Canceled Netanyahu trip spotlights Israel nukes


JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to abruptly cancel a trip to a nuclear conference in Washington spotlighted a key sore point Friday in international nonproliferation efforts: Israel’s own atomic weapons.


It’s the worst kept secret in the Middle East and today’s story of Netanyahu’s canceled trip ought to have taken the cloak entirely off of this ‘secret.’

I wonder, though, just how many Americans never knew about Israel’s nuclear arsenal?  With the current rash of idiocy spreading like a flu virus across this land, I’d say 90% at least.

Ignorance is bliss .


2 thoughts on “Canceled Netanyahu trip spotlights Israel nukes

  1. There is a positive aspect to the Netanyahu Presidency of Israel. He has crossed the line and made many Americans who mindlessly kneejerked in support of Israel stop and question it. What does America actually get in support of this increasingly fascist obnoxiously aggressive dangerous expansionist State?

    Well, perhaps the hate of abouit 1/3rd of the planet…Ihe warm and fuzzy feeling is beginning to disapate. Is it worth it? It wouldn’t be that hard to just say no….

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