Hijacking May Day!

There are plans to hijack May Day!  Spread the word! Yes, the Mad Hatters who obviously drink way too much tea are planning to steal May Day from the laborers of America. They don’t like laborers, you know,  ‘Those people’ aren’t their cup of tea.

Yes, plans are in the works by the white collar folks to wrest away the first of May from the blue collar workers of America.  No, I’m not making this up- they announced the coup yesterday at the Mad Hatter’s Rally in lily white Perrysburg, Ohio.

The Toledo Blade reports, ”

Ms. Bowyer told the crowd that local Tea Partiers planned to steal May Day, the May 1 socialist holiday, to further the conservative cause. She said they’ve organized an event for that date at the Park Inn Hotel that will feature Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber.”

Rally organizer Linda Bowyer

Wow!  Joe the Plumber!  Live and in person sharing his ‘wisdumb’ with the attendees.  I hope he brings a few of best-selling book along with him to autograph for the awaiting crowd.  The queue ought to reach all of the way outdoors for that special moment.

I wonder if the local Toledo unions would be invited to this anti-May Day rally?  Or is it be invitation only?  Wouldn’t that be a hoot those two groups would collide!


6 thoughts on “Hijacking May Day!

  1. It’s one spectacle after another with these teabaggers, isn’t it? Time for Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, and all these other idiots to get off the playground and return to the classroom! Good grief—what’s next? Replacing Labor Day with Corporate CEO Day? THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS!

  2. The irony of Day Laborer Joe the Plumber railing against a Worker’s Holiday is DELIGHTFUL! (I’m just wondering what various government handouts JTP has received in his life?). I have an extreme right wing friend who regularly calls me “Lib” and “Dumbocrat” and marches to the tune of Limbaugh and Beck like they are prophets crying in the wilderness. But the day this particular guy lost his job, He was down at the unemployment office to apply. Don’t even ask me about my extremely conservative dad and his Medicare paid for Knees and Hips – probably costing taxpayers in the 100’000’s of thousands. (I thank GOD though cause my dad was in extreme pain).

  3. I think it’s time that people dress as mad hatters and attend the tea party events.

    BTW, doesn’t “well-educated” mean having some rudimentary knoweldge of spelling, or is that just a recent concept (post Webster)?

    So, one can lack critical thinking skills and knowledge of spelling, or how to use a dictionary, yet be considered “well-educated” in the US.

    Steve, the problem is that there will always be stooges for the bosses, which these people are. They can listen to the various talk radio idiots and think they are smart since there is no censorship, or desire for responsible journalism. Journalism in the US is based upon the profit motive, not for public benefit.

    What sells is what the public get fed.

    Hence the fear of a truly independent media.

  4. Thanks for the info.

    I would dearly love to see the Toledo unions send a delegation!

    Now there’s a 4th of July moment early.


  5. Journalism in the US is based upon the profit motive, not for public benefit.

    That’s the absolute stone truth! Right now there is a clear and present danger with Comcast and its attempt to take over NBC and its related assets including MSNBC. Comcast is a monopoly and should be barred from completing this deal.
    If it goes through, one company will control access to the internet and cable television.

    Comcast is previewing a new venture called RightNetwork. The company has been embedded in the Teabagger movement from the beginning and once they get the network up, they won’t even try to hide the fact that they are a blatant partisan propaganda machine brought to you by the US Chamber of Commerce.

    A list of what Comcast will acquire when the NBC buy is complete (I compiled it last year). Also, there is an active petition online to block the Comcast/NBC merger here. Finally, the FCC has just extended the comment period as they seek more information.

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