Dissing the Poll

In a recent post, Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Anti-Christ, I shared the results of an online survey that quantified the thoughts of those living on the right wing of life. The dopey GOP leadership ‘rejected’ the poll as inaccurate; of course, with results like those shown in the poll, they had to.

Today in the Chicago Tribune, columnist Eric Zorn also tries to paint the results as tainted and inaccurate. In the title of the OpEd, Zorn uses the phrase, numbers may be flawed.

Zorn writes, “Fortunately, the numbers are also suspect. ABC News polling director Gary Langer quickly posted his doubts online, pointing out that this wasn’t one of those random, telephone polls, but an online poll of respondents who signed up to answer surveys.”


When I first read the poll, I wondered about an online poll as opposed to the usual telephone poll.  Then it dawned on me: how many ‘normal’ people, in a live telephone poll, would claim that Obama is the Anti-Christ?  How many would tell the pollster on the other end of the line, “Obama is a Muslim”?  Or tell the person, “Obama wants to cede control of the U.S. to a one-world government.”

Not too many- only, I would imagine, the delusional, hate-filled, propagandized and angry person would say that face-to-face to the pollster.  So I’m thinking that with the anonymity of an online poll, the ‘truth’ would more likely be displayed.


4 thoughts on “Dissing the Poll

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I can tell you of the Republicans I come across, about ¼ of them would at least say that the President is the Anti-Christ and it is usually followed up with that “Good O’l Boy” type laughter. Now whether or not they truly believe it or not is not an issue….it is just another slander towards our first black President and that is what they are truly about.

  2. I just have to say that even though in many respects I’m disappointed how things have turned out for Obama and some of his missteps, all in all I think he is doing a fantastic job trying to simultaneously poke all the holes in the damn with his fingers, while holding the country together by the seams. I am proud that he is our president and given the broken country he inherited and the HUGE task of pleasing hundreds and hundreds of diverse and contradictory constituencies, it’s obvious that he is the right man, at the right time in history, to be doing the job. It hurts me when people tear him down out of ignorance and paint him in these garish insane colors of a hate filled fantasy land. I remember when President Bush’s detractors would tear him down and take a mighty dump on his name. The right wing bull horn honked it’s turds our way that it was unconscionable and unpatriotic, bordering on TREASON to castigate the president when he is the Commander in Chief with troops in the Field. Now these same Diarrhea mouths spew their liquefaction chunks at President Obama at 10x the decibel reading that any Bush Basher could ever hope to muster. I ask, but what about the Troops? Why are they trying to undermine the troops confidence in their duly elected Commander in Chief? Don’t they know that it is demoralizing?

    President Obama is a good man, trying to do the best job he can, the job that the country sent him to do. But the people are so damn fickle, like a hollow broken scare crow blown every which way the wind goes. Ive probably said it before, but th american public in general always reminds me of the part in Julius Caesar where Brutus has the fickle public cursing the name of Caesar, and then Antony twists them back to a crazed mob ready to string up Brutus and the mutineers.


    The “will” was like icing on the cake! Antony twisting a metaphoric knife into the mutineers.

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