One Week of Beauty

Our Japanese Cherry tree is blooming again.  It lasts but one week. Yet it is a work of art during its brief blossoming time.  Art to the eyes as well as the nose.  Just yesterday as I was tending to some yard cleaning, I mindlessly passed under the tree and was struck by its intense fragrance.  One week, only one week. Yet what a gloriously spectacular week.

Soon the pedals will fall, covering the lawn with springtime snow, reminding us of that long, snowy winter past. The curtain will come down for another 51 weeks.  Yet, one ought to be reminded to live in the moment.


6 thoughts on “One Week of Beauty

  1. Our dogwoods and lilacs are going thru the same cycle – the prettiest time of the year. I was walking the blue trail at swan creek yesterday and along the creek their is a new wildflower coming up I havn’t seen there before (it’s probably common, but I can never remember plant names).

  2. Hello Muddy,
    I have an acre segmented off by White Pine Trees for a back yard and in this sanctuary I have four Japanese Cherry Trees that are in full bloom. To complement this I have wisteria vines that are now in there hanging grape cluster of blossoms. I just walk back there with a cup of coffee in the morning as the sun is rising…and just count my blessings.

  3. I’m jealous of you EoK, I have a wisteria vine (9yrs old) that has never bloomed. I have tried everything I have been told to try. No blooms. I think it doesn’t get enough sun now at this point, as time has marched on and things getting taller.

  4. Spring is taking up most of my mind these days…
    I’m sorry to hear about your wisteria, midwestgirl, my wisteria is about to go critical mass…I have a rail fence I built along the trail in front of my swamp and I planted wisteria when I built the fence. The fence is beginning to rot but the wiseria has become the fence. Wisteria does need sun, but it is a very hardy adaptable plant. Did you know that you can bonsai it? It goes fast and miniaturizes and turns into what looks like a toy plant with tiny leaves and flowers. You can get the “trunk” to look like a little tree, I have one that is 7 years old and was no work at all.
    I am a week away from my first strawberries. Tomorrow, the main part of my vegetable garden is getting tilled. Almost a ton and a half of horse manure, grass compost and kitchen compost went on it over the winter and May 1st is the day we get our plants that we don’t start from seed…peppers, eggplants, couer de bouef tomatoes….
    My raspberry plants are all green including the new variety I smuggled from New Jersey in November.

  5. Microdot- you have become the ultimate urban farmer- from the streets of Detroit and New York to a man with a ‘ton and a half of horse manure.’ I envy your current lifestyle. Need any ranch hands?

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