To My Fellow Citizens- Just Shut Up!

My ears ring with noise.  My eyes tire of the images on my TV screen. The anger arising from the soil of this nation is an unnerving cacophony of idiocy.  To my fellow citizens- just shut up! My father often shared this piece of puny wisdom with me- it is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are dumb than to open it and prove it so.

Nothing irritates me more than jackasses claiming wisdom.  The sound of a braying jackass is more irritating than squeaky chalk on a blackboard.

Limbaugh comes to mind as does Beck and a host of lesser-known bray-ers. Were they penned in a coral like jackasses on some ranch in Montana, their twaddle would be just noise in the wind.

Sadly, it is captured, amplified, and delivered to spongeon brains all across America.  Delivered as truth.  Twaddle as truth and the sad part is that those who listen to it can’t tell the difference.  Or don’t want to know the difference.  Perhaps they like what they hear.  I believe I’m right on that. They do like what they hear.

They like what they hear because they are desperately seeking a scapegoat. Biblical stuff- scapegoats.  All of the sins of a nation put upon the unknowing beast led to slaughter.  Presto!  The cure.  Everything is swell once more.

But, what if the goat isn’t a goat at all?  What if that goat is a person or a group of people? The word ‘them’ comes to mind.  Or ‘those people.’  You know, those people…

Looking for a scapegoat in all the wrong places.  In fact, isn’t that precisely the venue of the propagandist? To displace the anger of A to C rather than B?

There is an awful lot of anger in America these days. Unfortunately ‘they’ don’t know whom to blame for it and so they seek the ‘advice’ of somebody who will eagerly tell them ‘the who’  to blame. And it is told to them.  And believed.  And internalized.  And spread like a wildfire. Loudly and incessantly.

Honk for Remedial Spelling Lessons

My fellow citizens- just shut up because you really are ignorant jackasses braying in the wind.


5 thoughts on “To My Fellow Citizens- Just Shut Up!

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I too am tired of the stupidity posing as truth. The levels reached of never ending blaming others for the problems that are their own can always be counted on. As you well know, I am on the front line of my Republican Party which has just grown in ranks with these types of people…..and I am growing very tired.

    On this day as I am celebrating my 28th anniversary of my 29th birthday, I look around for the “Young Turks” to pick up the mantle to carry on the message of Sane, Logical, Illumination, or Reason to be returned to the Republican Party. Sadly, I see no quick turn around on this “Anti-Intellectual” attitude.

    Just like any drug addict or alcoholic, more often than not, this person has to hit bottom and loose everything before they realize they need to change their habits and get help. Then there is the other scenario where they keep indulging in their destructive habits until it kills them. This latter is the path the Republican Party is on and it will be the destruction of any validity as a main line political party.

  2. Man, I love that 28th anniversary of your 29th birthday, Engineer…
    You are a Taurus…obviously. Moi, aussi . I guess I am a little older than you, so I have decided to remain in eternal Jack Benney land…ahem, I will be 39, again, on the 25th!
    There is another generation of politically active young people out there.
    There are obviously a lot of humans who think… On the other hand…The noise of an empty brain can be deafening if that is all you listen to.
    That’s why we blog.
    I just got my internet service back after a long vicious struggle with France Telecom, Orange and our local Telech service guys….
    I think everyting works…I’m just now testing it out!

  3. Hello Muddy,
    Thank you for the kind words.

    Close…I am an Aries. Yes our blogging is very important to make sure that at least correct information is getting out countering the Conservative Blowhard’s disinformation propaganda.

    I am glad that you got your internet service back as we have all missed you.

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