About those 41 Signatures

Mitch McConnell [an escapee from Mme.Tussauds Wax Museum] waved his piece of paper in front of the cameras last week giddily telling the reporters that every GOP senator will vote against the financial reform bill put forth by Sen. Chris Todd. He had all 41 signatures on a piece of paper.  McConnell said ,”‘We simply cannot ask the American taxpayer to continue to subsidize this ‘too big to fail’ policy. We must ensure that Wall Street no longer believes or relies on Main Street to bail them out. Inaction is not an option.”

That phrase, ‘too big to fail’ was written by Frank Luntz, a GOP consultant hired to propagandize legislation that the GOP and its corporate interests do not wish to be enacted.  Luntz says, “The single best way to kill any legislation is to link it to the Big Bank Bailout.” And so, like Pavlov’s dog, McConnell mouthed the words.

McConnell ought to have read my bird-in-manure lesson- the one that states: And when you’re in deep shit, it’s best to keep your mouth shut!

Well, guess what? McConnell didn’t really mean that he would stop the bill from moving through.  He just wanted to get the attention of the Democrats to let them know that…well, to let them know…

Apparently he read the latest poll that showed how mad the citizens are at Wall Street and decided that he ought to shut up about opposing financial regulations.

The lesson of the bird in the pile of manure.


13 thoughts on “About those 41 Signatures

  1. Hello Muddy,
    It is about due time the current Republican leadership study their own history of their own President Teddy Roosevelt and remember what this Party was about at one time.

    To Sepp,
    You should read up on Republican President Teddy Roosevelt and what the Party was about at that time to understand my Republican viewpoints. We have lost our way by a group of recent extremist radicals. This is what I would like to see my Party return back to. Even Nixon tried to get a Health Care Reform through….but he got caught up in the Watergate break in and that was that.

    There is also Republican Vice President Nelson Rockefeller under Republican Gerald Ford, and had been the Governor of New York, as well as serving Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and Nixon administrations in a variety of positions. Rockefeller was well respected and honored when he passed away but that was then and this is now. A totally different time and not for the better.

  2. Any finance reform bill authored by Chris Dodd would have to be a joke. Now, a finance reform bill that used Dodd’s past actions as an example of what they’re trying to reform might be worth looking into.

    Certainly you can suspect the GOP’s motives but, allowing Chris Dodd to author anything related to finance reform is another case of having a fox guard the henhouse!

  3. Nope I sure haven’t. But as I stated, having Dodd involved with anything financial is / and has been a recipe for corruption or at the very least, open to “improprieties”.

  4. Yeah, I don’t put much faith in Dodd. He has been on the payroll of Wall Street and the big banks for years. After this was all disclosed after September, 2008 his support in CN collapsed quickly and has been forced to withdraw as a candidate for re-election. Perhaps, M_R,
    your Ohio Senator Brown said it best tonight on Olbermann when he was asked if he wanted to replace Dodd’s bill and, of course, he had to dodge, but said it was a good bill but it can be made stronger. The Republicans wanted no bill, and Dodd provided a weak bill, an improvement but weak; Dodd knows who filled his pockets. It will be interesting to see whom Dodd goes to work for after he leaves the Senate, nicht wahr? BTW, Gephardt, has gone to work for Goldman Sachs to aid the company in the civil charges recently filed by the Securities Administration for abetting the collapse of the United States economy. He follows Obama’s WH lawyer who went to work for Goldman a few days ago. Hah! Plague on them all, M_R…when are you going to admit that George Wallace had it pegged correctly? Seems like there are three choices: stay with the Democratic Party and do nothing, stay with the Democratic Party and purge it(omg, a democratic tea party group, lol), or move to something else. What you think?

  5. Sepp- if you don’t have any knowledge of an issue, you ought not chirp in the manure.

    UptheFlag- there is a football field difference between today’s GOP and the Dems. Have you been asleep for the past decade?

  6. Muddy, I chirped because the author of the bill Dodd, has had Wall street and other questionable characters of the finance industry filling his pockets for years.
    It just seems to me that Dodd has too many conflicts of interest to be authoring a bill regulating an industry that owns him. I’m already betting that he’s left them plenty of loopholes and will be rewarded handsomely for it.

  7. Is that the best you can muster, M_R? Even your own senator, a man who you have quoted on here more than once, says Dodd’s bill is weak, and he wants to make it stronger. If you can admit that,you must have blinders on. The Democrats of CN have totally rejected him; he was a shoo-in to be re-elected and now he is on the pile of shitheads. Another Democrat on the fat cats payola. You want to know why nothing ever really gets accomplished, well here it is. The Washington politicians are in the hip pockets of the very elite, that is, Wall Street, the Big Banks, and major corporations. Those three entities through their lobbyists tell most Dems and Reps what they can do and what they can’t do. What planet have you been on, if you can’t see that…..

  8. BTW, M_R, on 4/20 at 3:16 under “They Cry, Socialism” post, my last two sentences show I haven’t been missing “for the past decade.”

    Under that post M_R replied: ” today’s GOP is on the road to becoming a party of radicals who are less interested in governance than of self-aggrandizement.” Except for the word “radicals”, if that
    word was removed I would agree with the comment. The media, talking heads, editorial writers like to use the word “radical”, but it’s the wrong word. They are reactionaries. A radical is on the far left side of the political spectrum; a reactionary is on the far right of that spectrum. People who want to go back to what they perceive as “the good old days” are the “old regime”. They want no regulations, no controls. These are the leaders of the Tea Parties.
    Who are the leaders? Armey? Nah, he is a front. Where is his paycheck coming from? The person financing the check is the leader. As they say, follow the money….In any event, let’s get the terms correct when we ascribe terms to the Left and the Right…

  9. Selective sight? Dodd is a high profile democrat and their wrongdoings never appear on Muddy’s radar.
    Had Dodd been a Republican’t, The title to this post would read
    “Sleazy republican creates bill to protect wall street pocket-fillers”

    I think that the country is in the jam it’s in mostly because we’re not holding our supposed “leaders” to the same measure of accountability across the board.
    Corrupt is corrupt regardless of the (D) or, (R) some clown adds to the end of his title.
    I’ve yet to see any politician legislate his donor’s flow of money to him out of existence!

  10. It seems to me that the Washington corrupt systems of operations, WHETHER Democrat or Republican keeps engorging itself further with lobbyists that were former senators and congressman. They know the ins and outs, games, loopholes etc of getting the desired pockets filled for whom ever they are hired and being WELL payed for. How do we get an accountability/ restrictiveness handle on the career of lobbying??? Could there be such a thing??

  11. Yeah, great point – Working in Washington is no longer “public service”, but a line on a resume and a step to greater riches!

  12. Working in Washington is no longer “public service”, but a line on a resume and a step to greater riches!

    Then, why am I not rich?

    Oh yeah, I’m a slacker compared to most of my friends (e.g., classmate Gene Sperling)

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