Senate rejects GOP effort to weaken consumer safeguards

Duh!  As if we didn’t know, your once-Grand Old Party once again sided with the bankers. I was wondering the other day about that  large November GOP  ‘win’ prophesied by the pundits. They must think that the voters are asleep and haven’t been watching what you and I have seen.  Why in the world would the citizens of this nation want to turn the reigns of government back to the party that caused the economic disaster in the first place?

Of course, the GOP is hoping that the American voters aren’t paying close attention to their shenanigans and that they can once again  bamboozle the voters with their slick tricks.  It’s the so-called independents that swing elections, not the ends of the political spectrum, and there is no proof in my book that these swing voters want to give power back to the party of incompetence. I hope that I am not wrong, but I cannot imagine that this group that supported the ‘change’ back in 2008 wants to swing back to, gulp, the Bush-Cheney era!

I still have a question that confounds me, however. Where do these independents ‘get their news?’ And which Op Eds do they read? I would imagine that Talk Radio would not be a source of information nor FoxNews.  And for that matter, not MSNBC. Daily newspapers are shrinking not  only in numbers but coverage as well. The 6:30 network news programs barely introduce the topics and often focus these days on ‘human interest’ stories.

Maybe it’s CNN as that network seems to be essentially centrist in their news and analysis. Could ‘it’ all be in the hands of Ted Turner? Perhaps so.


6 thoughts on “Senate rejects GOP effort to weaken consumer safeguards

  1. I don’t think it will be swing voters or the far right that determine the next election, I think it will come down to how much democratic candidates can convince left leaning progressives that they are somehow different than the republicans. The Democratic Party is going to have to somehow put the fear of God into far left voters to get them to rise from ambivalence and get out and vote.

    One of the big fears out there obviously, is out of control deficit spending, and Democrats are going to have to tackle this in the coming months prior to the election and explain how they are going to begin reducing the deficit, while simultaneously paying for their agenda. This will be the key to attracting independents. I think the only way they can do that is to have a solid plan to bring the wars to a close and reduce the over bloated pentagon. At some point, some sane person has to end the US’s infatuation with “Empire”. In a close knit globalized world, it’s not tanks and planes and foreign bases that determine who is top dog, it’s economic clout.

  2. I think the only way they can do that is to have a solid plan to bring the wars to a close and reduce the over bloated pentagon.

    Yesterday I was in a conversation with my financial advisor with whom I haven’t spoken in many months [why bother!]

    He knew that I was an Obama supporter and so he asked me, “What grade would you give to President Obama?” To his amazement, I said, “C+” “Not a B-?” he quipped. “No.”

    I told him it’s the stupid wars, especially the escalation in Afghanistan. That accompanied by his pussy-footing around with the non-cooperative Republicans, wasting an entire year for the so-called Health Care Bill.

  3. M_R writes above, “Where do these independents ‘get their news?’ And which Op Eds do they read?”

    Good question, M_R. Let me suggest that for me it comes from a fair and balanced plethora of sources. I guess that I have my fingers in a number of different pies. My mind remains open. It seems a Democrat or a “Republican”, in quotes because of confusion who is a Republican today, has a hard time seeking the truth. The Democrats say more government spending is needed, while the Republicans say cutting taxes is the answer. They are politicians and there number one concern is to say anthing to stay in office on the public dole. We have to go beyond the political, and few are doing that.. This could be the appeal of the independents. We are fed up with the “not a dimes worth of difference” philosophy. Republicans and Democrats are filling their pockets with corporate and private interest monies. The Democratic Representive for Toledo, Marcy Kaptur, is under investigation for selling herself to the local military-industrial complex for campaign funds. Yet, it appears that you are reluctant to say anything about it because she is a Democrat. All that does, it seems to me, is to let the system repeat itself. I consider what she is doing as analogous to the adultery of Vetter and the Senator from Nevada. Lots of Democratic admonishment of these two Republicans, but little of people like Kaptur selling her office for job security. Must be Reagan’s 11th commandment applied to Democrats? It seems to me this state of affairs may be playing a part in the growing independent movement. They are sick and tired of the rape of the
    United States on all levels. It surely isn’t the total reason, but it seems to me that this is a component of the independence movement.

    This is a good question you have put out there. Hope it generates good comment….

  4. What a day to meet with a financial advisor, lol…The DOW was going down 1000 points, and finally settled at about 350 off….Today seems to be another down day…With Greece in financial disaster, and Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland possibly to follow, the situation is not bleak, it is dire. Maybe this time “they” will be more successful in wiping out our retirement accounts…You may want to take a quick up to Windsor and transfer your accounts in a Canadian bank…Have heard that is what many insiders are doing…Interesting, eh? Mike, on Morning Joe, remarked again while looking at the riots in Greece, “we’re watching what may be happening here,” something to that effect…..Another choice I hear is to convert our accounts into gold and diamonds, not for investments, but for survival……

  5. And now it seems that the roller coaster ride on the Stock Exchange was caused by dyslexic fingers on a computer keyboard. Sheesh.
    The only upside of all of this financial upheaval is that for me, suddenly, my dollars are becoming exchangable again against the Euro…which is only an illusion, because, the price of oil hinges on the dollar and as the dollar rises, or more aptly, the Euro sinks, the price of gas is rising here rapidly.

    I believe that Obama has to make a bold move to change the course of our involvement in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. It’s obvious that our present activities have only made the situation worse!
    Military solutions have never been practical or possible in situations like this historically. Unfortunately, the historical and practical realities don’t translate to the yahoos who are sitting with their fingers in their ears screaming God Bless America off key at the top of their lungs.
    How do you defuse and economy that is addicted to military spending?
    That is the real source of all of our problems here.

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