The Answer? Oh, Racism, of Course

The answer: racism.  But most of you already know that.  Odd though that the mainstream media pussyfoots around the topic but won’t say it. Those in the Tea Party know it as well as all of the others on the right-side of the political spectrum.  They know it too.  So does Beck and Limbaugh and Palin and Bachmann. And Steele.


My wife had a conversation with a black woman this evening over dinner; she said, ‘definitely racism!’  Last week my wife met three other black ladies at the mall and had coffee with them.  All three said, ‘racism!’  Chris Matthews of MSNBC says it too. As do I.

If you need to know the question, then you really haven’t been paying attention this past year.  Take it from me- the answer is ‘racism.’


8 thoughts on “The Answer? Oh, Racism, of Course

  1. There was a ‘comment’ about this post posted elsewhere that i though was relevant. It was posted by Jeanette L., the person who praised the life of that bigoted senator from North Carolina, Jesse Helms.

    Apparently she learned some ‘good’ lessons from Helms about how Jesus would have treated the ‘colored’ folks were he alive here in America.

    On another blog Mrs. Lucey copy/pasted the post above and asked:

    “I need to know the question. Why do you always have to identify your friends by the color of their skin? It seems you notice skin color more than I or most people do.”

    Funny question, but not at all surprising for a person who supported the senator who voted against the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Gosh, Mrs. Lucey, I wonder if the senator happened to ‘notice’ skin color?

    Too funny. Pathetic, but funny in a perverse way.

    “Skin color has nothing to do with anything unless someone is trying to start a race war by calling anyone who happens to disagree with this president over policy a racist.”

    Someone? Gosh, is ‘anyone’ trying to start a race war here in America? Surely not the newly-elected REPUBLICAN governor of Virginia who forgot to include the word, “SLAVERY” in his April is the month to honor the CONFEDERACY. No, not that governor- he wouldn’t do anything like that.

    “It’s kind of hard to defend that charge; especially when you don’t know us. You just have to take our word for it.”

    Oh sure, Mrs. Lucey. I’ll ‘take your word’ for that. Your honesty from past encounters adds to your vat of credibility marbles. That’s two.

    Gosh, here in America everything is just swell. What was that song that Jesse Helms whistled as he stood next to that first black senator from Illinois? Oh, yes, Dixie:

    O, I wish I was in the land of cotton
    Old times there are not forgotten
    Look away! Look away!
    Look away! Dixie Land.

    Rather, old times there ARE forgotten– look away!

  2. Hello Muddy,
    As I have seen the Teabaggers becoming more active in the Republican Party, I can tell you that they are no different than the Old Klan members. Teabaggers / Ku Klux Klan / Nazis / etc….all one in the same.

    I just did a piece this morning of yet another Teabagger sympathizer has been arrested by the FBI for threatening U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…..And none too soon. More need to be made examples of from this radically violent group.

  3. Engineer- isn’t it mind-boggling to you [it is to me] that this man who threatened the life of the Speaker of the House did so, jeopardizing himself to 20-years in the Federal penitentiary, for HEALTH CARE?

    Or those other men who harassed other Congressmen, calling them the most vile names that they could think of, for HEALTH CARE?

    No, it isn’t HEALTH CARE at all. No one would become that upset, that vile, take those risks of criminal prosecution for a watered-down, middle of the road bill like HEALTH CARE.

    It isn’t that at all. It’s RACISM disguised as HEALTH CARE. It’s the black president’s health care issue.


  4. I knew the deal the day after the election when I drove into work and suddenly people I had thought to be fine upstanding reasonable people all of a sudden morphed into KKK sympathizers. I think I told the story of a good friend of mine, a fine upstanding Christian man that when he saw the headline for the Obama win, he got a screwed up look on his face like someone was extracting a tooth and with shock in his voice; “I can’t believe America elected a niggar!” I was literally floored.

    I’m confident that everything will be OK. In a way the US is like a naive Linda Blair that’s been possessed of demons. The Obama presidency is like the priest brought in to exorcise the demons. Naturally the exorcism – Hollywood’s version anyway – is horrific and dramatic with twisting necks and spewing pea soup. So I think all this overt, or covert racism is a positive symptom of exorcising the demons.

    I saw an interesting statistic a few weeks ago, that in 2011 or 2012, minority births will over take white births in the US. The demographics are chuggachugging like an unstoppable locomotive. Naturally, there is going to be resistance and reaction to that. Ironically, the reason why minorities are overtaking whites as a demographic juggernaut is because people higher up the socioeconomic ladder focus on externalities like careers and such. High birthrate is a self preservation reaction by poor people to ensure that they will be taken care of in their later years. Poverty = a higher birth rate. So if the majority culture wants to slow down the exploding birth rate of minorities then all they need to do is bring them into the fold of the American Dream and provide them with the means to elevate themselves out of poverty.. education.. healthcare.. access to clean food and water. etc.. I think those kind of things will begin to happen after we exercise the demons. But the demon is tenacious! It’s a 400 to 500 year old demon. It’s not going to flee in the night without a fight. Witness the GOVERNOR of Virginia in the year 2010 making the honoring of America’s black eye – the confederacy, official government policy of his state. I used to be pretty concerned that the far right GOP was going to reclaim the house and senate this year, but as more and more of these clowns commit political hara-kiri for their party.. I’m not as worried.

  5. I used to be pretty concerned that the far right GOP was going to reclaim the house and senate this year…

    I wish that I had your confidence, Steve. The American electorate- especially the ones that vote in non-presidential years- draws the fired-up and well-propagandized folks, you know the tea folks.

    The middle-of-the-road folks often miss those elections, ASSuming that everything is OK.

  6. Madam Lucey tries to get a lot of mileage out of calling folks racist because the way she parses and reinterprets language. She is one odd fish.

  7. I agre with muckrake, I wish I had Steve’s optimism. Unfortunately, people in the US have some weird creation myths that they must deal with, which are also a part of the problem.

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