Man With the Muckrake just registered its 2,500th comment.  That’s amazing to me.  Who knew, lo those many months ago [or was it years?], that anyone would actually find this blog let alone take the time to join in the discussion?  Thanks to all of you for moving it along and prompting me to seek out yet one more event or idea worth posting here.

I don’t know what impact our blog actually has on the big picture; probably none at all.  Yet it gives the opportunity for us common folk to have our say on the issues that face this nation and the world. I remember vividly a conversation that I had, in the days leading up to my retirement, with a fellow worker who said to me, “Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless here in our building.”  I was taken back by her comment at first, but then she went on to detail what she meant, indicating that the points that I voiced to the administration were issues that she and others like her could not bring up because they feared reprisal or loss of their job.

I was both humbled and honored by that conversation and often think of it as I choose what topic to raise.  There are silent followers, too, on this blog, who are not bold enough to state their opinions, but enjoy reading the comments of others.  Hats off to these readers too! And to those who state their opinions here, many thanks to you for helping to move the conversation forward.


6 thoughts on “2,500 Comments

  1. Congrats on hitting the milestone, mud_rake! All I can say is, as long as you keep a-writin’ those intelligent and passionate pieces, we’ll be out here a-commentin’! Good job!

  2. I think we all blog for the same and also different reasons.
    Sometimes you write something passionately and it seems to go unnoticed, but you wrote it. It’s out there. Someone will read it.
    In my selective sampling of the blogosphere, I see this blog as a beacon in the community it serves. Your thoughts and ideas are read by many and I feel your style has really evolved over the last few years when I first discovered this blog.
    I tend to let my blog be a free form performance piece. I’m not consistent in presenting content, perhaps the only consistent thing is my point of view. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who gets my attempts at humor, but as my wife has noted, that has never stopped me.

    Keep On Keepin’ On!

  3. I don’t think I have read all 2500, but I have read a lot. Your location is a daily visit for me, sometimes more than once. Congratulations and keep on keeping on!!

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