Two Important Journals Leaving the Air

Both of PBS’s journals are leaving the air after next Friday’s episodes.  The final episode of NOW and Bill Moyer’s Journal will air April 30.  These two programs were among the best investigative news programs ever assembled.  That form of journalism is going by the wayside much too quickly in our society and the result will be that the citizens of America will not know as much as they should about the shysters, crooks and other miscreants operating in our government and our businesses. It is a clear win for the conspirators and thugs who prey on the citizens of our nation.

Investigative journalism is going the way of the milkman here in America as the news media turns its attention to the more glitzy and gory stories rather than probing into the world of the shysters in our society.  That is a loss that our nation cannot afford.

Last evening NOW showed clips from stories it presented since 2001 on the two Bush Wars and their impact on our society.  It detailed the terrible treatment of our military, both overtly with multiple deployments as well as the aftermath with an impotent VA.  It showed the tragedies of TBD and PTSD on both the soldiers and the families that were forced to care for them.  Meanwhile, America was shopping at the mall…

Why is it that so many Americans were cheering on the war on Iraq at its inception, and then summarily dismissed the agony, gore and trauma of it after it’s ‘glitz’ wore off? It that how a society copes with a war on shores other than ours? Emerson said it best: “When a whole nation is roaring Patriotism at the top of its voice, I am fain to explore the cleanness of its hands and the purity of its heart.”

Did we, as a nation, examine that cleanness and purity?  Or did we go shopping at the mall?

How many American watched those original and painful NOW programs that detailed the tragedies of war?  Not nearly enough. All too few.

Bill Moyers has been an investigative journalist for more than 30 years and at age 76 has decided to retire- an understandable personal decision but a great loss to this American society. I have regularly linked his Friday evening expose’ of cowards, criminals and other devious people infecting our society, but this ends too- another win for the desperadoes.

Last evening Moyers uncovered the roaches in the telecommunications industry as well as  Goldman Sachs  and the other 5 giants of skulduggery and investment schemes. Your money and your right to a free and open Internet were the topics yet I’m betting that most of America wasn’t watching. My wife and I have chided many of our friends who  ‘wanted to watch it’ but have given us many excuses why they didn’t have time.  “After all, Friday evenings…”  And these people are much more well informed and politically astute than most Americans!

So, muckraking loses two giants next week and, sadly,  most of America won’t even miss them.  I will, but then, what’s the difference anyway?


9 thoughts on “Two Important Journals Leaving the Air

  1. You know I’ll miss him (and both shows) too, friend.

    I run his video and transcripts at my site all the time as I think they are the best that TV offers and has ever offered.

    Hats off to Bill Moyers and his brave, intelligent staff.

    Every time I watch them now, there are unbidden tears flowing from in my eyes and heart.

    Thank you for your tribute.


  2. Hello Muddy,
    This was news that I did not need to hear today. The programs of NOW and Bill Moyer’s Journal, were two of the best sources to inform and correct the Fox Programming propaganda. It is sad that two of the best sources for accurate, factual, talking points of what had the credibility to present the counter points of inaccurate information put forth by the conservative right wing manipulators. I guess that this only leaves the program Frontline to present accurate truths but this program is more in line with hind site of what the history of an issue was. By this time it will be too late before anyone finds out the truth to correct.

  3. Although I do not watch teevee at all and haven’t for over 10 years I’m very sorry to read about this. Sad day for muckraking to be sure.

  4. I had a date every Friday with Bill and David. I was greatly saddened when I heard the news of them leaving the Air.

  5. You want to believe that “The Truth Will Set You Free!” and that ideas trump ignorance, but ignorance constantly corrupts and subverts.
    These two journalists truly did represent the old school firewall that is slowly crumbling as America sinks into the mire of a Mediacracy.

  6. It will be terribly tragic when these two shows disappear, and our country will suffer immeasurably as a result. We are being dummied-down by our corporatist media more and more all the time. Somehow, “John King USA” and the entire FOX “News” lineup will never measure up to NOW and the Bill Moyers Journal. We are entering a new dark ages as concerns American TV news. If Ed Schultz, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow disappear too, it will be all over for this country!

  7. What is it about the American mind these days? I don’t get it, but then, hopefully my mind is not like the ‘average’ American’s at all. Perhaps it the fault of McDonald’s. You know- fast food, fast news and then entertainment 24/7. No time for in-depth analysis; no time for discussion of the issues. Rather, “I’ll have #5 up-sized!”

  8. It’s not all bad, David Brancaccio is still on the radio and Bill Moyers will continue writing books – and he said the Website was going to remain active:

    Plus there is PBS Frontline / Nova / Charlie Rose.

    Anyway, I don’t think this type of expose’ journalism has much effect on the body politic in the first place. These shows were preaching to the choir more or less – just like Fox news preaches to their choir.

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