Drill, Baby Dri…

Or not!  Ah yes, that catchy phrase at the Republican convention, “Drill Baby Drill!”  The mantra for the right-wingers stuck in the 20th century.  On the 9th of April this year that phrase flowed from the lips of the former, half-time governor of Alaska.  With a wink, too.

Just imagine if you can stand it, what a living nightmare we’d be in with her in the VP chair!  Yet millions of Americans worship her.  We’re in big trouble, my friends.  Big trouble!


9 thoughts on “Drill, Baby Dri…

  1. Muddy…do you know why Sarah Palin is still around? Because your lefty press keeps her around!
    Seriously, NO conservative I know brings up Palin’s name… NO…make that 10 or 20 conservatives I know bring up Palin as often as the lefty bloggers and the lefty media outlets!
    Blame yourselves! If you clowns would have let her fade into obscurity…she would have already!
    But, then again you’ve created your own monster to be afraid of. She’s speaking to middle America and thanks to you…they’re listening now!
    Shall I offer you a bullet for your other foot?

  2. No, Sepp, that’s not true. You keep telling Mudrake to stop complaining about gay discrimination, you claim that there is no racism in the conservative movement and now, Sarah Palin is popular because libruls like him mention her name.
    Yes, controversy is her game and like Limbaugh and the rodeo clown, sensationalist, paranoiac ploys are a way of manipulating the masses.
    I wish we could remain as comfortably numb as you seem to be, but I refuse to be manipulated.
    When you start defending the Oklahoma City Bomber as a guy who was responding to the anger people felt with the Clinton administration…
    I realize how warped the moral compass of some Americans has become.

    Now back to the subject of this post….
    The sorry truth is that the oil reserves of the planet are very finite and the appetite has only grown. As far as i am concerned, the teabag movement is doomed and not really a movement, but a media phenomena because of it’s inherent incoherence and self centered selfishness.
    You need an SUV for the safety of your family! You need to keep that A/C pumped up to max to keep in denial of global warming.

    I believe that Sarah Palin is dangerous because she knows how to play on the paranoiac populism of Americans, on issues of race, energy, immigration, economic incoherence for her own personal gain.

    If alternate energy doesn’t become the most pressing issue on our plates now, ;things are going to get really messy in about 15 years.

  3. If you clowns would have … Directly from the lips of Rush

    Microdot- what Sepp doesn’t see, because he is mired in it, is exactly what you explained– the paranoia hype by Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and the other big mouths on the far right side of the political spectrum. Although Sepp often portrays himself as fairly logical, I have a feeling that paranoia moves him like marionette strings.

  4. No, Microdot I did not tell Muddy to stop complaining about ay descrimination. Go back and reread the post and it’s plain that I told him to save his breath on the assholes at that church.
    Nor, did I defend the OK city bomber, are you due for a new set of glasses?

    I’ve read more about Palin on the leftyblogs over the last year and a half than anywhere else!
    I think that had the left just ignored her after the election, she’d have been back in Alaska and forgotten about.

  5. Hello Muddy,
    I was thinking of doing a piece on Drill Baby Drill….and the reason why we don’t with the latest news of the continuing devastation washing up on the shores of Louisiana. The oil is still spilling out from the damage at 10’s of thousands a gallons per day.

    I spoke with a good friend of mine who is a merchant marine in Houston right now. He confirmed that the company that owns the oil drilling rights and platform, renting to British Petroleum, was filling their tankers and shipping this crude to…not into this country….but to other countries throughout the world.

    So Sarah’s weak minded “Drill Baby Drill” statement making her followers think that the U.S. would be receiving the benefits of our own natural resources, are not taking into account of the “Free Market Enterprise” where if you have been awarded and own the drilling rights for our off shore oil, you can then sell it to the highest bidder….just like every other Third World Country.

    I have always tried to pass on, the true value in this matter is not investing the money do the drilling, building the platform, and pump the oil out of the ocean floor. NO, it is just being awarded and owning the mineral rights paper work. This is where you make the important money, “Cash in Baby Cash in,” when you sell or lease these oil mineral rights.

    To inform everyone else, there are three Gulf Coast oil drilling rigs that have been sold to a company with interest in Japan. They are pumping off this U.S. oil directly into Japanese ships and taking it all back to Japan through the Panama Canal.

  6. I have the wily desire to see her win the Presidency – It would be comedy GOLD!

    The president really doesn’t have that much power folks – domestically anyway. I mean he can wage war against anyone at anytime thanks to the neutered oversite by congress of his – or her commander in cheifdom, but domestically, the President is pretty much motivational speaker in chief. His power is dependent on his political accumen to get congress to go along with his plan.

    Congress would steam roll right over Palin. On a world stage like the presidency she would be like a deer caught in the headlights. COMEDY GOLD!

  7. By the way, I posted a piece that links the deepwater oilrig blow out to hmmm…could it be…? Halliburton? Yep…..
    If this is anybody’s Katrina, it’s a Halliburton moment.

    Okay, Sepp, so you say you didn’t defend the Oklahoma City bomber, but you sure seemed to be apologizing for his over response as if he had a legitimate beef…..
    Maybe i need new glasses, but your tricycle is getting pretty skweeky and the bent front wheel keeps you going around in the same circles.

    I did buy a few pairs of glasses from the 39 dollar website recently…
    I told them I would plug them!

  8. steve- PLEASE! Enough playing around with the idea of an incurious rogue in the White House! Were you in a coma from January 2001-2009?

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