Joe the Plumber Wins His First Political Race

Joe the Plumber, aka Samuel Wurzelbacher, squeaked out a 38-23 victory yesterday for GOP precinct captain in Springfield Township.  Reached by telephone after the polls closed, Wurzelbacker told a reporter, “Listen brother, it’s been a long day.  You have yourself a nice night, OK?”

One can only imagine what a ‘long day’ that must have been culling 38 votes! I hope that he is sleeping in late this morning and regaining his strength from that grueling political contest.

Surely this first important victory will not be his last.  I’m betting that Joe the Plumber will quickly move up the GOP/Tea Party ranks and before long, he’ll have Sarah Palin a-wink’n at one of his rallies.  You betcha!

Remember, you heard the ‘scoop’ here first, folks.  Joe/Sam is on the political scene once again!


4 thoughts on “Joe the Plumber Wins His First Political Race

  1. GOP precinct captain? I didn’t know there was a salary for that. Does he get a Michael Steele style expense account? Well then, I guess it’s gonna be free lunch time at HOOTERS! YEEE HAH!

  2. He’s “in the money” now, you know, because of his best-selling book. That’s why he won the coveted precinct captain seat- notoriety with the book and the appearances on national TV stumping for McCain and Palin. Thirty-eight solid votes! That’s 62% of the votes, brother!

  3. I don’t understand how people who are generally dead set against effective government – because it involves paying for effective government – try to get into government? Then I remember that they usually get in there, not to govern, but to wreck it. I suppose, the governing wreckers of the GOP might have a point if they ever reduced the cost of government and reduced my taxes, or ever fulfilled the agenda they tricked people into believing they would change – like abortion ect.. But they never do. They just use government to enrich themselves and cronies and get a place holder on their resume.

  4. Lol…”best selling book”! I’d have bought it but, the crayons were’nt included.

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