GOP Again Fights Jobless

No, I did not say, joblessness.  Rather the jobless.  It seems that today’s radical version of your father’s GOP dislikes ‘those people’ without a job. Sen. Coburn of the goofy state of Oklahoma has taken up the filibuster that GOP Senator Bunning gave up last month.

Declaring that his filibusterer hurts ‘only a few’ Americans, Coburn is holding up unemployment benefits for 212,000 Americans.  He said that ‘millions of Americans’ will have to pay for these unemployed citizens and he wants the government to find the money rather than putting the bill on the deficit.

This from a man who twice authorized hundreds of millions of dollars to ‘supplement’ George Bush’s War on Iraq. “Bombs not bread!”  I guess that’s the new GOP battle cry.


4 thoughts on “GOP Again Fights Jobless

  1. Hello Muddy,
    This posting really hits home with me. I along with other professional engineers were laid off back in October due to the simple loss of business. We will be running out of employment insurance in the next week. Where I am financial much better off than my good friends and coworkers, (my house is paid off and have no car payments, etc) my fellow engineers still have house payments, car payments, young children, etc. Even with their wives working plus the unemployment insurance payments every two weeks, they are still having to withdraw from their 401K’s to pay their bills and are being taxed greatly for this.

    With the unemployment insurance being “Played and Grandstanding” as a political aspect by these “Asshole Radical Republicans” as “those people” without a job, Senator Coburn’s and Senator Bunning’s filibusters are doing nothing more that hurting GOOD, EDUCATED, HARD WORKING people who have loss their paychecks for reasons that can be laid on the door steps of the past eight years from Republican Policies that were enacted by the GOP dominated Congress / Senate and Presidency.

    Where my coworkers were Conservative Republicans in the past, unfortunately are now seeing first hand how damaging the modern and current version of the Republicans really are. Now this Republican Party will be responsible for them to soon be loosing everything they have spent their whole life working for. Homes, Retirement, MIDDLE CLASS STANDARD OF LIVING!!!

  2. Why, oh why, when I hear of Senators Coburn and Bunning and their mindless obstructionism, do I think of the character, Baldrick in the Blackadder comedies and his fatal phrase, ” But, I have a cunning plan.”

  3. The problem is that there is a redistribution of wealth in the United States, the rich are becoming richer and those in the middle are sufffering. I am not sure what the game is with seeing people use debt rather than money. Likewise, why are people losing their homes and chances of retirement?

    A disease such as my nephew’s necrotising facisiitis can lead to outrageous medical bills even when oth parents are working and have health insurance.

    What is the game?

    How can one talk about the “market economy” and ignore the fact that a market needs buyers and sellers to function? And the buyers are the most important part of the market economy: no buyers, no economy.

    The problem is that most people are easily fooled.

  4. Laci- The problem is that most people are easily fooled.

    And when did this become the ‘norm’ here in America? Throughout most of my life the vast majority of citizens were up-to-date on what was going on in their government and their governance. Today, we as a nation are, as you point out, easily led, easily propagandized. What happened??

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