March Jobs Report Shows Growth; Which Party Actually Governs?

NEW YORK ( — The U.S. economy gained more jobs in March than any other month in the last three years, according to a government report released Friday.

The Labor Department said the economy gained 162,000 jobs in the month, compared to a revised reading of a 14,000 job loss in February. That makes March only the third month of gains since the recession began.


This morning i heard a political pundit on morning Joe [MSNBC] state flatly, “The Democrats are the party of governing and the Republicans are the part of politics.”  Who said this?  Former Bush speech writer David Fromm.

Governance v. political banter.

Think back on the 8 awful years of the Bush-Cheney presidency.  Can anybody list 5 examples of ‘governance’ that they produced in that 8-year period?  Governance?

Today’s GOP, aka the Party of No, is exactly that: the party who wishes governance.  No rules, no regulations, no oversight, no prosecution [except ‘terrorists’] no new agenda, no nothing.

Do the masses know this?  Has anybody told them that?


8 thoughts on “March Jobs Report Shows Growth; Which Party Actually Governs?

  1. The Democrats need to do an infinitely better job of framing and presenting the Republicans for exactly what they are: the party of obstruction that works on the behalf of only the wealthy and big business. Instead, though, the Dems just impotently push bipartisanship and let the Republicans frame THEM with lies! Better smarten up, Democrats!

  2. Agree, Jack! Wholeheartedly!! Every GOP elected official today blasted this good economic news. My question [my eternal question] is: are the masses of citizens still listening to them? I have no reason to doubt it.

  3. And again, it is the question of how to use the media to promote the positive message. In most cases, it isn’t the message, it is the way information is distorted, spun and constantly reanalyzed.
    Why has FOX increased it ratings so dtramatically…at least that is what they say…?
    Because they ae the media of sensationalism, dramatic doomsday messages, the converypors of populist paranoia.
    Why do really intelligent well made good movies usually languish on the shelf at the DVD rental store? Because everyone one wants to see sensational violent packed action special effect laden entertainment that is designed to deal with the rapidly diminsihing attention span of the frazzled neurons or the general population.

    Obviously, the ability to intelligently analyze reality is the causalty of our media age. The bottom line is profits and viewers…that can explain CNN’s rather disturbing lurch to the right lately.
    Spice up Wolf Blitzers monotonous non stop slow gas leakage with some ultra crazy conservative ranting…that’s the ticket!

  4. Good observation, Microdot. Yes, sensationalism is what gets the attention and ‘governance’ is too mundane for the people to stay tuned.
    And yes I have noted CNN’s rightward lean. They were at one time dead center.

  5. You only have to look at Italy. You would think that Italy is a cradle of culture, but their greatest writers are now the victims of the censor. Regard Darius Po, a Nobel Prize Winning author who is now banned in Italy because of his criticism of the government. Or, thebrilliant actor/comedian Roberto Begnini, who is one of the great theatrical resources of the planet. He just recently staged a one man show, entertaining and extrememly humorous version of Dantes Inferno. He was able to present it in Italian, French and recently in America in English. His verbal genius is one thing, but his comedic pantomine is on another level all together. He had a brilliant TV show on RAI (Italian television)) that challenged Berlusconi every week, and he is banned now from Italian television.
    So the Italians are denied access to their own cultural wealth and ideas that conflict with Berlusconi. He controls the media. They wake up with Berlusconi, they see him during the day, and they go to bed listening to him. In the recent Italian regional elections, the trait that seemd to be shared among the winning candidates is that they were all young blond conservative surgically altered women, who looked like your average spokes person on FOX….These candidates were dropped into the regions by Berlusconis party or the Northern League and every one else was smeared non stop by the press.

    Italy is a small country and it shares a common cultural identity. It has its hisioircal heritage and pride. Perhaps its smallness is its week point as far as its propensity to being led by fascists.
    America on the other hand is a very ig place and is probably very lucky that it is so big that its diversity prevents it from really having a nationsl “character”.

    Now imagine a world where Rupert Murdoch was a Progressive…I can’t.

  6. M_R writes: “this good economic news.”

    Now let’s look at the numbers behind this Obama cabal propaganda. What part of 300,000,000,000 is 162,000? Did the
    unemployment percentage change? NO, it is still at 9.7% and the forecast is that it will stay above 6% until 2013. 44% of unemployed have been unemployed for over six months. We have lost over 8.2 million jobs. Most of those jobs are gone forever, so where is the “good economic news”? What has the Obama Cabal and Democratic Congress done to really change the situation? They have poured TRILLIONS of dollars into the BIG BANKS, but not the small/community banks, and the WALL STREET investment houses, but have not restored Glass-Steagle. Let’s can the political hype and be real. Our economic situation is dire. We are hanging by a thread, and so is Europe. The European economy is gone and the U.S. economy is gone. FOREVER! Get use to it, accept it. Remember the old saying that went something like “WHEN THE UNITED STATES SNEEZES, EUROPE GETS A COLD”?
    That’s passe now. The economic king-pin now is China. Now, isn’t that a paradox, a capitalist economy within a communist political government? Yeah, I am saying that our economy is tied to how the economy in China is functioning. And, as a corollary it seems to me that as long as our political leaders refuse to adopt a policy of U.S. economic nationalism, the economy will not get back on track. Sure the media and the Democratic propaganda machine are showing the 162,000 job growth, which is the first growth in the last two years, but it is so infinitesimal to the need that it is meaningless in the larger economic picture.

  7. M_R writes: “this good economic news.”

    Perhaps UtF would have had more credibility if the data had been negative 162K?

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