Self-starter: Life got going all on its own

Politics, religion and science all rolled into one- topics one ought not bring up during holiday family gatherings. As April 23 is not a holiday and this is not exactly a ‘family’ gathering, I thought that it is appropriate for OUR gathering of minds today.

Laci’s comment this morning about the GOP and its draw of the religious right in the Dime’s Worth post caught my eye just after reading this NewScience article, Self-starter: Life got going all on its own.

Imagine this scenario: George W. Bush loses 2000 Presidential Race.

His ‘slim’ victory in 2000 as well as his 4-electoral vote margin in 2004 were due to support by Evangelical Christians.  Without that block of voters, there would have been no Bush 43.

Imagine how different those eight years might have been.

So, what’s the religious ‘draw’ of the GOP by the evangelicals?  The red-herring of abortion, of course.  And it works every time, election after election- mindless adherence to a political red-herring that, by all accounts, out to smell quite badly by now.

It was Ohio, sad to say, that gave Bush his 274-270 electoral win in 2004. It was Ohio evangelicals who ‘believed’ that the Warmonger-in-Chief was a ‘better Christian’ than John Kerry.

Imagine.  Imagine there’s no heaven…  John Lennon.

A whole group of folks in America ‘believing’ in a heaven and, of course a hell.  And ghosts, spirits, un-dead, miracles, prophesies and stuff like that. Here in the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Here in Ohio, hardly in the Bible Belt.

Of course, it is my unproven hypothesis that the mind of those calling themselves ‘evangelical’  or ‘fundamentalist’ is easily propagandized.

It has to be. Just look at what that mind has had to absorb, sponge-like.  That mind has absorbed the entire thousand pages of biblical text as infallible truth. Not a single doubt, not a hint of ‘perhaps.’ Hundred-per-centers.

Thus, it is of no great psychological leap to suggest that, if all of that is absorbed like a dry sponge, then such a mind is ripe for further ‘absorption’ by political shysters and the masters of propaganda.

One might expect that today, some 7 years after the initiation of the Bush preemptive War on Iraq, citizens would have been able to analyze the evidence presented at that time by the White House and the Pentagon during the run-up to the war.  Seven years to study whether that war was justified or propagandized. Yet, just two days ago, a very strong Ohio fundamentalist [c]hristian once again posted a comment on a blog defending the Bush War using the same tired old rhetoric that was propagandized in the winter of 2002-2003.  The same stuff.  Again.

Some of those Christians, and I do not know the numbers, surely must have examined the evidence and now reject their blind support of that war, realizing how much blood, carnage, destruction and agony was produced by that invasion. I applaud them.  Still, many of those Christians rather enjoyed that attack on a Muslim nation, deep in the heart of Islam. They were Crusaders, riding their own imagined, vicarious Humvee horses into battle with the Saracens.  For the Bible says…

For the Bible says lots of stuff.  Lots of stuff that mixes poorly with our democracy and our proper role in the world. Imaginary enemies, fanciful mandates, ethereal suppositions as a ‘driving force’ in our politics, in our 21st century government?

I’m awaiting our first atheist president.  Imagine that!


9 thoughts on “Self-starter: Life got going all on its own

  1. Don’t believe everything you think comes from the x-tians.

    CIA is everywhere, and they have the most to gain by continuing to use the same old song out of the mouths of “babes” – and believing that most of the poorly educated will continue to dance along for a few more years until they get everything juuuuusssttt right.

    Thanks for all your reporting.


  2. M_R writes: “I’m awaiting our first atheist president.”

    Previously it was hard to imagine a Catholic or a divorced man to be president, but Kennedy and Reagan were the first. When will a Jew or woman be able to say they are truly equal and achieve the Presidency?

  3. What I find odd, is how Tea Party types / Evangelicals are simultaniously against the federal government – to the point of rebelling against it, but then are always behind security state politics like the military posture of empire, like “homeland security / patriot act” where the government has unconstitutional reach into the privacy of citizens. I’m sure, inwardly, they were all gaga with Obama’s idea to go after and assassinate the American borne cleric, (outwardly I’m sure they complain bitterly – because it’s Obama). But you get my drift. These folks are SO against the Fed, but it was their efforts, like you point out in getting Bush re-elected, that we have this massive un-American security state.

  4. Steve, I don’t know anyone who is pro patriot act or, dept of homeland “scrutiny”.
    Those “tea party types” support the soldiers but, you can find many who don’t support the war.

  5. “Those “tea party types” support the soldiers but, you can find many who don’t support the war.”

    Do you have the data to support this statement, Sepp? Or is it an educated guess? And why weren’t they out in the streets protesting the Bush War in 2003? I’m afraid that I’ll have to challenge you on your statement above. I know who was “out there” protesting the war and it wasn’t your tea folks.

  6. Mudrake, your statement about waiting for an atheist president….
    I’m waiting for the time when the parading of “belief” isn’t a prerequisite to be considered a viable candidate in America.

    I look at the lack of reason, the collapse of rational morality in the face of hyped sensationalized fear that created the police state mental;ity in Arizona.
    The baldfaced denial that it is racially based fear. No, they aren’t going to profile people because of their skin color or accents…nom they claim they can tell an illegal immigrant by the shoes they wear! This is going to cause Arizona a lot of problems down the line.

    Is Sepp making a guest appearance as a “rational” spokesperson/apologist for the Tea Party?

  7. Is Sepp making a guest appearance as a “rational” spokesperson/apologist for the Tea Party?

    He said that he agrees with the TP movement and/or he attended one in Perrysburg, but I don’t think he can speak for ‘them’ because he indicated that ‘they’ cannot be labeled nor pigeonholed.

    Perhaps we ought to ask him about his own characterization of the movement.

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