The Gold-Bigotry Correlation

Gold hits record high as investors flock to safety– the headline from Reuters this morning. Were I a dedicated historian and had more time, I’d  pursue a correlation between the price of gold and an up-tick in ethnic hate.  The two sound unrelated, yet I’m wondering if they may be connected.

As citizens watch their assets fade and their dreams deferred, hate for ‘the other’ seems to rise during an economic downturn. Here in The States hard-line conservatives are pulling the citizens further right with their incessant babble about ‘illegals’ and ‘terrorists among us.’  Public opinion polls show a steady tilt right among the citizens these days which sadly  mirrors a same trend which occurred in Europe [Germany] after WWI.

There must be something innate in the human psyche that makes us recoil from ‘the other’ in times of stress- a meme that apparently is virulent even in the 21st century. White folks in America are beginning to show signs of feeling threatened by people of color.  The Tea Party has tapped into that fear perfectly.

Of course, the historical results of such a shift in tolerance in a society are always ghastly and lethal. The recent stories of the Bosnian War or the genocide in Rwanda ought to be a cautionary reminder to the citizens of a nation of the consequences of intolerance of  ‘the other’ in a society.

Yet, we never learn.


27 thoughts on “The Gold-Bigotry Correlation

  1. An interesting item I read yesterday stazted that there are ATMs in the Arab Emirates which dispense gold…that’s right, you enter your pin #, transfer money from your accounts in another bank, then, for a slight? fee, you recieve actual gold from the machine.
    And more directly connected to your post, the biggest (remaining?) sponsors of Glenn Beck are gold dealers. He has been criticised many times for promoting these companies and their very expensive transactions…he has been a proponent of buying gold to protect your family from the coming holocaust….
    The marketing of gold to the masses now is connected directly to manipulative fear based sensationalist idiocy…which drives the price up and generates very healthy profits for the companies.
    You are right about the market for gold being fear driven,but deeper, who is driving the market and who is generating the fear?

  2. Gold…the ONLY currency in history to NEVER be worth zero.

    Seriously muddy, do you EVER stop reaching for the race card? Is every decision and thought in your head go through a foolish racial litmus test?

    The economy is crap worldwide and folks are backing their investments with gold…so what?
    Hmmm buy gold as a hedge against a collapsing currency…and there’s gotta be a racial undertone…no stupid, it’s called survival! When the dollar is worth nothing, GOLD still will be!

    By the way, economics had NOTHING to do with the Bosnian war…other than ENDING it! LIBERAL policy had everything to do with starting it! Of course, THAT tidbit of information wasn’t mentioned on CNN where YOU spent the war!
    On the ground, the story was much different.

  3. the biggest (remaining?) sponsors of Glenn Beck are gold dealers

    I did not know that as I never listen to the boob.

    who is driving the market and who is generating the fear?

    Great question worthy of muckraking, but, alas, not me as i have better things to do.

    Sepp- By the way, economics had NOTHING to do with the Bosnian war

    I never made any such claim, Sepp. Rather, what caused the war were centuries of hate carefully taught to the children, generation after generation.

  4. Oh la la…let’s talk about the complete economic devastation of Serbia by Slobodan Milosevic. C’mon, the economy of the Balkan republics were based on smuggling and creating black markets. This is not ethnic stereotyping, this is fact.
    Major political figure and government ministers had stockpiled millions of dollars of heroin in bank vaults as a good investment.
    The inflation rate was 313,563,558%
    In comparison the inflation rate of the Weimar Republic was a meager 32,400%.
    I think Milosevic out did Mugabe…
    He set up a parellel banking system funded by worthless bills printed on state presses and he and his cronies stole billions which they are still sitting on.
    Perhaps Sepp can enlighten us as to the involvement of NATO Troops, I am not accusing him of being involved, but it is common knowlege that fortunes were made during this conflict by the widespread enabling of the corruption.

    By the way, if you are following the conflict in Thailand. The ex Prime Minister, Thaksin, who is the instigator of this mess is surruptitiously “pulling out” with his Billions of stolen Thai loot. He was just granted Montengran citizenship!

    The Baltic states are their own very special economic cesspool and the corruption has become the only means for a young ambitious guy to get ahead…There is a great video on YouTube of the Jewel Theives known as the Pink Panthers pulling off a heist in Dubai. They ram an Audi into the window of a Jewelry store and pull off the heist. They filed it all and had the audacity to post it on YouTube…go to YouTube and search Dubai Robbery and check it out!

  5. “…the biggest (remaining?) sponsors of Glenn Beck are gold dealers”

    “I did not know that as I never listen to the boob.”

    You don’t listen to Beck but, you’re certain he’s a boob. You’ve never gone to a teaparty or, know any of them but, you put them down and label them…
    So where do you get your information that is so trustworthy you’re willing to repeat it about people you know nothing about?

    Imagine if we all did that?

    Microdot, Milosevic’ was indeed a corrupt p.o.s. theres no denying it.

    NATO involvement? If there was any fortunes being made, it wasn’t being made by anyone who lived on the ground there. The kickbacks most likely went to the suits in Brussels.
    I do however believe that someone WAS being paid off in D.C since we KNEW where a high profile wanted war criminal was living in the town of Han Pijesek and nobody could touch him! He was even quoted in the Stars and stripes newspaper as saying that the IFOR tanks and artillery driving past his house “disturbed his beehives”…which should tell you how close we were to him and, how confident he was that we weren’t going to nab him.

  6. Sepp, I repeat that I wasn’t trying to cast an aspersion on you when I brought up the sheer corruption and economic destruction brought about by The Serbian government, which was a real criminal enterprise, but it is true that much of the black marketing at that time and smuggling was with the cooperation of NATO forces who were corrupted just be being a part of that environment. Everyone was a player.
    My friend, I have listened to too much of the Rodeo Clown. I have tried to figure out what he is about and the phenomena he represents and I think he is a grade A opportunist who knows that by playing the lowest card and catering to the basest fears of his public, he will always be a winner.
    If you think he makes any sense, then you are just another string on his cheap imitation out of tune stradavarius.

    I try not to mention his name because i believe everytime you say it, he gets a buck.

  7. And sir, what do you know about the Rodeo Clown? I cannot believe you try to defend him and somehow expect us to believe that you have a shred of reasoning left to cling to?
    Beck was working in Tampa at the time of the Bush /Gore election race and the ensuing vote count debacle, unsuccessfully trying to break into conservative talk radio. In fact, he was about to be let go because he was terrible at his job, saved only by Clear Channel’s local monopoly. But when Bush v. Gore came to a head in Florida and Beck was one of the few local voices on the airwaves, Clear Channel saw the opportunity and went national with The Clown. That exposure formed the foundation for his current media empire, and the experience turned Beck into the “real conservative” he is today. No more making fun of rednecks: from then on, Clowny fashioned himself as one.
    Then the Clown went Mormon, which is like going native but without any of the positives. For all of Rodeo Clown’s soft-focus talk about the “real America,” the man lives in a mansion in Connecticut and takes a limo to work.
    A god among the natives he may be, but he’s not off the corporate reservation: he’s just packaging the fascism in a way that would make Goebbels proud.

  8. M.D, I wasn’t “defending” Beck. I was driving home the point that a person who is labeling others and repeating crap WITHOUT any self-obtained oppinion/ evidence is as simple-minded as a parrot when they speak.
    I DO however give Beck credit for 1 thing. Everything he’s said about Obama…and denounced as “lies” by the left has been found to be true. Everything the guy says, he backs up with the source he obtained the info from…which like it or, not is commendable. His point in citing his sources was due to LIBERALS who didn’t want to believe anything negative that was said about Obama so they could check the information for themselves.
    Oddly, in the lefty community, he went from being a “liar” to a “boob” since the facts were put out in the open.
    It’s hard to call a guy a liar when his show’s platform is really nothing more than showing video of the democrats and Obama doing what they do. If his exposing them for what they do is embarrassing…why shoot the messenger because the messege disturbs you?
    If Obama or the congressional clowns are doing nefarious shit, I’d think it’s better to know about it than NOT…right?

    His theatrics are certainly annoying enough though.

  9. And, I wasn’t involved in anything more than observation and translation in Bosnia and then later, IFOR when I returned to my actual unit when they deployed.
    When I arrived there, the black market was the ONLY market that still operated in all 3 sectors! Certainly the Milosevic’ government was something would qualify as a mafia empire but, the U.S government at the time legitimized it as a bargaining partner and then punished them in Kosovo for not playing ball with the Clinton administration who was making a big show of it’s support for muslims in the mideast peace process.
    Bosnian muslims and their allies made it impossible for Milosevic’ to cooperate in the open and Clinton was hoping Milosevic’ would “take one for the team”…which he didn’t.

    There was a LOT of behind the scenes crap that was skewed in the media for American consumption and oppinion influencing.
    And what I mean by that is, the media in America reported what it was TOLD to report. The story on the ground was VASTLY different from what CNN and the AP was saying.
    And, as fucked up as this may sound, when I returned to my regular unit that was being deployed as IFOR, my battalion commander held a formation and repeated the SAME propaganda the whitehouse put out…that was 180 degrees different from what I witnessed on the ground just a week before!
    I could go on for paragraph after paragraph as to how the public AND the soldiers were manipulated by the spin machines in D.C.
    I (we) were told that the people I had just lived with…and took care of me like one of their own family…would happily slit my throat in order to steal my gortex jacket!
    Maybe that will shed some light for you on my doubts about the government’s policies and trustability.
    Bush wasn’t the first asshole who played the people manipulation game and I keep seeing the same pattern from Obama. YOU may not see it but, I damned sure do…same formula, same bullshit…different guy.

  10. BTW microdot, I’ll be in the Saarland in late August. We ought to do lunch in Paris…or someplace nice! 2 Detroit yankees eating “hamburger royals” at McDonald’s and killing a bottle of “microdot select’ with Sheik Yerbooty playing on an ipod in the background would probably be brain police worthy material!

  11. Oui Monsieur…J’ai aller a Paris quelqu fois. C’est 5 heures par le SNCF.
    J’ai beaucoups d’amis en Paris. Il’y a un MacDo a cote le Jardin Du Luxembourg…
    I won’t go on about the Clown because, You seem to see somethig or someone totally different than what I percieve, but I want to assure you, I am not talking out of ignorance of the man, what he says and his motives.
    As I have stated, I have seen too much of him in my attempt to understand the phenomena.
    Nor would I characterize his followers as simple sheep. There is a difference between being mindlessly misled and being so supremely arrogant and confident that one is only too happy to be misled.

    The profiteers in NATO from the corruption were mailnly the German troops stationed there as well as the Royal Marines. The Marines in particular had a network of trading information for money and then allowing shipments of fuel oil and other commodities which violated Western sanctions…

    I have recently been reading and re reading much Serbian history and also a great series of articles on the Pink Panther Gang which go far into exposing the gangster culture and it’s evolution in the Balkans. The roots go deep and it’s interesting to have the historical back ground to appreciate the present.

  12. At the time I was there, there were no Germans sent due to Serb paranoia that the war was a “continuation of WW2” that just picked up where it left off 60 years prior!
    Later, a small contingent of Germans were sent to Croatia to run an aid station.
    I think you may be thinking of NORDBAT which was deployed from the Netherlands and were a part of the UNPROFOR…which was aply named because they really left people UN-PRO-tected and were impotent as a force of any kind.
    The UN made a big show of placing “forces” on the ground and spent tons of money to literally do nothing. The WF’s (warring factions) would dictate where the UN could and couldn’t go as a matter of routine.
    Need to make a few bucks? Run out of ciggerettes? Park your car on a main road and set up a roadblock…sooner or later a UN vehicle would roll up and pay whatever bribe (toll) you could negotiate…be it hard currency or, smokes!
    The entire situation was surreal.

  13. Sepp and Microdot- quite the interesting and fact-filled discussion of Serbia and the Rodeo Clown.

    As my Serbian history is dim, I’d rather discuss propagandists, like Beck.

    Sepp- you seem to think [believe] that, as I do not watch the clown that I am ignorant of the man. Maybe, because you DO watch the man, you are the ignorant man.

    How often must one watch the Three Stooges in order to ‘understand ‘ their schtick?

    What could you possible LEARN from spending time watching or listening to Glenn Beck? Seriously, you are 10 x more intelligent and more knowledgeable of life than Beck. He is a showman; he repeats and repeats the same old stale lines. Were he a stand-up comic, he’s be in the unemployment line.

    Rather, he feeds the people what they want to know or what they want to believe. That’s the definition of a slick propagandist. Goebbels did it for his beliefs; Beck for the money.

    I do hope that you are not a ‘regular’ Beck nor Limbaugh listener because, if you are, then what you post here isn’t worth a load of beans.

  14. Muddy, even I tune in from time to time to see what Maddow and Olbermann have to say. I seldom agree with their scripted “outrage” but, if I gather information from only one side, I’m only going to be as informed as that side wishes me to be.
    I give Beck credit for listing his sources whereas Olbermann and Maddow seem to merely scan the Huffington post or, Daily Kos and repeat them as if it were the gospel.
    Regardless of my oppinion of the people delivering the story, I’d be keeping myself in the dark by not at least listening and then doing my own legwork to see for myself if it’s bullshit or, not.
    The key (for me anyways) is knowing upfront that Beck and Limbo are just as biased as Maddow and Olbermann.

    I never needed Beck or, Rush to tell me Obama is a communist. I had to live in a former Warsaw pact country before I’d ever met a “real” communist while Obama seems to know ALL of them in the USA. And it wasn’t just a coincidence.
    My time in the former Yugoslavia actually does tie in with that…I saw firsthand what communism was and, what it did to the mentality of the people living under it. For all the propaganda that communism fed the masses, a few things seemed oddly familiar…those who played in politics got rich while the common folks just barely scraped by.
    The rich politicos also never missed an opportunity to tell the poor how much they “cared” about them…which made me laugh because these rich “communists” were repeating the EXACT same lines as the Democrat politicos in the USA!

  15. Hello Sepp,
    Your comment, “There was a LOT of behind the scenes crap that was skewed in the media for American consumption and opinion influencing,” I too have seen this first hand when I was deployed in Chile and Argentina in the early to mid-1970’s. As I have also said, I was sent to Split in 1976.

    You go on to say, “Maybe that will shed some light for you on my doubts about the government’s policies and trustability.” I agree with this statement more than you may have considered from me. “We are all the summation of our life’s experiences!” But I also want to take this time to pass on, “If I pass on information on this blog, or any other for that fact, it is accurate and truthful beyond reproach.” I am very skilled in legal and logical argumentation.

    Being an active member of the Republican Party, located in the Mid-Atlantic with friends and family living in Washington D.C., I know first hand information and have more inside information than most. The example I will pass on is the brother of my son-in-law (he is one of five who’s father was a lawyer in Washington D.C. with more contacts than you can imagine) lives one block from the Capital and works for the Federal Government. He saw first hand the actions of some Teabaggers on the Capital steps; and yes there were some that spit on and called Black Congressmen the racial slur but he did not record on cell phone, or have a video recorder, etc. The event that happen and what many witnessed first hand, because it was NOT recorded, does not negate the fact that it happened.

    I have the advantage of growing up, knowing the people first hand, and am only speaking about the Teabagger movement in this area. I would never consciously use a “Generalization” in a logical argumentation debate. Those who are now professing to be Teabaggers within my Republican Party here in the 1st District of Maryland…are those who were blatant Klan sympathizers in the past and latent racist today. (Please note the Cambridge, MD racial riot in the summer of 1967)

    So in summation what I am saying, what I know to be the true and accurate events from my intimate relations and contacts, I agree with you that the government passes on inaccurate propaganda, but more so today, I find Fox programming to be the most untrustworthy and inaccurate reporting of any information being passed on. News programs on PBS are the most trustworthy and accurate to form your viewpoint opinions from.

    I do find your experiences that you told were very informative and I enjoyed you passing them on. Just as I told you what I experience in the bar in Split, I would love to read more on this subject. Thank you.

  16. Hello Sepp,
    Great Line!!, “My time in the former Yugoslavia actually does tie in with that…I saw firsthand what communism was and, what it did to the mentality of the people living under it.”

    When I was in Split, in my early 20’s, I was sitting on a park bench enjoying the day going by slowly. A man about the same age; wanted to strike up conservation with me. (Blonde hair, blue eyes) HE wanted to get out of Yugoslavia so bad I think that he was on the verge of a mental breakdown. He told me that when he graduated from high school, he was assigned a job as a welder at a shipyard……He didn’t want to be a welder and could not stand it!!! Doing this job day after day was driving him nuts.

    I asked him why he did not just get another job his reply was that he was not allowed. This was a concept that was so foreign to me that at first I did not comprehend. He wanted to go to the United States and I asked him why? He had a sincere one word reply, “FREEDOM!!”

    I felt so sorry for him but I did not have any power or means to help him and when I told him this, you could see any hope he may have had, just turn to depression and despair. I just wished him “Good Luck,” and walked away. I often wondered if he was a KGB plant trying to set me up…or if he was what he said he was. This person could have been a very good actor, but I did lean to believing his dispair.

  17. Sepp- …before I’d ever met a “real” communist while Obama seems to know ALL of them in the USA.

    What, exactly, does this sentence mean?

  18. Yeah Babe….please start makin sense…
    All of us seem to know more about the Clown and his motives, sources of info than you do. Then you claim that Maddow and Olberman get all their info off of Huffington Report….
    You claim you don’t actually watch Beck and are not trying to defend him, but admire his in depth reporting on Liberal hoo hah.
    You are an expert on the Liberal manipulation and dogma spewing from Olberman and Maddow as well…
    You just recite the script like a good little doggie.

    No, I wasn’t referring to the Dutch in my accuasations about NATO complicity in the smuggling and illicit violations of International sanctions in the 90’s.
    In the early 90’s simple smuggling like cigarretes were totally controlled by the Serbian government…which had established an economy based on the black market…the legitmate economy was an alternate ruse…it didn’t exist.
    A typical deal was that a Serbian dealer would purchase cigarettes wholesale in western Europe for a few cents a pack, then the shipment was loaded onto a Russian or Ukranian chartered plane in Rotterdam. The cigarettes were then shipped to Montenegro, where fake excise marks were applied to the packs which made them look like legitimate products. The cigarettes were then imported to Serbia and sold for 3 dollars a pack with the governemnt and it’s ganster apparati pocketing the profits.
    That was the small change, the stuff that you might say the Dutch had a hand in.
    The Germans and the English were paid to allow the shipments of oil and fuel. They got paid hard cash to turn their eyes away…obstensibly, what they gained was the intelligence…some of these requests were formal, but most were at a lower level with millions of dollars of cash changing hands over the course of the war.
    Perhaps, Sepp, if you had the right connections, you could have scored big time…..

  19. I’m with you sweetheart.

    And am only left looking for a place to live before the Race Wars break out.


    And yet we struggle on for peace and diversity.

    Of course, the historical results of such a shift in tolerance in a society are often ghastly and lethal. The recent stories of the Bosnian War or the genocide in Rwanda ought to be a cautionary reminder to the citizens of a nation of the consequences of intolerance of ‘the other’ in a society.

  20. EoK, that country was swarming with people who wanted to get out even before the war! I find it shamefull that people dreamed of escaping those warsaw pact regimes and making their way here…meanwhile we have clowns HERE that are pushing for the exact same crap those folks we’re trying to escape from! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…people don’t try to escape from liberty, freedom and, human rights.
    Also, I’d love to shoot the breeze about the crap I encountered over there…some stuff would make Iran-Contra look like a joke in the scale of things.
    I also ran into people there who would have made great Americans and would have been honestly thankfull for the opportunity…unlike many actual Americans who bitch constantly and take what we still have for granted.

    Muddy, I think you know full well what that sentence meant. Obama certainly knows more avowed and openly communist folks than most people know democrats or republicans. The information isn’t being hidden. Just look at his past and present associates…many if not most are openly communist and don’t hide the fact from anyone. He was a candidate for “The New Party” in Chicago which is a spin off of the communist party. His mother was a communist as well as his grandparents…this crap isn’t a secret muddy! Look at his cabinet and czar appointments and his list of “advisors”…communists who are on record as being such…why are you seemingly surprised by this? I figured YOU of all people would know this stuff.

    MD, I was perfectly clear in what I said. I don’t shoot the messenger because the messege is something I don’t want to hear.
    For instance…
    Beck makes a statement about Obama and provides the sources he’s obtained the information from…so we can check for ourselves.

    The left…Olbermann, Maddow, the Kos, Huffpo provide rebuttal that is nothing more than “liar, liar pants on fire”…and expect people to accept that at face value WITHOUT providing a credible source to back up their counter claim.
    Like anything else, they hurl insults instead of information…sure the insults are amusing but, while people are laughing they neglect to notice that Beck’s claims weren’t refuted.

    Don’t be fooled into thinking the Brits and the Germans were the only ones scoring via bypassing sanctions! There were more war profiteers in every sector than you could shake a stick at! OUR government was publicly denouncing the war and, pushing sactions while providing a “cover” for arms shipments comming from Saudi Arabia and Iran! And, also “never noticed” (wink-wink) that the “volunteers” arriving daily from the mideast were Al-Quaida…who WE were arming! The same crap went on in Kosovo too!

    Suzan, it’s doubtfull that any race war is going to break out anytime soon. But, why would you need to look for a safe place to live? Just tell whoever comes to your door that you’re a liberal and they’ll go to your neighbor’s house!
    Peace AND diversity? Most people who live in peace together celebrate the common bonds and values they share…diversity celebrates devisivness and tribalism.
    The common bonds we share will keep us as a people / nation glued together better than our differences ever will.
    Diversity’s only redeeming quality is in choosing a resturant to eat at.

    Remember 9-11? It sticks out in my mind because in one swift moment, black people were no longer black, white people were no longer white and everyone in between all STFU and shitcanned the “diversity” and were Americans…the petty shit went to the wayside and the focus went to OUR country and “US”.
    I certainly noticed it.
    And since you included a quote about the Bosnian war, lemme tell you, Tito’s vision of “brotherhood and unity” was pretty much just jamming “diversity” down the people’s throats and forcing “tolerance” via a jail cell or, denial of employment tactics (sound familiar?) The war kicked off when all that great “diversity” decided that each one’s was superior to the other’s “diversity”.
    The only “common bond” was the fact that they had to put up with each other or, suffer. Behind the scenes, nobody was willing to give up their customs and beliefs in exchange for anyone else’s…especially if they didn’t agree with it.

  21. Sepp – meanwhile we have clowns HERE that are pushing for the exact same crap those folks we’re trying to escape from!

    Clowns? Do you refer to the Rodeo Clown himself?

    Obama certainly knows more avowed and openly communist folks than most people know democrats or republicans. The information isn’t being hidden. Just look at his past and present associates…

    Well that’s a most interesting accusation– an American President knowing, loving and serving communists.

    Are you sure that you aren’t the reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy? Where on earth did you get this idea about Obama? Don’t tell me….at the TEA PARTY Rally in DC with Victoria Jackson singing, “There’s A Communist Living in the White House!!”

    you are a real hoot, Sepp!

  22. Wowzer…that was some diatribe, Sepp. How many simplifications and unbased innuendos did it contain? I think the Muddometer has to recalibrated….
    I am thinking of printing it out to remind myswelf that when ever I think I am skating on intellectually thin ice ….NAWWWWW, Baba, Just Go There!!!!
    I will just bend over, pull down my pants and tell the world to kiss my Twin Towers!
    That deserved the entire box of Krispy Kremes!

  23. Muddy, sorry it’s not just an open and shut case of (cue sinister music) McCarthyism, it’s merely connecting the easy to find dots.

    MD, “unbased innuendos”? What would those be exactly?

  24. Muddy, I think you know full well what that sentence meant. Obama certainly knows more avowed and openly communist folks than most people know democrats or republicans. The information isn’t being hidden. Just look at his past and present associates.

    I’d say that line just reeks of innuendo and please en;lighten us as to how many “communists” and exactly how are defining communists? when you spew such bilge?
    Youir characterization of the conditions that created the Bosnian/Serbian conflict and the Tito effect are vague generalizations.
    I presented a case of cigarette smuggling in comparison to violation of international sanctions as an example of how the corruption in the Balkans worked on different levels and how the operatives on different levels of NATO were corrupted by the environment it had to operate in.
    Yes the web of corruption, which is corporate and military and criminal exist together in a common environment of mutual cooperation. Look at the Iran/Contra affair…oops, that was St. Ronald, we aren’t sup[posed to look there…avert your lying eyes!

    Then, we have to listen to rant about the World Trade Center and how it “brought us all together” for one fleeting moment….
    We are a society of diverse elements. What made America work, when it worked was its ability to accept the diverse elements and live together. I for one do not want a homogenized world. I want customs, cultures, languages to survive. In spite of the fact that our social mobility also provides the ultimate threat, the fact that white people are not the majority on the planet…not now or were they ever.
    Give me a break. Why are we supposed to take you seriously when all you do is scream your prepackaged Limbaughian rhetoric and then sing patriotic songs at the top of your lungs. I give your opinions the respect I think they deserve!But, I don’t see any original or analytical thinking.

    Have a donut.

  25. I talk about the world trade center
    I watched the first tower after it was hit from my roof top
    Then I saw the second hit on the street,
    As I was drawn by fascination, just like a moth….
    And I wake every morning and cough
    I have the fleeting fear that I have lung cancer
    I have a few close friends who are dying of lung cancer
    and we all lived in the shadow of the World Trade Center
    I remember racing through a sea of stalled cabs
    the wrong way up 6th Avenue as the dust cloud from the first tower
    roared up the avenue behind me…
    as it collapsed…
    I rode as fast as I could until I got to Central Park
    I rode from Walker street below Canal up to 57th street
    and the dust still got me….
    Then I lived in the dust and the stench,
    stuck in NYC for 2 weeks until I could get a flight out….
    I had to show ID just to get to my apartment…
    cuz I wuz in the zone…
    Below 14th Street….
    I still don’t hate Arabs and I still try to understand the hate…
    You what I hate?
    The greed, the need, the machinery of manipulation
    the politics of oil and the men who rule the corporations
    the private armies who bomb a civilian population
    and the idiots who raise their hands up in the air
    and wail that life is never very fair, cuz they live in land
    where everyone is free
    I don’t hate anyone,
    why do they all hate me?

    The world will never get any better unless YOU do something about it!

  26. I still don’t hate Arabs and I still try to understand the hate…

    Of course [I will insult the intelligence of the readers of this blog] there ought to be no hate of Arabs or even Muslims because of the attacks on the WTC just as there ought to be no hate of the many Christians who commit most of the murders here in the States year after year.

    But SOMEONE has to be the scapegoat for crying out loud! Without a SCAPEGOAT then a person would be challenged to THINK and we’ll have none of that, thank you!

  27. MD, the information is easy to find as to which of Obama’s associates ARE communists. Those folks openly stated so on many occasions. I don’t know any communists. He does. He’s not much older than me but, is seemingly able to find many of them and associate with them.
    Like any other close knit clique, the communists don’t just let every joe donut into their circle…unless they’re introduced and have something in common.
    I’d bet that you’re seldom seen running in Republican circles…nothing in common…why would you?

    I was on the ground in the Balkans MD. NOT sitting at home listening to the spin on CNN. I lived in all 3 sectors WITH the people who lived under Tito. I listened to THEIR oppinions on plenty of issues far removed from some quiet little ville in France.

    As for my WTC comparison, it was nice to see the melting pot in action. Instead of a bunch of bickering factions. It wasn’t “homogenized” or bland by any means. It was simply people putting the B.S aside along with their hyphens and in solidarity…yeah, I can understand how THAT would bother you.

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