Drowning in Ignorance

It’s raining again in Toledo, Ohio.  Pouring in fact. Supposed to all day as it did all day yesterday and three days last week.  ‘Unusual weather, ain’t it?’ – Wizard of Oz.

Oh, yes, unusual.  The earth set a record for April- it was the hottest April ever recorded.  More significantly, it followed fast on the heels of the hottest March and hottest Jan-Feb-March on record, it’s also the hottest Jan-Feb-March-April on record.

This news tidbit follows a letter to the editor of our local newspaper yesterday denying climate change.  Not only denying it, but ‘wasting our tax dollars’ studying it. No doubt the letter-writer confuses weather and climate, but then, doesn’t everybody?

I wish that I had an IGNORANCE stamp on the table when I read these letters!  Although it would not mollify their casual stupidity, it would make me feel good blotting out their nescience.

Then there was another letter today condemning atheists- linking Nazis and WWII to atheists.  ‘Christians,’ of course, would never be involved in wars, wrote this Christian apologist.

‘Communist in the White House’ and the ‘Birthers’ and ‘Death Panels’ and ‘Socialism’ and.. those who listen to talk radio…’drill baby drill’…’terrorists!’…’damned government regulations’…’shrink the size of government’, ad nauseum.

It all began, I believe, some 10 years ago when the soon-to-become president thought that Africa was a country. That statement, that display of ignorance, apparently opened the door for regular folks to share their ignorance with all of us, too.

It continues to flow like a sewer- endless ignorant pap soaked up like a dry sponge and repeated mindlessly as if it were a kernel of truth.  America, sadly, is awash in ignorance.

Speaking of education or lack there of, The New York Times Magazine on Sunday did a report on education- specifically in New York Schools, titled, The Teachers’ Unions’ Last Stand. Of course, it’s obvious that everyone knows about schools and education because, naturally, we all went to school.  Therefore, we know all about the current situation because we sat in those desks too! Of course, I’ve sat in a dentist’s chair and…

Public education is in the proverbial cross-hairs of right-wingers and fundamentalists.  They decry public education and would love to close the Department of Education.  Charter schools, they say, are the answer. Fundamentalist Christians mindlessly push for charter schools to keep their kids out of those ‘atheist’ classrooms and the ‘secular humanist’ curriculum. Proponents of the charter school concept tout ‘improvement’ in outcomes that surpass the public schools.  Of course, they gloss over the fact that involved parents produce a more successful student no matter what the setting or circumstance.  Catholic schools have touted that red herring for years, ignoring the fact that they can pick, choose and expel any student they wish.

Just wait until President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan announce increased funding for education.  Can you imagine the outcries from the ignorant masses at that announcement? No doubt the letters to the editor will decry ‘wasted tax dollars’ thrown down a black hole and those damned teachers’ unions!

Education for the children of America or a new toy for the Pentagon? Which of these will have a more effective outcome on the future of our nation? Of course, you know the answer, but then, you aren’t among the ignorant masses of this nation.


16 thoughts on “Drowning in Ignorance

  1. Laziness , and instant gratification ranks at the same level as ignorance in this country it seems. Politics and religious beliefs aside, I think it starts at home with the type of living examples taught by parents, and what their priorities of importance are. Media /entertainment and politics feed the masses. And it seems they know what direction we are headed by ratings and dollars spent. It’s all about the almighty dollar always!

  2. It’s all about the almighty dollar always!

    That’s for sure! Too bad that we cannot disconnect money from politics. I wonder what it would be like in Congress if each candidate was permitted to spend only x-dollars. Lobbyists would be out of business, that’s for sure.

  3. I saw this book review that goes along with this topic. I haven’t read this book, but it seems like this particular Canadian academician, Laura Penny, is trying to position herself as the Liberal version of Anne Coulter. Her book is a very irreverent and cuss filled screed against anti intellectualism running rampant in our society.


  4. Thanks for the link, Steve.

    Author Laura Penney- She “epitomizes everything that I can’t stand,” hissed the author on the air, calling Palin a “gun-totin’, SUV-swervin’ ignoramus” and an “outright embarrassment to women.”

    Well, yes!

  5. “It all began, I believe, some 10 years ago when the soon-to-become president thought that Africa was a country.”

    Yeah what a dumbass! Only a moron like Bush would do that!
    …but wait…2 weeks ago in Iowa OBAMA called Europe…A country!

    Link below for the self-rightous to eat some crow…and to shut the denials and cries of “propaganda!” down before they start.

  6. Sepp- the trouble with your Bush-Obama comparison is that Bush actually thought Africa was a country whereas Obama made a speaking error.

    No crow, Sepp and this error proves nothing except your hate for Obama [which has become very apparent to me].

  7. I think all politicians should be required to wear jerseys, like members of sport teams with the logos of the corporations and lobbyists they get money from emblazoned on the jerseys…I might be asking too much, but in some cases it might be appropriate if a politician is required to sing the advertising jingles of the corporations that sponsor him, or her before they make a speech.

    Another idea, since most successful politicians go into high paying corporate positions after they leave office, perhaps the salary they are paid while in office should be treated like a student loan…when they get the high paying corporate boad membership after leaving their political internship, they have to pay back the salary…it’s only fair, right?

    My only other idea is that people who walk their big dogs in the city and let them shit on the sidewalk and don’t clean it up, should be required to wear the doggie memento under their nose like a mustache.

    These are reasonable requests, wouldn’t you agree?

  8. BWAAAAA HAAA HAA HAA HAAA! A “speaking error!?!?

    Seriously…do you EVER run out of excuses for this guy?

    I would love for Obama to come to my house and take a shit…because you would swear it was GOLD falling out of his ass and buy it!

    You sound like Barb defending her religion muddy!

    She defends her God…YOU defend yours! And you BOTH make lame excuses in the process!

    Democrats “misspeak” while anyone else is just an “idiot”.
    Sorry dude, YOUR god is just as fake as Barb’s is…and it funny for me to see the “Barb” in you come out to defend yours!

  9. Microdot, I’d be up for your idea.

    I’d add that ex-congressmen upon finding those big money jobs forego their lifetime paychecks and perks that the taxpayers pick up too! Some of the sorriest sleazebags in America could quit their congressional jobs tomorrow and never work another day…all expenses paid by Joe Taxpayer…that needs to stop.

  10. Lol…Now I’m just a “hater”!
    First I was labeled an “idiot”, then a liar and now, I’m a “hater”.

    Whats laughable is that after seeing that video of Obama saying something just as stupid as Bush did…you get mad at ME for it…like a kid who was just shown that Santa was a phony!
    Sorry for posting that and slapping you in the face with your own hypcracy.

  11. Snake Hunters Agree!

    Force All Candidates to wear T-Shirts with the names of their billionaire
    sponsors, front & back, in bold font…what a unique idea!

    Imagine Campaign 2008, with Barry Obama at the podium, with Uncle GEORGE SOROS, PENNY PRITZGER, PETER LEWIS, & DAVID GEFFEN (front), and the General Electric Symbol (Back), debating HILLARY…with only an S.E.I.U. Label, Front & Back! HOT DAMN, HILARIOUS!!! Bubba Clinton Would Have A Stroke! –

    You Wanted CHANGE, and You Got It! Spend – Borrow – Unemployment.
    Wind & Solar – Print More Money – Prop Up the EURO – Fannie Mae’ broke.

    “There’s a sucker born every minute..and two to take him!” – P.T. Barnum


    It’s November 2nd Folks..or your carefree, apathetic days are history. Welcome to Socialist Dhimminitude & Redistribution of Your Pay-check.


  12. Lol Ralph! My guess is that Obama would have had the SEIU sponsorship too along with CCX , Goldman-Sachs and, Generation Investments management (look up OBAMA’s associations with those folks muddy!)…Hillary would have been stuck with just a chinese flag on her shirt.

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