He Enters the Lair of Two Wicked Witches

Steve is an amazingly courageous man willing to go where others dare not tred.  I enjoy both his tenacity and his philosophy of life.  If you read this blog on a regular basis you understand what I am talking about.  He’s a master of one-liners and, as a former evangelical, understands both the draw and the dangers of that depth of religious expression.

The title above came to me [in a dream] because my wife and a school friend of hers went to the matinée of Wicked yesterday.  All I know about it is that it about the two witches of Oz before the arrival of Dorothy.  Her complaint about the musical was the high-decibel volume of the speakers that caused her to have to put her hands over her ears many times during the performance.

Noise.  Seemingly endless these days emanating from both the political world and always from the World of Religious Delusion. Noise so intense that the cerebrum shouts, “Be still! The din of those Tea Party shout-fests is still causing cerebrum disorder all across America. Their goal was to halt any logical reasoning and to stimulate the primitive reptilian vestiges of the brain, shutting down the cerebral cortex. It appears that, for the most part, that strategy worked, albeit not permanently.

Yesterday was the news of the court decision ruling against the father of the Marine killed in Iraq whose funeral was disrupted by those homophobic Baptist bigots from Oz [Kansas]. Fox’s Bill O’Reilly offered to pay the entire $16,000 in court costs for the beleaguered father. Donations to the father poured in from all across America.

Imagine my surprise when, what to my wondering eyes should appear, Toledo’s best fundamentalist-homophobic blog posted this very story.  Yes, amazingly, the most righteous [c]hristian homophobe in all of northern Ohio posted the story of those other most righteous [c]hristian homophobes from Kansas.

And Steve jumped into the cesspool! I hope that he was wearing his hazmat suit.  Kudos to Steve for his bravery! Within minutes of his first comment, the two oh-so righteous and wicked witches pounced on him, yet Steve held his ground, offering clear and poigniant comments which were spot-on.

At the end of the day, one of the witches, the especially ugly one, frustrated with Steve’s determination to hold a reflective mirror before them, castigated him saying in a pitiful attempt to silence him, “I think you’ve been hanging around with the atheists at Mudrake’s blog too long.”

Imagine that.

Hat’s off to Steve who, I’d imagine, is sleeping in late this morning, suffering from the effects of entering that black magical lair of the Two Wicked Witches.


9 thoughts on “He Enters the Lair of Two Wicked Witches

  1. While protesting at a funeral is not something many of us would not do, their right to do so has been guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Former Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black wrote:

    “It is my belief there are absolutes in our Bill of Righsts, and that they were put there on purpose by men who knew what the words meant and meant their prohibitions to be “absolutes.” An unconditional right to say what we please about public affairs is what I consider to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment. Criticism of government finds sanctuary
    in several portions of the First Amendment. It is part of the right of free speech. Without deviation, without exception, without any ifs, but, or whereases, freedom of speech means that you shall not do something to people either for the views they express or the words they speak or write.”

    Supreme Court William O. Douglas wrote:

    In order to sanction a system of censorship I would have to say
    that “no law” does not mean what it says, that “no law” is qualified to mean “some” laws. I cannot take this step.”

    While this family has suffered and will continue to mourn the loss of their son, their son died in preserving the Constitution of the United States.
    The Constitution, as written, is a document to preserve our freedom and liberty. If we compromise the Constitution for knee jerk, emotional reasons, we take that step toward a government of censorship. Hopefully, the Supreme Court will reject the appeal.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! But I have to admit that I am fond of Barb. She reminds me a lot of my parents, who are very much right wing fundamentalists. But I love my parents and we used to argue on end about similar topics. We’ve come to an understanding though and I don’t discuss these topics anymore with them, so Barb is filling in as sort of a surrogate. Janet, I just ignore her because she seems to take differing opinions personally and tends to attack you, instead of your argument.

    Like I mentioned on Barb’s blog, I think the modern evangelical church has made an idol out of republicanism and Americanism to the point that politics trumps Jesus, or they try to Twist Jesus’s words to fit the politics. The church of today is not the same church I grew up in from 1975 to 1986, at which point I joined the Marines. I don’t know how this change came about; I suspect the change occurred with the rise of the “Moral Majority” and the cleaving of the Evangelical church with republican politics. Now it seems Evangelicalism has become a lap dog and / or shock troop – brown shirt element of the far right GOP. Jesus Wept.

    Conversely, it’s interesting how moderate Republicanism has been co-opted by Religious fundementalism. This melding of the two into one has created a monster of both. A church no longer concerned with “loving their neighbor”, and a political party focused exclusively on very narrow social agendas.

  3. M_R, please check out my late comment under your Sarkozy post where U mention Obama and Israel…..

  4. Hello Uptheflag,
    You are correct with the way your thoughts have analyzed this situation. As distasteful as it is sometimes, Free Speech is a primary right of every citizen of this country. Just like the American Nazi Party or Ku Klux Klan has a right to assemble in a town square and spout their stupidly. It is very offensive to the majority of us, but they do have the right.

    Being a Navy veteran with the USS Wiliam V. Pratt DDG44 and later MIUW604, I find it very distasteful to see the Ensign (The word is derived from the French “enseigne” from the Latin “insignia” and is more particularly used for a military or naval standard of the American Flag) burned in protest of a cause….but if it is owned by the person burning the flag…they have the right.

    This very offensive band of homophobic nut jobs going around the country making a name for themselves, is not one I would want to be labeled or associated with.

    I do see the wisdom of our Founding Fathers’ knowledge that the good of all of this Free Speech is that it does EXPOSE the radical elements and allows for the Counter Points of LOGIC to bring, “hopefully,” the correct, educated, decisions for current events and issues.

    Now the pain and hurt that the military funeral protesters cause to the fallen servicemen’s father, unfortunately is the “Cost of Freedom.” That being said, “I do feel the pain and sorrow for the victims of these homophobic, military funeral protesters. THEY ARE ASSHOLE BASTARDS!!!

  5. Steve- But I love my parents and we used to argue on end about similar topics. We’ve come to an understanding though and I don’t discuss these topics anymore with them

    I got an email about a week ago from someone who reads the blog but does not comment. She, divorced, is visiting her only son- a Limbaugh Dittohead- on Easter and asked me whether she should bring along facts to blunt any argument that may arise when the two of them are together.

    I suggested several links for her, but at the end, I said, “Or you could just go and enjoy your visit and talk about Spring!”

    Which she decided to do, by the way.

  6. “Or you could just go and enjoy your visit and talk about Spring!”
    That’s my attitude with my sister in California.

    On the other hand, a long time ago, I tried to understand Barb and I then I did. It made me feel real strange and taking a bath hleped.

  7. And, Engineer, it is interesting to note that Justice Black was from Alabama and a former member of the KKK. Another defender of the Constitution is Sen. Byrd of WV, and he too is a former member of the KKK. Two Southerners, two ex- klan members, staunch defenders of the Framers and the Constitution!

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