What’s Left to Say?

Just for the hell of it, I went back to see what I wrote about over the past several months and I’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t much more to say.  Been there, said that.

So, what did all of that babble accomplish? Surely I did not make any great impact on the handful of people who visit this site regularly.  Or the occasional new person who sailed in on a pingback or was enticed by a snappy title.

My greatest love obviously is politics, but that’s really a crap shoot at best.  Flaming fringe elements, locked and loaded, ready to take over the government and remake it in their own image scares the hell out of me! And a whole group of Americans cheering them on!

But is the average citizen even aware that they exist?  Moreover, do they even care? What’s going on inside the heads of that so-called silent majority these days?  Do they know that they don’t know? And do they care that they don’t?

What will tomorrow’s morning newspaper and media links bring to the attention of the handful of us who actually pay attention to stuff?  Another bombing, more political outrages, idiotic religious nonsense?

Surely something will catch my eye or ear that will inspire me to sit before this keyboard once again and type something that another group would hope I hadn’t.

Good night.  See you on the morrow…


One thought on “What’s Left to Say?

  1. On that line, I’ve decided that comments on the internet are a bit like my dog on walks. It has been said that they can get a great deal of information from excrement. The real Laci can spend inordinate amounts of time (by my human standards) sniffing, Then she has to add to the message.

    Ah, the dog idea of the good life, stopping to smell the excrement.

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