Hubble Scares the Hell Out of the Religious Nuts

I watched a program on the Science Channel on Tuesday night on the Hubble Telescope- the instrument that has opened our eyes on the vastness and the structures of our universe. Then, I went online and saw a news article on CNN titled, “Promiscuous women cause earthquakes, Iran cleric says.”  On a blog I read this from a fundamentalist Christian, “Re: the Icelandic volcano, earthquakes, and Tsunamis, hurricanes –other natural disasters, my husband says I should’ve posted some prophecy.”

The End Times draw near. Time to fear.   Only ‘faith’ will save you- repent of your sins!

Then it came to me- these religious nuts have no idea about science, nature and the universe.  And they don’t want to know because, with each new discovery, their Holy Books inch ever closer to the comic book rack.

Here is a Hubble photo showing thousands of distant galaxies whirling in space- space so deep that the ‘edge’ is 13.7 billion years away from its inception. And these phony religious nuts are worried about an earthquake or a volcano spelling doom for the earth.

Their stupidity is beyond description.  Enjoy the photo.


12 thoughts on “Hubble Scares the Hell Out of the Religious Nuts

  1. My favorite quote these days is from the eminent philosopher, reluctant visitor from another planet, Herman Sunny Blount, known to us lead footed mud bound earthlings as the musician, Sun Ra:
    “It’s after the end of the world! Don’t you know that?”

  2. The problem is that science gives answers which can conflict with faith. For example, Darwin’s theory shows that the world changes. This conflicts with the concept that the Bible is correct.

  3. Yes, science is always the ‘problem’ for those who wear cement boots and love to live life in the simplicity of Bible-talk.

  4. Hello Muddy,
    The Andromeda galaxy is headed towards our own Milky Way and is predicted to have a “Galaxy Collision” in approximately 4.5 billion years’ time between the two galaxies colliding.

    This colliding would be more in line with a merging with one stripping away stars (suns) and their planets from the other and vice a versa as these galaxies go about their business. There may also be some collisions of stars and planets due to changes of gravitational shifting effects. The Hubble telescope has taken images of this with respect to other far off galaxies.

    Of course in this larger picture, the shifting tectonic plates causing pressure and a few volcanoes popping off here on earth is by no means that our world is going into “The End Times.”

    So to conclude all of this is, from our own hubris little world perspective, I guess it could be said that the Earth’s location being about 2/3rds out from the center of our Milk Way, our end of time could be in about 4.5 billion years away. Soooo we have a few years before we have to sound the alarm to repent.

    I should also be noted that the Ultra Religious have always been fearful of the telescope since the time of Galileo Galilei who was able to prove that the Earth and all other planets revolved around the Sun instead of the Church’s teachings that the Earth was the center of the universe with all revolving around us. Galileo scientifically proving this fact with his telescope almost had him burned to death by the religious faithful speaking for God. Of course, as we all know from our religious teachings, the Earth is flat.

  5. Sepp- she’s now spreading her episodic religious diarrhea on another blog and is quite comfortable lying in the dung piles that she lays there. [bird/manure lesson]

  6. I think a spiritual person, like myself, would want to learn all I can about the cosmos. I think that the cosmos, in a way, reinforces my view of a creator. (I’m not alone – There’s a great youtube post with Neil Tyson talking about Faith and Science and how Newton – probably the greatest genius the world has ever known – came to the conclusion of Intelligent Design at the end of Principia), But, Intelligent Design / Faith are not testable or observable, so it can’t be taught as a science, but as a philosophy. But evolution is experimentally verifiable and testable – therefore under the prevue of science. I think that is where the friction is created – in trying to foist a philosophy on science with essentially pseudo science, or conversely trying to diminish verifiable / testable science as a philosophy. And Tyson, who is sort of the celebrity, friendly, face of physics and cosmology in our country says he doesn’t have a problem with schools teaching intelligent design – As a Philosophy.

    LOL, it’s kind of funny how I always find myself inhabiting the gray area in any given topic. It must be part of my A.D.D., that I can hold 10 ideas in my head at once and vacillate between all of them. I frustrate a lot of people.

  7. in trying to foist a philosophy on science

    How about taking a college course called, the Philosophy of Science? Did that many years ago but I couldn’t tell you one thing I learned in the class. One day the teacher came into the room, set his things on the table, walked to the window and stared out. After an uncomfortable [for us] period of time, he looked at us and said, “The world is too heavy today,” and left the room. So did we.

    Regarding your ADD, both my wife and son have ADD and i am quite used to your statement, ” that I can hold 10 ideas in my head at once and vacillate between all of them.” I know about that.

    Actually, I am very right-brained and, although not ADD, I often dwell on several concepts at the same time. Indeed, it is frustrating to those who don’t understand.

  8. It my duty to serve voracity and therefore I must confess that Tyson wasn’t supporting Intelligent Design by the conclusions of Newton, but was using Newton as an example of how religiosity gets in the way of Science. I should have watched the second video, which is here:

  9. steve- I would say that your ‘error’ regarding Tyson is but a blip on this blog because most of the people who post comments here have long ago moved away from the ‘intelligent design’ concept.

    Are you familiar with the Brane Cosmology that hypothesizes that the Big Bang may have been triggered when the brane containing our universe “collided” with an adjacent brane, causing a momentary but massive energy transfer? If that is true, then the latest Bang was one of many that possibly has shaped and reshaped our neck of the universal woods many times over.

    And of course, time itself is all relative to the latest energy transfer. Our current transfer was 13.8 billion earth-years ago, thus determining our present time-table.

    Thus if branes collide randomly in time and space, then the ‘stuff’ that Hubble photographs is random debris rather than created/designed objects.

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