Looks Like the Righteous Baptists Lost

Those self-appointed and oh-so righteous messengers from God will get their money back, but their two ‘victims’ will be avenged.  That loony, anti-gay assembly of homophobes who assume the Baptist label will receive court-ordered reimbursement for court costs, yet the father and the son get the praise and honor.

Margie M. Phelps, Pastor Fred Phelps and daughter Margie J. Phelps

Of course you who pay attention know the story: The father of a marine killed in Iraq in 2006 has been ordered to pay $16,000 to the preacher who organized an anti-gay protest during his son’s funeral. On the day of the funeral in Maryland for the 20-year-old young soldier killed in combat, Baptist preacher Fred Phelps organized a demonstration just a few metres away and waved signs that read “Matt is in Hell” and “America is damned.”

America is ‘dammed’ for giving rights to gays and lesbians.  Imagine that. [a shout-out to Barb and Jeanette]

The outcome of this sad story is twofold.  First, the Marine’s father, Albert Snyder, won’t have to spend a penny of his own money for this court-imposed fee.  Donations are flooding in from all around the country.  After paying the fee, Mr. Snyder will have more than enough money to appeal the case if he wishes.

The second result of this court case is the heightened awareness of [c]hrisitan homophobic lunacy all throughout this nation. They have been outed big time! The homophobic fundamentalists are now completely exposed to the citizens of this nation and the citizens are outraged.

I suspect that any further attempts by the bigoted set of fundamentalists to get anti-gay laws enacted will fall flat because of the outrage that this small knot of bigots created.

And, wouldn’t that be the greatest outcome for this democracy!


5 thoughts on “Looks Like the Righteous Baptists Lost

  1. I’m happy that the dad won’t have to shell out the money out of his own pocket. I don’t think he would have, because he said they weren’t going to get a dime until the next step of the appeals process, if ever. But these kind of things just encourage WBC because it is their bread and butter. I’m not sure how it works, but apperently their bread and butter is to provoke just enough so that they can file suit with a civil rights lawsuit if anyone or anybody infringes on their pickets. There is some kind of federal law that civil rights attorneys collect money to defend civil rights suits. So the other side of the WBC is their army of family lawyers (almost every phelps family member is a lawyer). The phelps lawfirm then collect this fee while acting as their own plaintif council in their own civil rights suit. Their picket protests are merely their 9 to 5 in exploiting this legal tactic to make a buck. Like I say, I have no idea how it works, but it must bring them in lots of money because they must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars traveling the world over for their pickets. You have to admire the amorality of exploiting people at their very weakest and victimizing them in order to make some cash. Just like everything esle in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, money is king, people are worthless.

    On another note, I just found out that God Hates Animals!


  2. I just want to say that this church congregation does not speak for the majority of Christians. I am a Christian and, although I do not agree with a gay or bisexual lifestyle, I know they are worthy of the same things from God as straight people. I have gay friends and they know that I believe what they are doing is wrong, but I still accept them. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to march in San Francisco or start supporting “gay rights”, it just means that I disagree with their choice but still love them. What they are doing is no worse than the sin I have, am and will do.

    You make it sound as though most Christians have the mindset of this church. That just is not true Mud. There is a small minority that feel this way and their actions are truly unChristian. Most Christians are not this church.

  3. these people aren’t even a church, they are a gaggle of schiester lawyers perpetrating a scam. I doubt they even believe in God.

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