California must cure homosexuality?

SACRAMENTO, CA – A Southern California assemblywoman wants to repeal an obscure law that’s been on the books for six decades and calls on mental health professionals to find a cure for homosexuality.

“It’s absurd and it needs to go. Sixty years is long enough,” said Long Beach Democratic Assemblywoman Bonnie Lowenthal.

Lowenthal has introduced a bill to repeal section 8050 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, which declares “the State Department of Mental Health shall plan and cause to be conducted scientific research into the causes and cures of sexual deviation, including the causes of homosexuality.”


Looks like that law was sponsored by one of those oh-so righteous fundamentalists who still ‘believe’ that homosexuality is one of those 72 ‘abominations’ pinned on God.  Of course, if God made us than how could God ‘abominate’ one of God’s own creation?

Naturally, the fundamentalist is ‘right’ because they have the ‘proof.’  For the bible says…

Well, the bible says some awfully goofy and violent stuff, but then, it was written by ignorant men who were science-illiterate along with being warmongers.

As assemblywoman Lowenthal said, “It has no place in our code books today.”


2 thoughts on “California must cure homosexuality?

  1. I recently wrote about Dr. Aubrey Levin, the South African Psychiatrist who was forced to leave South Africa over his therapy which in fact was an attrocity against humans.
    He was able to move to Canada, where he became one of the accepted authorities quoted as fact in the ongoing hysterical polemic about “curing” homosexuality. His “cure” was no more than a form of extreme pavlovian aversion therapy involving massive electric shocks. His “cure” was actually the destruction of a human mind in an attempt top alter behaviour.

    This man was totally disgraced, finally, as his past caught up with him and his present reality undid him. He was accused and arrested for sexually assaulting his male patients. This was the authority that was most quoted as a leader of the research in curing “the gay”.

    CNN oicked up on the story you reported on in your post and brought on an “expert” who spoke of Californias need to find a cure for homosexuality. CNN has had to backtrack and apologize for airing the “expert” who was no expert at all in reality. Just another screaming hysterical person who is louder than the sound of rationality.

  2. It seems like CNN is having great difficulty recently maintaining its ‘image’ as an honest source of news. I’m hoping that it isn’t a trend. Of course, ‘ratings’ are of utmost importance and as such, integrity is suffering.

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