Sarkozy: “We cannot afford to have the world’s number one power not being open to the rest of the world.”

French President Nicholas Sarkozy said yesterday in a press briefing with President Obama, “We cannot afford to have the world’s number one power not being open to the rest of the world. “The world does not stop at the East Coast, the world does not stop at the West Coast.” That’s an interesting statement that cries for dissection.

First, Sarkozy and his right-wing political party have become very unpopular with the people of France as indicated by the losses in the recent elections. So one has to wonder if this was not a message to the people of France rather than to the citizens of America.

Oddly, a year ago nearly to the day, this was the message that Sarkozy stated: “It feels really good to be able to work with a U.S. President who wants to change the world and who understands that the world does not boil down to American frontiers and borders.”

Is Sarkozy suffering early Alzheimer’s? Or, is President Obama acting differently today than Sarkozy expected him to act? I think that’s the case.

I suspect that Sarkozy is especially annoyed with Obama’s tough talk on the Israeli settlements issue with came to a head a few weeks ago that also embarrassed Vice-president Biden when he was visiting Israel.  Obama doesn’t seem to be in the pocket of the Israeli lobby as was George W. Bush. Is that was Sarkozy was suggesting? It was interesting to note that, during the recent visit to the White House by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, no photographs of the two were permitted.

Or is it Iran? We all recall John McCain’s idiotic and perhaps costly mistake during the campaign when he sang, “Bomb, bomb, bomb-bomb Iran!”  Sarkozy wants tough sanctions on Iran, but Obama has not yet come aboard on that issue.  It was clear that during the Bush-Cheney years, Iran was in the cross-hairs of those two nincompoops.  Obama, on the other hand, already has two wars on his plate,  handed to him by those warmongers.

To anyone who has been paying attention, we all know that Iran and Israel are powerkegs awaiting lit fuses. Will the hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu decide to launch a preemptive strike against and Iranian nuclear facility again?  And, if so, will Iran strike back this time?

And at that moment, President Obama will be faced with an unpleasant decision- a decision that could open up yet a third theater of operations for our weary and over-extended troops.


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    Wow!! I have to say that we have two wars that are already financially bankrupting this country not to mention the cost of our sons and daughters in the military service. The one thing I know for certain is that this country does not need to attack Iran opening a third military front. If Iran needs to be stopped from building a nuclear bomb to protect the world community…It is someone else’s turn.

    Maybe Sarkozy is thinking that now when the U.S. is starting to pull out troops from Iraq….we can just send them to Iran. After all, it is just right next door….Right?!?! Shouldn’t be a problem or an inconvenience…..OK?

  2. Do not pay attention to the little man with the high heeled shoes.
    Obama cannot tolerate Sarkozy. In the past, he has very able shown his disdain for the neo con bluster of the little jerk.
    You are so right in assuming that this was done for the French public. In polls, Sarkozy has bottomed out this week at 28% approval. That’s as low as Bush achieved near the end of his second term.
    The word here is that Sarkozy begged for the dinner invite. He knew that his party was going to get creamed in the regionals, which they did in a historic fashion. In a rather charming slap, the Obamas invited the Sarkozys for a private dinner in their own quarters. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, of course adores Barack Obama, which irks her husband to no end.
    So Sarko came and lectured as is his style at Columbia. In reality, here in france, the major media is pretty much ignoring it. They are going to try to splash this over the “People Magazines” here, but in reality, though Sarko may get a momentary lift in polling, he has nowhere to go but down.
    He begged for the meeting with Obama. Now he has to put up the pretense of cooperation with his Ami Americain…
    His Iran talk was bluster. France trades with Iran under the table. Sarkozy talks about Americas Health Care and in reality, he is doing everything he can to try to dismantle our health care system. Human Rights? The big story here is deportations. The hero of the week is a young Moroccan girl who was livng here and going to school. She was allowed to come here because she was escaping from an “arranged marriage”. So her brother came to drag her back to Morocco and beat her up pretty bad.
    She went to the police to complain and have her brother arrested. Wat happen? The police detain her because they have a quota of illegal immigrants to fulfill. She was here legally. She is 18. Illegally, within hours, she is put on a plane and deported to Morocco on orders from the prefet of her departement.
    The next day, this became a cause celebre here with huge demonstrations. It was Sarkozys policy that caused the Prefet to make such a ridiculous decision, but Sarko magnanimously days before the dreaded regional election said he was making an Exception for the youg lady and she was flown back to France.
    The Prefet resigned yesterday saying he was just following orders…
    This is just one story in thousands and it had a happy ending.
    You people in America see the American press and only the gloss, here, we see the slimemold grow every day…..
    You want the dirt on Carla Bruni? Don’t make me go there!

    As I said, don’t let the dwarf in the high heels fool you for a moment. He is all PR and Bling Bling. A real fucking fascist who is going to have his day and now Obama has his balls in his back pocket!

  3. By the way, the “balls in the back pocket” phrase was one of LBJ’s favorite expressions to signify that he had “owned” an opponent…

  4. I just wonder if all this jet setting between the major leaders in play isn’t some kind of war party. Over last few weeks, Obama met with Netanyahu, Obama was in Afghanistan (Irans eastern flank), Obama has met with Sarkozy, Obama could have met with Saudi’s in secret on his Afghan trip, or if Obama MEETS with the Saudi’s any time soon, that’s a bad sign.

    War gaming the potential actions:

    Funny enough, the GOP maroons are lambasting Obama for giving Netanyahu the cold shoulder. Of COURSE Obama is going to publicly give Israel the cold shoulder! Obama’s effort at trying to publicly distance the US from Israel could potentially save American lives in the region if unhinged Israel attacks Iran. Do these people even know how politics works? It’s shocking the lack of strategic depth and lack of understanding of the complex synergy that Global relations involve by the GOP, in all instances they always seem to want to take a hammer to something, when what is needed is a jewlers screwdriver.

    Just imagine the scenario were Sarah Palin President in a potential runup of an Israeli attack on Iran. Israel starts rattling the sabres, Sarah “We whole hartedly support any action by Israel, Israel and the United States are one!” US military in the region send Thankyou cards to Sarah for painting Iranian bullseyes on their backs.

    Meanwhile The US, feeling surly from the nights crack binge, decides to go over to the bank that ownes the US’s mortgage and take a piss on their hydrangia.

    Of course the bank, not very pleased, complained to a friend.

  5. M_R writes: ” Obama doesn’t seem to be in the pocket of the Israeli lobby…”

    Realy now? So Netanyahu went home empty handed after a 2 hour private meeting with Obama, eh? Seems like he went home with 3 BILLION Dollars. Oh, well, for a country that is $50 TRILLION in debt, whats $3BILLION!

    Look at it this way, M_R. Congress has appropriated $3Billion, the same amount interestingly given to Netanyahu, for the 50 states to combat obesity. However, there is a catch and that is the money for Israel is for every year of the next 10 years, while the money for the United States is a ONE Year appropriation. Oh, my here is that funny math again. Over 10 years Israel gets $30Billion, while U.S. citizens get 3!
    Is this a political decision on the part of the Obama Administration? We, who are some $50TRILLION in debt give $30BILLION. Hmm, M_R, is the Jewish vote important for the Democrats? Is it so important that we go deeper into debt and at the same time deny help to our own citizens? Talk about “dumb-downed. Hell, it’s at the highest levels of our national government. Pelosi, Reid, and Bohnner all enthusiaticall joined in. Well, I be damned, bipartisanship at work…there you go….
    is Israel gets $3Billion every year for 10 years

  6. Oops! Forgot to say what Obama wanted with the $3B for the United States. It is a one time grant to all 50 states to share in for childhood obesity. Shows how much he listens to Michelle, don’t you think?

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