Fascinated by Fast-Moving Science

It is incredible to me just how fast science is moving as it unlocks mystery after mystery.  Every day when I check my science links there are a half-dozen remarkable new discoveries that just astound me.  Today, for example, I clicked on Science Daily and saw these stories:

Each one of these stories is a treasure trove of information which adds to the understanding of nature, the body, brain and the universe.  And with each discovery, the mystery, myth and magic that our ancestors once ‘believed’ are exposed as nothing but superstition and nonsense.

I do worry, though, that too many of our youngsters are not choosing scientific fields of study because, perhaps, they are too demanding.  If they really knew that science is ‘where it’s at’ for the future, then they would be flocking to technical and theoretical science institutions rather than into the fields of business administration and management, marketing and communications which seem to be so popular these days with college students.

Here is an interesting set of data that suggests that science is the place to head:

Top 10 college majors with the highest mid-career salaries:
1. Aerospace engineering: $109,000
2. Chemical engineering: $107,000
3. Computer engineering: $105,000
4. Electrical engineering: $102,000
5. Economics: $101,000
6. Physics: $98,800
7. Mechanical engineering: $98,300
8. Computer science: $97,400
9. Industrial engineering: $95,000
10. Environmental engineering: $94,500

And there is no end point for any of these careers- the fields continue to spiral upwards and outwards into infinity. Give a big hug to the next science major that you see and tell them to keep at it for the sake of everyone on earth.


4 thoughts on “Fascinated by Fast-Moving Science

  1. Science is one of the ways I connect with my dad. He’s always keen to find out what new marvels I’ve read about on the internet! We talked a long time yesterday when I went over for Mothers day about Quantum Computing and “how are they going to get around the Heisenberg uncertainty principle”? – My dad’s thoughts…

  2. Well, yes, the Uncertainty Principle. I find it ironic that your politically right-wing dad seems to accept Heisenberg’s theory on uncertainty of certainty. It would seem more plausible that, with a scientific attitude like that, he’d be both a an atheist and a leftist.

  3. LOL! you would think.. I think my dad can read the notes, but can’t hear the music sometimes. For my dad, and maybe even myself, all these wonders of physics don’t necessarily argue against a creator, but in some instances argue for a creator. But perhaps Prof Degrasse is correct, that we fill in the unexplainable with a convenient God. I feel though, that there will always be something that is unexplainable, so the prospect is there, that there will always be a God just out of reach.

  4. we fill in the unexplainable with a convenient God.

    I wonder why that is. There must be a very virulent and terribly archaic meme that keeps on telling us to look for some deity to ‘explain’ everything. Hopefully, as science discoveries continue to pour in, that meme will fade from our collective psyche.

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