this planet with a 1400 yr old religious cult, that strap bombs on their women & kids, that fly commercial aircraft into buldings, that shout ‘Allah Akbar’ as they slaughter innocents, or that place a bomb in their shoe, or in their shorts, to bring down an airplane…It’s even more troubling that our home-grown Loony-tunes have zero concern, and choose to ridicule people that do care about future generations.

    Secondly, If anyone succeeds in saving your shallow mind & worthless hide it will probably be the same types that saved the world from Imperial Japan and National Socialist (Nazi) Germany in WWII, where fifty million died in 12 nations. Now, crazy IRAN enriches U-235.

    Should we fear Islam, Mr Mud.rake? – reb

  21. Steve- there you go again showing us FACTS!! How are we supposed to have a ‘good’ discussion when you bring us factual data to clog the debate!!

  22. Lol! You live in Toledo Steve? We have roads that make the lunar surface look smooth in comparison!

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