It’s the Defense Budget, Stupid!

This graph says it all.

Dave Johnson of Blog of Our Future created this graphic baseball bat-over-the-head just to get the attention of the citizens of this country.  It’s the defense budget, STUPID!

No, not Obama’s new health care act or education or the environment or the arts.  That’s not where the money goes.  It goes to Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed-Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Northrup Grumman,  United Technologies, Honeywell…

One might ask a simple question to the Tea Party attendee or his sit-at-home counterpart: “Where do YOU think ‘government spending’ needs to be cut?”

Is that why I so often refer to the citizens of this nation as dumbed-down?


10 thoughts on “It’s the Defense Budget, Stupid!

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I thought that I would pass on this personal true story. Back in 1999, I remember a co-worker, who was an extreme conservative, making the statement, “I wish I could see an all Republican Congress, Senate, and President to see how well this country would do with then in control of it all.” WELLL……I guess he got his wish and we all got to see how well things went when the Republicans called all of the decisions of running this country.

    Socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor is now the classical political-economic reality. After eight years of Republican control our advanced capitalist society state policies assure that more resources flow to the rich and crumbs to the poor.

    Corporate welfare of favorable treatment to particular corporations by the government is the norm for this latest group of Conservative Republicans. Under the Republicans the capitalist political economy toward large corporations allows them to PRIVATIZE PROFITS and SOCIALIZE LOSSES.

  2. Ah, I love the ignorance of the American people.

    I wish I could prove my theory that the “Gun rights” concept of the Second Amendment coincides with the rise of the US Military.

    A proper survey of the Second Amendment (and Third Amendment as well) show that these two Amendments were to protect us against the establishment of a Standing Army. And the Second and Third Amendments are not abberations since the Constitution has attempts to keep the miltary in check.

    The founders were quite clear that a large miltary establishment would lead to national ruin which is something you see mentioned in the actual writings regarding the Constitution’s adoption. Yet, nowhere is the term “gun rights” mentioned.

    Even that crazed Radical, General Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned against the “Military-Industrial Establishment” in his farewell address.

    The problem is that the tea party crowd are really just peasants who want the crumbs from their masters’ tables. The masters have them trained to that these lickspittles believe themselves to be free when they are happily just slaves to the masters.

    The entire tea party movement, as well as the right, is so rife with propaganda as to be frightening, yet these tiny minds are not able to comprehend that they are being led.

  3. Oh how I wish I could sit my son down with you Engineer, and you Laci, and Muddy, at a nice table with cold wet drinks and you unscramble his ditto head of the toxic wastes he listens to on am radio, and jabbers with his peers. I have given up, and cannot talk to him any more in this subject matter.At my most recent visit at Easter, he slipped his Rush Lim. mailing in my restroom for reading material. I placed it under both seats of the toilet for him to find. It makes me sick to know he is sending $$ to that rich entity of poop. I only hope as he grows older (he is 31) he will see the reality some day, perhaps before I die>

  4. Unless your son sees the pain that the reactionaries policies cause, they will believe that crap.

    The problem is that these people will believe that rubbish as they receive pink slips and forclosure notices.

  5. I love charts, and charts tell a tale in picture form – a picture says a 1000 words! I wonder what 1000 words this chart would tell. Maybe that’s why the established elite, through their proxy – the mass media, de-legitimized and mocked Ross Perot when he tried to show us the awful truth- in picture format with his charts.

    The chart is a warning to bring the legions home before it’s too late. One interesting observation, if you draw this chart back all the way to the turn of the century, is that we are approaching military spending levels / vs GDP to that of WW2.. The only difference is that this massive drain on the economy doesn’t have the industrial, cultural, and manpower backing that WW2 had. Yes, massive debt to fund WW2 bruised the post war economy, but it also produced the greatest economic expansion in the history of the world. The massive manufacturing base used to make tanks and planes was switched back to the manufacture of goods. All those GI’s coming home received a college education on the GI Bill so you saw a massive increase in the technologic and engineering collective brain power of the country. The country was united in the sacrifices of the war, and celebratory in it’s victory. Unfortunately this / these wars do not have those bedrock foundations to fall back on when the cost of the wars become untenable. These wars – and the attending security state apparatus are just straight drains on the lifeblood of the nation, like a muscle bound steroid pumped Dracula gorging at the neck of America’s might – It’s an interesting paradox, each expensive weapons system, each floating carrier battle group, each far flung outpost is bleeding us dry.. the chart clearly illustrates it.

    I used to buy into the China shop argument because I felt an element of America’s honor was at stake to see the thing through, but in order for the China shop argument to work, you have to have an owner of the China shop willing to accept the bull owner as a partner in the effort of remaking and repairing the China shop.

    It’s a cruel paradox, that the only reason we have this insanely huge military is so that we can shape the world in a way that insures- in a sense “that all roads lead to Rome”, or all supply lines and levers of economic power return to the United States. If our military had any merit as far as promoting human rights, or promoting freedom as some like to believe, then we would be intervening in even more defunct places like Sudan, Zimbabwe, The Congo, etc.. We don’t give a crap about those places because they have no bearing on the US’s ability to maintain economic hegemony. The paradox is that the attempt at maintaining economic hegemony is pretty much ensuring the US WON’T have any kind of economic clout in the not to distant future.

    Remember when Britannia ruled the waves?

    Britain made the choice to make themselves subservient to the economic capacity and thus industrial capacity of the United States in order to survive and prevent themselves from being invaded and conquered by the Nazi’s in WW2 – arguably the economic toll of WW2 – the final blow to the British empire. Are we going down the same road – destroying our own economic might and subordinating ourselves to a rising China and India in order to defend ourselves from some nut cases hiding out in a cave or hovel in Pakistan? I guess the difference between Britannia and the Red White and Blue is that their threat was immediate and real, our threat is effeminate and ethereal, phantom and toothless.

  6. That was a manifesto, bravo!
    I used the China Shop analogy a few times in thest few days as a metaphore to explain one facet of the mess Obama took on by becoming president.
    Do I believe the USA should be militarily involved in Afghanistan? Absolutey NO!
    I see the money that has been appropriated to humanitarian aid there, a rather pitiful amount in the scale of things…I see this money vanish into the black hole of the Karzai corruption pit.
    I saw a documentary on Thursday night of a hospital in Kabul run by a French doctor and an English woman. They have been there long before the Americans. The hospital was established during the war against the Soviet occupation.
    The staff of the hospital are all amputees. They specialize in treating amputees and rehabilitation. They make a point of non discrimination.
    The staff and the patients are from all parts of Afghanistan. They have quite a few Taliban. In the hospital complex, they actually invent, design and fabricate the prosthesis limbs.
    At one point, the doctor spoke of the fact that they rely almost totally on individual donations. He said that they actually had been granted a few million dollars from the American, but somewhere in the Afghanistani administration, it disappeared. They never saw a penny.

    I have seen interviews with Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan who explain that their mission is basically non combative. They work to provide public relations and humaitarian aide. They say that their work is practically pointless because of the manner of the American presence. They are like aliens. No body speaks Afghani, the war is fought like a big video game with drones attacking villages controlled by sub contracted techs in Colorado. The Coalition movements are broadcast well in adance and the Taliban, which now have the aura of being “freedom fighters against the American Occupation” can melt into the impenatrable landscape, leaving the target villages as sitting ducks.

    When I talk about being responsible and acting responsibly, I am talking about providng humanitarian aid. Every negative action we have made in Afghanistan will have repercussions that last generations, but to begin the healing means we have to stop.

  7. Thank you all for your incisive comments on this issue.

    Might I add this interesting bit of political demagoguery. Yesterday the Senate barely stopped the GOP filibuster of unemployment benefits when 4 Republicans joined the Democrats in moving the issue to the floor for a vote.

    Republican Tom Coburn, co-filibusterer with Jim Bunning, held up a poster board with a photo of a little girl who held a sign about how much “debt burden” she had from ‘government spending.’

    “See how we are putting more and more debt on our grandchildren?” he said to his fellow senators.

    Demagoguery for the cameras!

    It’s amazing how Congress ignores the ghastly bloated Defense Budget while harping against our unemployed citizens.

    …and the dumbed-down masses out there nod their heads in ignorant synchrony.

  8. Put the entitlement spending graph up next to the defense graph!

    Careful, Sepp! The Tea Party folks LOVE their government entitlements. You ought not carry any sign with THAT reminder as you attend those rallies.

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