Remember Ebonics? Apparently there is a new, white version that has arisen from the tea-stained grass roots movement  all across America.  In fact, you surely witnessed this emerging new language if you paid attention to the many homemade signs that were waved in those Tea Party gatherings.  Like these two:

Indeed! Are those 3rd or 4th grade spelling words? Or this double-header:

I wonder if the methylxanthine in tea softens the spelling area of the brain?

I wonder if America needs to open some schools in the evening and offer some remedial classes in English usage and spelling?  And, while they are there, how about some American history remediation as well?

At least “plummer” and “dummer” rhyme.

More photographs here if you need any more proof.


5 thoughts on “Teabonics

  1. Hello Muddy,
    This sums it all up!!! Weak minds easily lead…and these people want to tell the rest of US how to live. I bet if you asked them the question of how this country got into the finical condition it is in today you would hear replies like, “Well THOSE PEOPLE just take our hard earned money as a government handout and don’t even intend to work.”

    Maybe someone should point out to these Teabaggers that it is their lack of education is what is holding them back. Much like the Lard-Tard at the Seaford Library parking lot who could not do 7th grade math but wanted to tell me how Obama was destroying our financial credit on the world markets…..because Rush Limbaugh said so on his truck radio.

    I will close with the line from the old 1971 Jonathan Edwards song, “Sunshine.” “He can’t even run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine.”

  2. I think that many of our nation’s problems stem from the slow death of our English language. I found this great website called wordnik, that you can look up any word and trace the rise or decline of that particular words usage per million instances. Most words I looked up are on their way to extinction. You have this incredible contraction of the language; and it has only gotten worse with the advent of texting. Now words are no longer vehicles of expression, with all the subtlety lost in contraction and picturization. Orwell spoke about the contraction of language as a vehicle of oppression in 1984.

  3. Or at least know how to spell!

    On the teabagging front, My wife’s nephew (and mine by marriage) has necrotizing fasciitis (the muscle eating bacteria) and has been in the ICU for the past three weeks. He was a very healthy 20 year old, or so it seemed until this cropped up.

    Needless to say, this will cost a fortune in hospital bills which will still be incredible given that the health insurance will pay 80% of it. His illness is precisely why there needs to be some form of national health scheme since this will still be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. I saw loads of farmers lose their farms when I was a kid because of catastrophic illness literally “costing them the farm”.

    His mother works for a pharmaceutical company, which means that they have fairly decent health insurance. And the parents were against “Obamacare” not realising that the reason that illnesses such as this are why the system needs to be in place.

    Add in the teabagging aunt, instead of coming up to the plate to help pay the bills suggested suing someone, anyone (she’s an ambulance chaser).

    And these people wonder why health care is such a mess.

    BTW, Steve is correct the fact that the language is dying and taking literacy along with it is helping in creating the mess.

    Sometimes, it’s easier not to think.

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