Thursday Ascension

On the Christian calendar it is Ascension Thursday, but an even more unbelievable Ascension is this origami-inspired crane at the entrance of this year’s Coachella Music Festival.

Dubbed as Ascension, the crane is made from modular aluminum tubes and Textilene – a mesh fabric. Standing 45 feet tall with an all-engulfing 150-foot wingspan, the huge crane features multi-colored LED lighting that gets nourishment from two adjacent photovoltaic stations. The photovoltaic systems double as a canopy and benches.

Created by LA-based Crimson Collective, the bird (doesn’t it look like one?) weighs 35,000 pounds and all of the installation’s parts fit into a single shipping container. Well, let me tell you that Ascension is just a character part of what Crimson has done elsewhere.


One thought on “Thursday Ascension

  1. Wow…I just saw a few videos of performances from Coachella.
    Die Antwood from South Africa was a real revelation. They rap in Afrikaans and look like suburban misfits from another planet, but they seem to represent the new conciousness of the South African White Youth…a real cultural synthesis beyond race beyond stereotypes.
    This is one of many National Holidays here in france…a great excuse for a 4 day week end. I went to a village called Allassac in the Correze. A huge junk sale with over 400 people selling. But Allassac is fiercely beautiful and the architecture is poetically bizarre…it could be the setting of a Tim Burton film.
    The village is built of “bricks” of black slate with a huge tower like a classic chess set “rook” made of slate that dates from the 12th century.
    One of my favorite places…plus a great unknown restaurant, where you can have a full lunch, the full selection of regional cheese, a dessert and a bottle of table wine for 8 Euros. The restaurant doesn’t even have a sign…you can find it only by the smell of food and the sound of people upstairs over the deceptively small cafe on the square.
    We may be a laic nation, but we do know how to celebrate a fete!

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