Crying Over Obama’s Nuclear Summit

The right-wing dimwit contributor to The Blade, Jack Kelly, boo-hooed Obama’s nuclear summit opening his usual diatribe against the President, “PRESIDENT Obama has reminded that before he drives us into bankruptcy, he might get us all killed.”  Are there any English teachers in the audience who may want to comment on that sentence?  Are there any wise citizens who may want to comment on that idiocy?

Kelly, like all far right-wing nuts, detests President Obama and would criticize him for blowing his nose incorrectly if that would satiate his bobble-head audience.

All across America the Tea Partiers, war hawks, right-wingers and the vast vat of dumbed-down citizens are condemning Obama for ‘making us less safe!’

I am so tired of these morons. It is as if they have sold their brains to the talking heads on the far right.  I have little hope for their recovery.

Yet I am outraged that the vast majority of citizens who sit in the ideological center of political thought are mute. What the hell is wrong with them? Why do they remain silent when this travelling troupe of miscreants seemingly sets the agenda for the citizenry of this nation?

Sure Obama displays mastery as president; which other U.S. President was able to assemble 42 heads of state in one place to discuss such an important topic? There is no doubt of his skills and talent as leader of this nation.

Yet, the media focus their reporters and cameras on the jackasses dumping dung onto the streets.  Apparently a circus always trumps reality.


9 thoughts on “Crying Over Obama’s Nuclear Summit

  1. Mr. Kelly is suffering from history myopia. He’s upset the President Obama is getting all uppity and acting like a world leader. Damn uppity…

    What about the SORT treaty with Russia signed into May 22, 2002 signed by GWB with his good friend “PutPut” – a cut in warheads of 2/3’s

    In order to develop new nuclear weapons you have to test them, the U.S. has been practicing a voluntary moratorium on testing new nuclear weapons since 1992 – initiated by GHWB. (Although many feel that we are getting around it in the guise of laser ignited nuclear fusion research).

    What about the insanely radical reduction of nuclear weapons signed by G HW Bush 9/17/91? Or the 1993 Start II Treaty signed with Yeltsin by Bush 1/3/1993?

    How about that appeasing surrender monkey Ronald Reagan signing the INF treaty on 12/8/87 with his good friend Gorby?

    How bout Nixon and that SALT 1 and ABM treaty – 5/26/72

    Notice all these Treaties were signed by republicans. So it can’t be the fact that President Obama is pursuing another arms reduction treaty, it is either the fact that Obama is a Democratic president exhibiting leadership, doing the work, and getting the credit.. or the most probable reason, Mr. Kelly is upset at the changing demographic nature of the United States and is unconsciously lashing out like every one else.

  2. Oh, I just had to return to this. I just read a report that says that in the last few months Sarah Palin has accumulated 12 MILLION dollars in speaking fees and general money making involved in tea party profiteering. And so I look at Kelly’s picture with his shit eating grin and Tucker Carlsonesque bow tie and realize that the best job in America is to be a conservative pundit. All you have to do is make half ass naysayings against the president and democrats, throw some stones at every single thing the guy tries to do and YOU TOO CAN MAKE MILLIONS. Why not? I think I am a much more astute observer of history and human nature than say an idiot like Glen Beck. I have much more depth to the possible satire I could bring to the table in hating all things Obama! The alure is so powerfull.. why wouldn’t anyone do it? The rubes who fall in line to the far right tune are like low hanging ripe fruit just waiting for another hate spewer to lead them on like the Pied Piper of Hamlin! I would need an alter ego though, or I might be branded a hypocrite. hmmmmm. it’s looking more attractive by the second!

  3. I applaud Obama for the sensible and far-sighted approach he has taken on this topic. I support his methodology even more so. His consensus-building is reestablishing our mirsal leadership, and he is definitely earning his paycheck, something his predecessor never did. Obama has accomplished more of lasting value in foreign affairs in his first 1 1/4 years in office than Bush did in twio full terms. At this point in the Bush presidency, all he accomplihed was going on 3 or 4 extended ranch vacations, giving unneeded tax breaks to billionaires, and starting an illegal and unnecessary Iraqi war. Go Obama!

  4. The rodeo clown makes 36 million, how many millions does Porky Limbaugh make and Palin males 12 million? All posing as the champion of downtrodden white honest working man?
    Steve, you may think you are more astute when it comes to human nature than Glenn Beck, but that is not the point. If you want to make money in this game, yuo have to learn how to reduce history to the level of Wily Coyote and the Roadrunner. You have to learn from the wisdom of Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny, or perhaps the true fount of Conservtive Talk Show wisdom, Sylvester and Tweetie…..
    Nay, Steve, if you had truly learned from the masters, you wpuld be a rich man today.

  5. Perhaps, you do not understand the duality of the filosofikal exlpications which I am expectorating upon, here. Take your Cat and Canary…The eternal pursuit of the Sylvester to catch the Tweetie…the duality of the rationality of the psychic schizofreenic conflict. Who is Sylvester? Who is the Tweetie?
    In the case of Sarah Palin…well, the duality is obvious. “I tawt I saw a puddy cat” is easily transposed to “I tawt I saw Wussia, I did, I did!”
    But easily, she is Sylvester as well…this can be explicated in the psychic regions of the duality of your ying and yang. Good is bad and right is wrong but in the spatiatal continuum of the confusion of your mass consumerist public there, the psychiological entity of Tweetie/Sylvester is easily transposed to your classic pre christian fertility mythos upon which I will expectorate on later…. when I get my grant.

  6. I believe Start II negotiated by GHW Bush with a lot of fanfare, never got ratified by the Politburo. Was it worth it? At least it draws attention to the issue and keeps the world moving forward toward nuclear disarmament.

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