“I’m Going to Dismantle Obamacare”

I saw a TV spot by a Republican [read Tea Party] candidate for Congress in my neck of the woods.  He lives in suburbia and is popular with that group of folks yet he has to face the fact that 80% of the voters live in the city of Toledo.  I wonder if most of  those urban folks want to ‘dismantle Obamacare?’

Perhaps we should ask Mr. Iott two questions about that.  First, how and then why?  How exactly will Mr. Iott ‘dismantle’ an act of Congress?  Second, why would citizens want to dismantle the regulations placed on the insurance companies?

He’s got money, though.  He inherited it from his hard-working father who ran a chain of local grocery stores.  The son sold them three years after becoming CEO and they subsequently closed sending hundreds of former employees to the unemployment office.  That ought to be kept in the minds of the voters this November.

By the way, his website also claims that he’s for ‘states rights.’  Bling! Bling!  We all know what that code phrase means.  His white, rich suburbanites picked that one up quickly.  He’s anti-gay, pro-life,  believes in faith-based organizations, wants government to get out of the way and touts his National Guard experience.

Shouldn’t he be running in South Carolina???


3 thoughts on ““I’m Going to Dismantle Obamacare”

  1. In a perverse way, I have this subversive desire to see the tea party get everything they want. Just wait till they get their far right candidates elected. these candidates are, will be, just giving the rubes lip service anyway. Because the only way to get elected is with corporate money – now UNLIMITED corporate money, and the only way to get corporate money is to obey the marching orders to keep the Corporatocratic Socialist Pig well fed with tax dollars / corporate subsidies from the bottom up.

    I just read that members of the military are now traiterously teabagging. Geez-o-Petes! crazy F-ing times we are living in!

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