“There’s a Communist living in the White House.”

Yes, fellow Americans, it seems that there is  Communist living in the White House. Shades of Joseph McCarthy whose spirit apparently was channeled at the April 14th Tea Party gathering in DC.  Yes, I’m sad to have to inform you,  Barack Obama not only is not a citizen of this country but he’s a communist too!

And they’ve got the facts; just ask them. Not only the facts, but they’ve assembled all of the ‘proof’ in a little ditty sung by Victoria Jackson. Jackson was awarded a prime slot at the Tea Party Rally to sing in a wispy voice, while accompanying herself on the ukulele, that endearing little ditty, “There’s a Communist living in the White House.” And, yes, the Tea Party crowd enthusiastically joined in on the chorus.

Apparently they memorized it and all of the corroborating data. One of the comments I received on another thread Sunday afternoon listed all of the ‘communist facts’ that were presented by Ms Jackson.  There’s even a YouTube video if you care to listen.  Be sure to bring paper and pencil so that you, too, can take notes and cull the ‘facts’ about our communist president.

Communism- be afraid, terribly afraid! [but wear your tinfoil hats to save you from further harm].


28 thoughts on ““There’s a Communist living in the White House.”

  1. To be far-right is to be irrational and insane. Today’s teabaggers are every bit as nuts as was the John Birch Society when it hinted that Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower was doing the communists’ bidding. These far-right fruitcakes belong in straitjackets in an institution somewhere.

  2. Except now they have their own media support system to reassure them that they are “normal” and hot babes like Victoria Jackson and Sarah Palin to sex it up a bit.
    Did you catch Buchanan’s latest “concern”? There are too many Jews in the Supreme Court! He’s concerned!

  3. You know of course, my fellow patriots, that the influence of Communists in the White House didn’t just start with the insidious ideology of Barack Hussein Obama! Thanks to Fox News, we have absolute proof that Laura Bush was a Maoist Scholar!
    That’s right! Yesterday on Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace interviewed Laura Bush in her home library. Sarp eyed patriotic viewers were shocked to see over his shoulder a BIG RED BOOK that said in big letters MAO!
    I checked on Amazon and it said in the reviews that this book was actually quite sympathetic to MAO!

    Right there in the Bush Library, while Walace was interviewing Pickles!
    You don’t suppose that George (I read three Shakespeares) Bush Jr. read this book, do you?

  4. Communisim is how the early Christian church aligned itself. Read Acts Ch. 2 thru 4. I think there were a couple of people who weren’t communist enough with their possessions and God “smote” them.

    I always wondered why my bible is bound in red.

  5. It’s amusing that you guys get so worked up over this.

    Yes, I called Obama a communist :-)…so what? And exactly as scriped…out comes the old Joe McCarthy label..as if that means crap anymore…or ever really did.

    I’d be honored if you guys could enlighten me as to where Obama’s politics lie in the political spectrum.
    Since being a “communist” is just too way over the top and, the left denied and still denies that he’s a socialist and, he’s no centrist by any stretch of the imagination…sooo
    Enlighten me!
    Maybe there is something I’ve missed that you haven’t.

  6. I think those educational copies of the ACLU issued American Constitution that the Tea Baggers consficated from a high school classroom that they trashed and raided for “subservise materials” in Maine last week were bound in RED as well!

  7. Geezopizza, as I posted, Sepp posted his demand that we prove that Obam isn’t a Communist….You, sir, are the punch line to your own joke.

  8. I have a red T-shirt that I’m going to burn so that I’m not called a Commie! Of course, I was called a Commie! as I stood on the street corners during the winter of 2002-2003 with my NO WAR! sign.

    Odd, isn’t it, how ‘Commie!’ can be used to cover all political situations at all times. Sort of like ketchup. Hey! That’s RED too!

  9. Sepp- Enlighten me!
    Maybe there is something I’ve missed that you haven’t.

    Oh, Sepp, that’s a classic comic straight man’s line and WAY TOO EASY for me to use at this moment.

  10. As far as I can tell, Obama is continuing the Corporate Socialism of his predecessors. Even the new health care law is corporate socialism for the Insurance Industry. I guess if Sepp can point to one parcel of private property that has been confiscated to the state, or examples of state takeover of “the means of production” (in something other than the completely defunct auto industry), maybe he might have a point.

  11. ..maybe he might have a point.

    But, Steve, isn’t that the point? There is no point. It’s all propaganda meringue clogging up the rational side of the brain.

  12. I didn’t ask you to “prove” anything. Instead of evasions and insults, put up or, shut up.
    I made the statement that Obama is a communist based on what I’ve seen from him, heard from him, his past and present associations and, his affiliations and, his own writings…all easily provable and referencable.
    Your rebuttal is…insults? As usual, you attack the messenger instead of the messege.

  13. “But, Steve, isn’t that the point? There is no point. It’s all propaganda meringue clogging up the rational side of the brain.”

    Is it Muddy? Just a big “propaganda” campaign? Look at his associates, look at his appointments, READ what HE wrote, look at his past political affiliations.
    …walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.

  14. Then vote for the rethuglicans because your logic only begs for more of the same old same old…I sure won’t because I do not like bending over and being in the recieving position….
    Sepp…you are…. such a good little doggie….
    Babe, I’m buying you donuts nez time I’m in T-town

  15. Even if all your “evidence” of past associations ect.. are true – so what? This whole idea that politicians have to be these inflexible automatons with an immutable history of perfection is ludicris. It creates a political climate of superficialities and sound bites. Are you the same person you were 20 years ago Sepp? I know I certainly am not.

  16. I didn’t ask you to “prove” anything. Instead of evasions and insults, put up or, shut up.

    Man, that’s the game you guys play…make your “accuasations” it doesn’t matter whether they are based on fact or innuendo…remember, Sepp. you were here doing the same stuff regarding the Birther bullcrap…you dpn’t? I do…
    So you come and say you are sure Obama is a communist then, instead of having the balls to back up your statement, or offer credible and I would like to qualify, that this is not a FOX News audience, CREDIBLE intelligent reasonable evidence to back up your bullshit, it is up to the rest of the world to prove you are wrong…
    You Know what? I think you just like stirring up shit. You don’t believe half the stuff you say. This is beginning to turn into “All About Sepp” and it isn’t very interesting or enlightening.

  17. Yes microdot, replacing bad with bad always equates to “better”. How about I just send you some donuts?

    Steve, how much have your core beliefs changed? Has day become night in 20 years? Even Obama’s present associates are communists…most recently Van Jones and Anita Dunn who…once it was exposed suddenly disappearred from their whitehouse postings! They weren’t people Obama didn’t know personally for a long time, they were self-described communists and, they were / are his friends. For a guy who isn’t a communist orrrr, a socialist, he certainly knows a lot of them!
    And IF he wasn’t a communist or a socialist, why would he put them in government postings?
    Why would he have them as advisors?
    Why would he know more of them that anyone else (who isn’t one of them) know and associate with?
    How often have you seen in politics a person who IS a liberal appoint conservatives to many cabinet posts and have even more conservatives as “advisors” or, even czars for that matter?

    If Mr Muddy was running for president would he be taking MY advice? Would he appoint me in a cabinet post…hell no! Because I run counter to HIS beliefs!
    So using plain logic…would Obama appoint communists and socialists to high ranking positions if what they stood for ran COUNTER to his agenda?

    Would ANY politician or president do that?

  18. Yeah MD, keep dodging and making it a personal issue. If you have no rebuttal…just say so.
    You can pick and prod at me all day, I care less! I called YOUR hero a communist and, you have NOTHING to refute that statement.
    Sorry brother, that isn’t my problem…it’s yours!

  19. I guess I would have to say that I’m not afraid of boogieman words like “communism” and “socialism”; for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that Obama is only 1/3 of the government and his domestic agenda depends on how much he can get congress to go along with him. If he has some kind of radical agenda.. it would get derailed and he would sit his presidency out like a lame duck. Next is the fact that as far as I can see, just about every decision Obama has made has been a moderate, to right of center bobbing and weaving of the issue.

    Obama is more to the right than American Republican Hero Dwight Eisenhower ever was!

    I think that it is sad that we are even having this conversation. It just shows how far Corporations have come in creating a climate of anti intelectualism and a media of sound bites and inuendo.

    In a way I feel sorry for President Obama! I think he had this ideal that he was taking the helm of a country that was tired of bickering and sound bite partisanship, now he realizes that he is helming a nation of Marx Brothers and Three stooges. Democracy can only function when citizens can quietly contemplate issues and political decisions. But now we have corporate megaphones blasting in our ears 24 hours a day. It makes it impossible to slow down a minute and think. I say stop listening to all forms of corporate sponsered media and just read some books or pick a topic and read as much online as possible from all possible angles. That means reading al-jezeera, the weekly standard, NPR, you name it, moreso than just Fox or MSNBC.

  20. Sepp, you still haven’t given one single shred of credible or even incredible reasoning to back up your claim that Obama is a communist. You are spinning your wheels. As I said, you parrot a baseless accuasation because you know it is outrageous.

  21. Steve, if those “boogyman labels” had no meaning at all, then microdot and muddy for that matter wouldn’t bother with the vehement denials nor would they get so p.o’d over it.

    “Obama is more to the right than American Republican Hero Dwight Eisenhower ever was!”
    Really? How so?

  22. Tax: Obama vs Eisenhower (Don’t need to look – Eisenhower = 92% on top income earners, Obama = 39% on top income earners… WHOOO BOY! I can see red square from my Alaskan bunker comrades!)

    Eisenhower Federal Highway Act.

    Cost = 25 Billion (probably 100 billions in 2010 dollars)
    Obama wants 136 Billion for infrastructure improvements – right wingers flip out.

    In lefty Eisenhower’s own words:
    “In some countries a few families are fabulously wealthy, contribute far less than they should in taxes, and are indifferent to the poverty of the great masses of the people. A country in this situation is fraught with continual instability.”

    “We cannot afford to reduce taxes, reduce income, until we have in sight a program of expenditure that shows that the factors of income and outgo will be balanced.” (translations: don’t try to solve the Gov shortfalls in revenue with MORE TAX CUTS – This Republican was a genius!)

    Here is the legislation that Obama has passed in the first year: Can you point out to me how any of these are “marxist”? This is the usual type of Big government legislations any president would sign into law.

    Passing stimulus Bill
    Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.
    SCHIP expansion.
    Public lands bill.
    Credit card reform Act..
    Transparency in Government Act
    Tobacco regulation.
    Edward M. Kennedy National service
    Stem cell research Executive Order
    and of course the Insurance Industry friendly Health care bill.

    Since you’re asking proof from me – can you point out some concrete legislative acts that Obama has sponsored, or is planning to sponsor and explain how they are communist under the classic definitions of communism:

    State seizure of private property
    State control of the means of production
    The overthrow of Capitalism and the exaltation of the proletariat
    Dictatorship of the proletariat (workers sack the bosses and run everything). As far as I can tell, the bosses aren’t getting sacked at all – they are getting bigger bonus’s than ever!

  23. microdot, what “evidence” do you need? A signed statement from Obama himself? Doubtfull that would ever happen before 2012.

    YOU elected the man to office but, claim complete ignorance as to anything he’s ever said, written or, his group affilliations. He has a laundry list of friends who are admitted communists and die hard socialists….and nothing in common with them?

    And of course since you’re such an Obamaphile, I can safely assume you read his book and will no doubt recall where he said…

    “I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists and punk-rock performance poets.” – Barack Obama (Dreams of My Father)
    “Political discussions, the kind at Occidental had once seemed so intense and purposeful, came to take on the flavor of the socialist conferences I sometimes attended at Cooper Union” – Barack Obama (Dreams of My Father)

    Hint hint hint! Yeah for a guy who ISN’T something he “carefully” chose marxists as friends and attended Socialist meetings because he wasn’t one of those either!

    Would you have believed McCain if he said he wasn’t a racist…but had plenty of well documented friends who were klansmen?
    Or that he wasn’t a klansman but, attended their meetings?


  24. I’m not afraid of boogieman words like “communism” and “socialism”; for a number of reasons.

    The reason is, perhaps, that they are the words of uninformed propagandists whose depth of demagoguery knows no boundaries.

  25. Lol…whats worse? Propaganda or, the self delusions that anything you don’t want to hear is propaganda?

    I didn’t choose Obama’s friends…HE did!
    I didn’t appoint those folks to his cabinet…HE did!
    I didn’t force him to attend socialist meetings…he went because that is what he chose to do!

    It’s not propaganda, it’s just Obama being Obama…you elected him. Did you do ANY homework on your candidate?
    Did you even bother to read his books?
    For someone who is such an Obamaphile, you seem to know very little about the man YOU elected.
    But then again muddy, as I recall, the ONLY things you focused on was his being black and, that McCain was pure shit…which seems to be the only correct information you were armed with…since nothing about him was an issue for you.

  26. For someone who is such an Obamaphile, you seem to know very little about the man YOU elected.

    Oh really, Sepp? And how have I demonstrated my ‘ignorance’ of the man?

    and, that McCain was pure shit

    Now, on that I can agree with you. Too bad you voted for shit.

  27. Check your archives, I didn’t vote for McLame and made that perfectly clear…and BEFORE the election made it clear that I’d never vote for him!

    Your ignorance of Obama? THAT is obvious. You act like you have no idea of the man’s history in the least.

    For Christ’s sake muddy, I’m a conservative and read the man’s books and can quote from them…YOU obviously haven’t or, you’re so blind or willingly ignorant that you’ve missed all he’s said in them.

    You remind me of all those Germans who were such Hitler fans pre-1945 who owned his book and missed all the parts they didn’t want to believe about him!
    And before you go there, NO I’m NOT calling Obama Hitler…I’m comparing YOU to a Hitler starstruck German!

    Same crap…knew everything about him….except for that “bad” part!

    Claimed to have read his book…and misssed “THOSE” tell-tale admissions too!

    Lol…could I judge you on the same scale you judge Obama? If so, I should be able to find at least 50 documented BUSH style neocons that you associate with on a frequent basis and take advice from or, note in your autobiogrphy as “mentors” or, “father figures”!

    Oddly, Obama has at least 50 DOCUMENTED socialists / communists that are public knowledge…exept by you… that he’s either grown up with or, associates with or, has appointed to government postings or, names as mentors in HIS autobiography!

    But, of course since YOU know him so well and did YOUR research on the man YOU elected…you don’t need me to tell you all this do you?

  28. Then again, maybe you need to take Obama’s books off your shelf, remove the plastic they shipped in and actually READ them!

    Then get back to me on how everything I say is just “propaganda”!

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