Damned Government Regulations

How often have you heard that 3-word phrase? And just who said it?  Was it from a person ‘in the know’ or just a bobble-head mouthing the words of some right-wing pundit?

Just which ‘government regulations’ are so egregious that they need repeal? Or is it, rather, just ALL of them because, well, you know, THE GOVERNMENT and all!

I wonder if the families of those coal miners in West Virginia are condemning ‘government regulations’ these days?  Did they before the mine disaster?  Mindlessly?

I’m so damned tired of THE GOVERNMENT being the scapegoat for all of the anger, fear and frustration in America today.  Of course, it’s an easy target.  Perhaps I ought not use the word, ‘target,’ as we inch closer to April 19th- the 15th anniversary of Timothy McVeigh’s anger moment with THE GOVERNMENT.

Angry white men.  Lots of them in America these days.  As if they ought to ‘have’ something that seems out of their grasp. What are they pining for, what illusion confuses their thinking?  And how did they get that way?

The answer eludes me, although I’ve mentioned quite a few over the past several years. White priviledge, white man’s assumptions about his place in American society and what he ‘deserves’? And things aren’t working out so well, these days for lots of them.

Of course ‘the government’ is a code word for people of color because, you know [wink. wink] who get’s government assistance.

Is the anger with THE GOVERNMENT really white rage in an era when white folks are no longer the owners of the plantation?


12 thoughts on “Damned Government Regulations

  1. Interesting question. Isn’t a democracy government of the people?

    Although, I would add that the frustration with government regulation is also that it costs: It costs money to make those mines safe, it costs money to install anti-pollution gear, it makes cars more expensive to have safety equipment, it costs money to give people decent medical care (as opposed to sending them to the ER), as nauseum.

    The problem is that it ALSO costs money not to do these things.

    How much money will be spent because Massey Energy isn’t willing to ensure the safety of their employees? I have a strange feeling that the costs of the disasters that the lack of regulation costs is far more expensive than the cost of regulation and observing that regulation.

    The problem is that the small minds are easily led by those who offer simple solutions to complex problems. It is easy to turn the government into a bogeyman since that has been a US tradition since its inception in 1776 (1763?). The problem is that the crown has been replaced by the Eagle, but government is still evil.

    But who is more evil: big government or big business?

    Remember that government serves the people, whereas business serves the shareholders.

  2. Here’s the kicker. Hours after the tragedy, Limbaugh goes into weepy concerned mode and asks, “Were was the Union?” He tries to scapegoat the Miners Union because of the lack of enforcement of regulations and the history of violations at this particular mine.
    If he had only stopped to breath before his release of toxic fumes….
    This Mine was not a Union Mine! The management had militantly fought the unionization for years.

  3. Did you hear the one about a group in Oklahoma want to put on the state ballet, legislation that would Allow Oklahoma to set up a state militia to protect themselves from the egregious power grabs of the Federal Government? I think that is a fantastic Idea, I guess the Fed could disband the Oklahoma National Guard and defund any defense related activity within Oklahoma. Saving Federal Taxpayers a boatload of money. Let the state of Oklahoma levy taxes to pay for their state militia. Same thing for Secession happy Texas and Alaska.

  4. I feel like writing a letter to President Obama and My congress people Sherod Brown and Marcy Kaptur and ask them to put forth legislative action that would expel Texas and Oklahoma from the Union and set up a new country called “Texarcanastan”. In Texarcanastan, any teabagger can renounce their American citizenship and become a citizen of the new tax free haven for all things Godly and Gunwise – Texarcanastan. I would even go so far as to allow Federal assistance in moving future Texarcanastan citizens out of the US. They can set up their theocracy. Naturally we would allow any dark skin, gay, women, or other opressed peoples to emigrate from Texarcanastan into the US as political asylum seekers.

  5. I had written a few specualtive fiction pieces that projected that very future.
    Of course my tales were based on the idea that John McCain had won the last election. But soon into the term of President Palin…uhh…McCain had a little accident soon after he was elected, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska had formed a Christian Heartland Commonwealth and they were idevolving into a sort of modern feudal state with an internet firewall and of course, The New York Times was not allowed to be sold.

  6. And my alternative reality of British North America where the Republic of Texas exists in what would be the US Southwest as a home for radical right wing crazies.

  7. Ahhh the race card as expected….snore.
    Actually, the constitution outlines things the govt is allowed to do…and NOT do.
    Funny how you guys stopped feeling violated the very day Obama began sidestepping the same laws and constraints that BUSH violating!

    I guess for some folks, the only freedom they cherish is the right to choose which master to slave for.

  8. Thank you all for tending to my blog while I was away on a small vacation for the past 3 days.

    Sepp- nice to hear from you again. Do you feel that you are associated with the tea party and that they reflect pretty much your thoughts? Just wondering where you stand.

    Steve- I could live with only 48 states. In fact, for half of my life I lived with only 48. Swell idea.

    Microdot- I’m trying to maintain a 3-digit IQ rating on this blog and would prefer not to quote ‘L’ or B’.

    Laci- you always bring our attention back to British rule/American rebellion and, you ought to know, that those who would benefit most from this remedial history lesson are busy today shouting down ‘the government’ while sucking billions of dollars from the Treasury coffers with there SS and Medicare checks.

  9. The latest parroted phrase about “slavery” is that any social assistance program is a form of slavery. Health Care reform is a form of slavery.
    That is the problem with the abuse of language. When you start slathering around terms like socialism, slavery with out regard to the actual meaning of the terms, they lose their meaning.
    If you are going to be a stickler about the use of a language, (i.e.: the teabaggers demanding that everyone speak English all of the time in America,) then, when trying to make a point, please make an attempt to use the language accurately.

  10. Speaking of ‘language,’ you did see my selection of photos taken at Tea Party rallies- the ones that displayed their own English spelling preferences.

  11. “Is the anger with THE GOVERNMENT really white rage in an era when white folks are no longer the owners of the plantation?”

    A plantation is a plantation. Why would you be happy to be a slave regardless of the owner?

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