An Interesting Road Sign

Up here near the Canadian border we don’t have road signs like the one below.  This sign is near the Mexican border.

Here’s my question: when an angry,  right-wing, anti-immigration supporter sees this sign while driving along, does he use caution or does he hope to see ‘them’ dash across the road so that he can run them over to  ‘save America?’


5 thoughts on “An Interesting Road Sign

  1. I’m from that border. I grew up about 50 miles from the American/Mexico border. Whether you want to believe it or not, it is a problem. It wouldn’t be such a problem if they chose to assimilate into American but instead they choose to treat this country as their stomping ground. When I was in public school I was jumped because I was a “coconut” (brown outside, white inside) and because I came to school in a border patrol vehicle most days (my father was a border patrol agent). My father, I just want to add, was born in Mexico, grew up in Mexico and moved here when he was 25. It was after this incident that I was taken out of public school and put into private school (thank God!!!).

    The places in which these people live are disgusting, much like the hillbillies and rednecks in the South, or the Niggas (just using their word) in the projects.

    Do I have some animosity toward illegals? Yes, only because I’ve grown up around it and know the toll it takes on us. At the same time I DO NOT support “sending them back where they belong”. I support a process of allowing them to become American citizens, but there has to be conditions (learning the language, complying with city ordinances, paying taxes and fines).

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