They cry, “Socialism!”

Demographics always gets in the way of those brilliant political pundits out there.  Demographics on the electorate ain’t what they used to be and that pretty well puts the lid back on that stewing batch of stale tea drinkers.

Palin, Bachman and those other privileged white folks who have been screaming and ranting of late are mistresses of demagoguery and appeal well to those Eighteen-Percenters who sip the amber fluid. American humorist H. L. Mencken said of  a demagogue: “it is one who will preach doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” Who could argue with Mencken?

Take ‘socialism’ for example.  Lots of fear-mongering going on with that word these days. Its a favorite word of the GOP leadership and was often used in association with the Health Care Bill. How many American citizens ‘believed’ that the proposed health care reform that wound its way through the House and Senate was a form of ‘socialism’ as it was painted by the GOP leadership?

How many? Probably only by people older than 50. Those younger than that don’t even know what ‘socialism’ is unless they paid close attention to their world history classes in high school. The ‘red-dread,’ communism and socialism are just another set of words in the glossary of those dull history books.

Back to demographics.  As the results of the 2010 census will affirm, the United States is becoming younger and browner in skin tone and that set of Americans could give a crap about  ‘socialism’ or the other references to Cold War history. That demagoguery excites the old farts, not the 20-30 something crowd.

One more thing.  I wonder what this under-40 demographic thinks when they see Palin or Bachman in their shrill voices condemning Barack Obama and his middle-of-the-road policies that are directed towards lifting up the citizens of this nation?  What image comes to their mind upon watching the antics of these two screeching women? Does ‘bitch’ ring a bell?


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  1. Morons is more like it when I see Palin.

    You are correct, US politics are far more middle of the road compared to the rest of the world, which makes the current usage of the term “conservative” in the US to be frightening. It is more along the lines of reactionary than conservative.

    As I like to point out, Nixon’s policies would be considered Liberal by people of sepp’s stripe, whatever that truly is. I point you to source watch::

    Source watch points this out about TPP:
    TPP consists of a website (, the ownership of which is masked by ProtectPrivacy, located in the Netherlands. There is no “about”, “staff”, “directors” or other information identifying any individual as responsible for any part of the website, listed as a 501(c)(4) organization on the homepage.

    Whether Sepp is paid, or just someone who truly believes in what he advocates remains to be seen.

    I think that racism is indeed a factor in this movement, but as you point out, the white majority is fast becoming a minority.

    Anyway, I keep hoping for a face in the crowd moment when these people show their real colours.

    Fortunately, Sepp does this without too much prompting, especially when he baits EoK. I feel sorry for EoK and other republicans who are of the populist ilk who see their party taken over by the fringe right. As I said, this is a group which alienates me enough so that I wouldn’t dream of voting for a republican.

  2. Hello Laci,
    I too have concerns that giving air time to Teabaggers only gives them credibility. But on the other side, they do expose themselves for what they truly are such as Sarah Palin’s statements of stupidity and inability to get anything correct. When you see the anger, hate, and rage of a featured speaker at a Tea Party rally, the vast majority of those watching the programs are taken back in shock.

    Upon seeing this, the majority of people will not want to be affiliated with this group. The exceptions being of course the Tim McVieghs, Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, John Birch Society, demographic aspects of the population.

    I did a posting this morning on the “Stupid Things That Followers Will Believe From Their Leaders!!”

  3. I take the opposite tack respectfully :)

    I think the media keeps the tea party in the forefront to put the fear of God in the rest of us. Bill Maher made the association a while back that the same people who stuck with Bush, evan as the house of cards collapsed – those 23 percent; are the 23 percent who think that they are going to be raptured soon, or the 18 percent who make up the tea party. Personally, I just don’t know if that is the case. So I plan on attending a tea party event as soon as I can to just see what it’s all about. If I understand things correctly, the Tea Party is really fond of Ron Paul – and Ron Paul is a definate threat to the status quo. He’s for Abolishing, or at least auditing the Fed. He’s for a non militant foreign policy and bringing all the troops home. He’s for legalization of drugs and for ending the Bazillion dollar useless drug war (there’s your health care right there). So the Tea Party, I guess, could be viewed as an existential threat to the system of the revolving door insest between Washington and Wal street, and between Wal street and the Military Industrial Complex.

    (didn’t spell check – doesn’t mean I’m stupid)

  4. Steve, Spelling is a recent conceit.

    I have to admit that the tea party is for the most part republican fringe, but my tea partying relatives are Jewish. The problem is that these people don’t realise that regulation was what kept the economy from totally collapsing. On the other hand, they don’t really care if they are of the fringe Xian crowd, since as you point out, they believe they are going to be raptured away from all of this.

    Which adds in the support for Israel and desire for war in the Middle East: gotta speed up the process of the second coming!

  5. Steve, the tea party keeps making news because what they’re saying just happens to be true…even though Muddy, Laci and the self-professed republican (who’s more liberal than anything else) EoK don’t want to hear or admit to it.
    The old Bush policies they bitched about are STILL in effect…but, now that Obama is sitting behind the desk…they’ve STFU about it…why?
    New face, same policies…no complaints. Odd how that worked out!

    One must ask the question, did they want a change in policy or, just a change in who is pushing the policy? THAT answer is now obvious. They had no problem with Bush’s policy, they just didn’t like him personally or so it would seem.
    I had a problem with Bush’s policy and still have a problem with it now that Obama is still (quietly of course) operating with it.
    And I openly say so.

    I’m betting that if dig into the muddy, laci and, EoK blog archives, they HAD issues with…for an example…the patriot act.
    But, for some strange reason, I can go back and NOT find any outrage that Obama recently extended it!
    Hypocracy is what it’s called.
    If I am incorrect, it would please me if you provided links where your outrage was posted so my apology can promptly be sent.

    “Steve, Spelling is a recent conceit.”
    Laci is only concerned about MY spelling and grammar…IE, it’s only “stupid when I do it”.

  6. Sepp, as someone who is also multilingual, I can spot someone who is not a native speaker. You miss subtleties which a native speaker would catch.

    Also, you are unaware of the country which you profess to be a citizen of’s history. I know that there is a naturalisation test, which I can assume has been dumbed down, but you do not know US history. Otherise you would be aware of Robert LaFolette and the republican progressive movement.

    Even when it’s as subtle as being hit on the head with a brick, you say things which are incorrect.

    The tea party advocates policies which come from the Depression. Additionally, as I point out, Fractional reserve banking and the rest of the financial system requires regulation.

    Furthermore, the recent stock market crash has hit people who are near retirement age. People who cannot stand to lose their savings due to tea pary policies.

    Another lesson, you need to have people who are inclined toward your position to persuade them, or be able to provide them with good reasons to be persuaded.

    You fail miserably.

    But, please feel free to waste your time here.

  7. BTW, Sepp, My comment about the fifty cent army failed to clue you in that I am deeply suspicious of you. I would check your IP address to see if you are truly American.

  8. And if you’re croation, why would you side with a party that advocates policies which will bring about the hyperinflation that you once had in your homeland?

    You come from a country that has the dubious distinction of having hyperinflation so bad that it resulted in the largest denomination banknote ever printed, which would buy a banana.

    Come on, Sepp, let’s do it again!

    Go tea party!

  9. Really Sepp:

    “Under Tito, Yugoslavia ran a budget deficit that was financed by printing money. This led to a rate of inflation of 15 to 25 percent per year. After Tito, the Communist Party pursued progressively more irrational economic policies. These policies and the breakup of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia now consists of only Serbia and Montenegro) led to heavier reliance upon printing or otherwise creating money to finance the operation of the government and the socialist economy. This created the hyperinflation.

    By the early 1990s the government used up all of its own hard currency reserves and proceded to loot the hard currency savings of private citizens. It did this by imposing more and more difficult restrictions on private citizens’ access to their hard currency savings in government banks. ”

    Quick, quick, Sepp, how does fractional reserve banking work?????

  10. Wow laci, once again you deflect acually answering anything while placing the focus on me personally.
    When a non-answer won’t work, just go with no answer!

    It must be frustrating you to no end that you can’t simply delete an opposing oppinion here as if it doesent exist.

    So care to post links to where you showed your outrage or, can I take your hypocracy at face value?

  11. Don’t play parrot! Come on, sepp, what caused Yugoslavia’s downfall?

    Your opinion is worth less than a 500,000,000,000,000,000 dinar note!

  12. You answer my questions, I’ll answer yours. Thats how it works. Until then, you’re welcome to go back on topic.

  13. This sounds like fractional reserve banking gone wild!

    “All that proved to be nothing but an appetizer. The main course was dished up by Slobodan Milosevic. The first of his many monetary shenanigans was uncovered on Jan. 7, 1991. That is when the Yugoslav government of Ante Markovic discovered that on Dec. 28, 1990, the Milosevic-controlled Serbian Parliament had secretly ordered the Serbian National Bank (a regional central bank) to issue some $1.4 billion in credits to friends of Mr. Milosevic. That illegal plunder equaled more than half of all the new money the National Bank of Yugoslavia had planned to emit in 1991. The heist sabotaged the Markovic government’s teetering plans for economic reform and hardened the resolve of the leaders in Croatia and Slovenia to break away from Belgrade.

    “Without the Croats and Slovenes to fleece, Mr. Milosevic turned on his own people with a vengeance. Starting in January 1992, what was left of Yugoslavia endured the second-highest and second-longest hyperinflation in world history. It peaked in January 1994, when the official monthly inflation rate was 313 million percent. Only Hungary, in July 1946, ever recorded a higher monthly rate. The Yugoslav hyperinflation lasted 24 months, only two months shorter than the Soviet hyperinflation in the early 1920s. Yugoslavia’s hyperinflation was far more virulent than the much touted 1922-23 hyperinflation in Weimar Germany.

    “The results were devastating. Long before NATO struck Yugoslavia, Mr. Milosevic’s monetary madness had destroyed the economy. Wreck an economy, then start a war: It’s an age-old power-preservation ploy.

    “During the 24-month hyperinflation period, per capita income plunged by more than 50%. Ordinary people were forced to deplete their hard-currency savings. People couldn’t afford to buy food in the free market; they kept from starving by either waiting in long lines at state stores for irregularly supplied rations of low-quality staples, or by relying on relatives who lived in the countryside. For long periods, all of Belgrade’s gas stations were closed, with the exception of one that catered to foreigners and embassy personnel. People also spent an inordinate amount of time at the foreign-exchange black markets, where they exchanged huge piles of near-worthless dinars into a single German mark or U.S. dollar note….

    “Nothing tells this horrendous story better than the devastating devaluations that repeatedly decimated the dinar…. Since 1991, the dinar has been officially devalued 18 times, and 22 zeros were lopped off that unit of account. The five devaluations in 1992 were too much even for the IMF, which showed Belgrade the door shortly after November’s 73.3% devaluation.

  14. Sorry Muddy for working your friend up into a frenzy and allowing him to hijack what could have been some halfway decent debate.

  15. Sepp, I try to remain open minded. Just recently, Obama re-authorized the Patriot Act which M_R greatly criticized under President Bush. I did call his attention to Obama’s following this policy and other policies of Bush. Certainly, you know that I have closed many comments with George Wallace’s quote that “there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between Republicans and Democrates.” HOwever, that is changing today as the make up of the Republican Party is different than it was in 1968. Those Republicans of 1968 are now Independents…

  16. Well, there’s more than a dime’s worth these days- it’s more like a dime and a dollar. In 1968 the GOP had liberals and moderates; today’s GOP is purging conservatives and replacing them with radicals.

    I might ask UptheFlag to dip into his history degree and tell us if today’s GOP is on the road to becoming a party of radicals who are less interested in governance than of self-aggrandizement.

  17. Muddy, sometimes you have to step back and look at the entire picture with new eyes.
    Sure the GOP is infested with radicals…and so is the democratic party! The new minority in both parties are the middle of the road “issues” voters.

    The radical fringe have become the faces of the parties to the point where many folks don’t want to be associated with them at all. Long ago I was a democrat Muddy and, we’ve dicussed this before. The party simply went further to the left than I was comfortable with and, to the point where it no longer represented the same values on the inside as it advertised on the outside.

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