The Irrationality of Believers

On the blog, Debunking Christianity, author John Loftus posted this question:

Is it rationally defensible to believe that God would have created the entire universe, including millions / billions of years of suffering, including human and animal suffering, the extinction of the majority of species and the endless, wasteful suffering we see around us simply in order for a chosen few humans, who have managed to comply with his wishes, may spend eternity in bliss with him?

Take this conundrum one step further: people who ‘believe’ this with their whole mind and soul, vote.  Now that’s much more scary!  Not only do they vote, but they seek out candidates who believe as they do!

A Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama, Bradley Byrne, is running in the GOP primary. A political ad against Byrne by the True Republican PAC excoriates Byrne for believing in evolution and for suggesting that parts of the bible are fiction.

Sadly, Byrne refutes the ad by falling prostrate on the ground before the Fundamentalists:

“As a Christian and as a public servant, I have never wavered in my belief that this world and everything in it is a masterpiece created by the hands of God. As a member of the Alabama Board of Education, the record clearly shows that I fought to ensure the teaching of creationism in our school text books.” -Bradley Byrne

The word ‘pathetic’ doesn’t come close to describing this situation. And we hear outcries from Christians these days that they are the ones being persecuted.

That’s why my Hope-o-Meter is blinking “1” these days.  When there is a mass of millions and millions of Americans who ‘believe’ as the quote posted by John Loftus and act like the True Republican PAC, then this nation is doomed and destined to implode under irrational religious intolerance- the same set of circumstances that for centuries plagued Europe and hobbled its prosperity and its potential.

Were these people merely cultists located in some rural outpost of Idaho, one would not be so alarmed.  Unfortunately for this nation, they are everywhere, like cockroaches, fouling up and distorting the spirit of our Forefathers who wanted to create a new land, a new vision for people yearning to be free- free from religious nonsense and ensuant persecution.


10 thoughts on “The Irrationality of Believers

  1. Mudrake, you better put a candle under your hopeometer, or get it properly calibrated! When the cockeroaches you refer to start writhing and
    scurrying around insanely the way they seem to be now, it means either someone turned on the klieg lights in the dirty kitchen of reality or I just sprayed an entire can of RAID!

  2. If you believe the latest WSJ / NBC poll, then things are looking bad. The GOP is the prefered party for a majority of voters going into the midterms. 66 percent favor the Arizona “papers please” law. More and more – religious preference and belief in the bible as 100 percent true is becoming a public litmus test for office, 2/3’rds still favor offshore drilling, even after the environmental disaster as a salve for the US’s energy woes. (even though most of that oil will go on the international market and will probably wind up in China – the Cash going to the Board members of non US citizen’s in BP – The US will see very little benifit of offshore drilling by multinationals.

    But on the other hand, I often wonder if these “polls” conducted by corporate controlled media are just a method of creating a self fulfilling prophesy in voter’s minds.

  3. Oh goody, can we go back to the killing time? Will we be having public burnings at the stake of heretics?

    I figure the DC v. Heller decision can be used to argue that burging at the stake was a common punishment, which means it was only cruel, but not unusual. That said, we can now have public burnings of anyone who is not a proper Christian.

    And all the encumbent wafare that entails.

  4. We’ll, I’m in a medieval state of mind. I am now declaring myself,
    Microdot le Grand, Duc du DeTroit. Mudrake, you are now Monsieur le Comte du Toledo.

  5. Monsieur le Comte du Toledo. Indeed I am! What shall we do now, le Grand? Is there a village that needs pillaging or one with Evil Spirits that needs cleansing? What grand plans have you for a castle?

  6. I think the time is ripe for a jolly old Inquisition and Perrysburg has always been a thorn in my side….
    We need a pope, a cardinal and we could use a few tartars or turks to spice things up… but who will bring the matches……?

  7. Sadly for Maumee, it was Maumee.

    Rush Limbaugh for the position of Village Idiot There is none better in the entire kingdom.

    BUT WAIT! There is talk of another idiot from the village beyond the woods, name of Schmeck or Kleck or something like that. Some say that his idiocy skills may perhaps be even more intense than the known one you mentioned, Monsieur Engineer!

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