Red States and the Government Pig Trough

The South and the other traditionally red states  loathe ‘big government’ interfering in their lives.  The South was especially ticked-off at the government mandate back in 1965 forcing them to open their bathrooms to ‘coloreds.’ The government is ‘the problem.’ They like their ‘states rights.’

Odd stuff considering just how often red states feed from the government pig trough. Their apparent bipolarity seems to go unnoticed and has  grown to feel natural to them.  But, one might ask, just how often do they ‘feed’?

Take health care, for example.  Every red state senator and the vast majority of red state representatives voted against the Health Care Bill that just squeaked by.  Yet, here is a surprising set of data.  Here are the bottom 10 state rankings for ‘healthiest residents of states’

42West Virginia
46South Carolina

Who pays for these unhealthy people?  Why, we do, of course, the citizens of this nation.  Medicare, Medicaid and trips to the ER.

Thirteen of the top 15 states are blue by comparison. The ones whose senator and representatives voted FOR health care fixes.  How odd.

When looking at the entire pig trough, it is interesting that Alaska ranks #2 among all of the states in Federal government subsidies per capita. Alaska, former half-term governor Sarah Palin who said ‘no’ to the bridge before she said yes. Solid red Wyoming ranks #1.  Think Dick Cheney. Louisiana and Mississippi are in the top 5 feeders at the government trough.

Damed Federal government! Socialism!


7 thoughts on “Red States and the Government Pig Trough

  1. The prolem with the health care debate is that it has been lost that we pay for the uninsured in terms of higher health care costs. Uninsured person uses the ER for their health treatment (or worse calls 911), and who is paying for it?

    Ever wonder why an aspirin costs 15 bucks if you are a hospital patient?

    Additionally, failure to use preventitive measures for health care leads to higher health care costs.

    Smoking is a super example of this since there is the problem of second hand smoke. We pay for the treatment of the diseases caused by smoking. So, it isn’t really a personal choice.

  2. ^ hit the nail on the head!

    Another example of swatting wasps to stop a wasp nest. All the hospitals do is stabilize the person coming in for care. True health care treats the underlying issue. Eventually this person who continually comes to the hospital for hyperglycemic events for example – related to their diabetes – will eventually have a heart attack, get a limb amputaded, become blind and get a disability check. It this person had health care – their diabetes would be continually managed. The cost of the net result of NOT managing the diabetes are FAR MORE than managing it with the availability of universal health care. This person is going to get cared for one way or another.. that is the ETHICAL duty of healthcare regardless of ability to pay.. But the price to us, and this person is much more steep with out healthcare.

  3. Oh my! I feel like such a burden on all you healthy folks! I’m so sorry for all the trouble and expense. /snarky remark from very unhealthy Nevadian.

  4. Poet- my point is not about health care or the need to upgrade the U.S. system of health ‘care,’ but rather to point out that lying politicians [is there any other type?] in RED states (your state and mine are purple) pretend to be against ‘government intervention’ yet they suck the trough dry.

    Surely you understood that point.

  5. Just wait until you get what you thought you were going to get! It won’t be the same.
    The biggest “black market” request I got when I lived in Germany was NOT for liquor, tobbacco or, gasoline…it was for aspirin! Because you need a script under the “free” heathcare to get even that…and it cost a crapload of cash for 10 tablets!
    While I could get 1000 tabs for 5 bucks over the counter! Just wait until Obama sees how profitable it is to tax medicine…and get back with me about how “free” it all is.

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