Man ID’d Who Berated Parkinson’s Demonstrator

Remember that nicely dressed, sun-glassed anti-health care advocate who berated the man with Parkinson’s and threw some dollars at him?

His name is Chris Reichart. Says he’s sorry.  I doubt it.  He’s only sorry that the press found out his name. Reichert was captured on video outside the offices of Democratic Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, screaming and throwing dollar bills at Robert Letcher, a supporter of the Democratic health care reform who was seated before him. Reichert shouted “If you’re looking for a hand-out, you’re on the wrong end of town.”

Adolescent behavior for sure, but then, his ‘type’ lives there. “I snapped. I absolutely snapped and I can’t explain it any other way,” said Chris Reichert of Victorian Village, in a Columbus Dispatch interview.

Reichert then stepped from the crowd, bent down, pointed a finger in Letcher’s face and as he tossed a pair of dollar bills yelled, “I’ll pay for this guy. Here you go. Let’s start a pot, I’ll pay for you. I’ll decide when to give you money. Here. Here’s another one.”

Earlier this week, Reichert, 40, denied any involvement in a confrontation featured in a Dispatch video that drew an emotional response from viewers across the country.

He said he’s fearful for his family after reading comments about his actions on the Internet.

“I’ve been looking at the web sites,” he said. “People are hunting for me.”

Another right-wing nut nailed!


9 thoughts on “Man ID’d Who Berated Parkinson’s Demonstrator

  1. You are right, Mike. What a ‘great representation’ of America.

    Here’s what I still cannot understand- seriously. What part of the Health Care Bill would cause a man like Reichart to become so angry that he was out of control? What part of the bill?

    How is Reichart’s life affected by this bill? What is going to change in his life because this bill was signed?

    Oh, I could see the opposite, for sure. I could see wide-spread anger from the 33,000,000 Americans without health care, and the millions who are denied coverage by their insurance companies.

    I could understand their anger if they were denied coverage by the Republican Party.

    But for this middle-class, well-to-do guy to go berserk in front of a man with Parkinson’s disease blows my mind. Totally blows my mind!

  2. Hello Muddy,
    OH HOW EMPOWERING ANONYMITY IS!!! When Chris Reichert thought he was just another voice in a crowd, he was an all knowing loud mouth showing that he was more than willing to abuse another human being. This is the mindset of most of the Teabaggers thinking they are anonymous within a crowd and not identified as an individual. Another way to describe this is called, “Mob Rule.”

    Robert Letcher, the single man with Parkinson who bravely confronted this Teabagger mob, was lucky that he was not hauled off and hung by this hateful crowd.

    Now that Chris Reichert has his involvement identified for his featured confrontation (that I am sure right after his fellow Teabaggers / Nazis were giving him “High Five” accolades making him feel very proud of himself at that moment and time) is now drawing the well deserved and expected emotional response from more sane citizens of this country as they are viewing this video clip across the country.

    Chris Reichert is now fearful for his family after reading comments about his actions on the Internet. How do you think Robert Letcher was feeling at your moment of encounter? Robert Letcher is much more of a MAN than Chris Reichert ever will be. Robert Letcher knew what he was walking into when he confronted this out of control mob whipped into frenzy by the likes of the Teabaggers / Fox Programming.

    When Chris Reichert said, “I’ve been looking at the web sites, people are hunting for me.” Well obviously you have not made “Wise Life Choices” by allowing yourself to be lead by the Conservative Extreme Right Wingers, Teabaggers, Fox Programming, NAZIS.

    Now Chris Reichert is finding that EXTREME ACTIONS have RERERCUSSIONS. As many found out after WWII the old, “I was just following orders,” is not a plea that got them off from having to take responsibility for their actions.

    I am one Republican who is not sorry or intend to make excuses for Chris Reichert’s actions. I hope he receives everything he deserves. Maybe a good example being made of Chris Reichert will make others think about their actions in the future. He should apologize to Robert Letcher and beg for his forgiveness right now.

  3. You are correct about the anonymity part, EoK, the annoying comments on my blog have stopped once they realised the implication of my being able to track them down via IP address.

    Forget your frustration with these fringe crazies, the real frustration should be for the fact that the Public Option is popular with the American Public.

    The question that should be asked is:
    Why are the fringe lunatics getting the attention when the public option is popular?

  4. He didn’t just snap. He’s been boiling for some time. Still, it appears he’s not going to try and be a Joe the Plumber, because you know many right wing nuts agree with what he did.

  5. Just last week I went to get prescriptions filled at my local pharmacy and was told that I would have to pay full price (in the hundreds of dollars for common generic every day medicines of people who have been poisoned with HFCS all their lives) Statin, HBP med, hypothyroid med, and now Adderall for ADD: (and I eat very healthy and exercise).. A day after suffering shock and awe at the hands of my insurance company I received a letter from them that I could no longer have my prescriptions filled at any retail pharmacy, but would have to use their on-line pharmacy. It was a hard pill (hehe) to swallow because supporting local business is important to me. In the last year my wife has been denied by her former employer sponsored health care insurance due to “pre-existing conditions” that she didn’t even know she had. So as a relatively poor person under the arbitrary rule of US health care insurance, I am very thankful that the Health care bill passed. But the intellectual side of my brain is somewhat fearful of this bill because if you really think about it, the new law amounts to a form of corporate fascism. What part of fascism are we talking about? Well the part that deals with the merging of corporate interest with that of government interest. What we have with this health care law is Health care mandated and enforced by the Government, managed and dispersed by the private insurance industry. I would have MUCH preferred complete government takeover of health care because then this new department of government has only two groups of people to answer to: patients / voters and health care providers / voters. But now health care has a 3rd party to answer to: share holders and their army of lobbyists.

    But I think that this “mandate” business is really what people have been amped up to fear, it’s the idea of health care by government coercion. I think they have a legitimate gripe, but are expressing their gripes like lunatics.

  6. My silence as of late is going to continue until Tuesday…I hope that’s the end. New phone lines…I am at the very endf of the line here and a stone barn wall collapse was only part of the problem.
    This post hits home to me in a personal way. I have a sister and brother in law who live in Yorba Linda, California. My brother in law is a died in the wool thrird generation Orange County Conservative. He visityed me here last summer and both myself and my wife thought after we had left that we had made contact with an alien life form.
    My sister has never been very “political” and rarely ever voices an opinion.
    Her husband is the total chariacature…Through him I began to realize that Republican “conservativism” was like a religion. You needed to suspend logic and depend on sheer belief.
    So I recieved and email from my sister a few days ago with family news and gossip, and the odd comment that she was concerned that they would go bankrupt due to the passage of the health care reform bill.
    I sent her an email asking her why she thought that. I suggested that she find out wat the bill said rather than rely on what others thought she should think that the bill said. Believeme, I love my sister very much and I was extrememly diplomatic. I even sent her a few links to websites that explained the time fram of the implimetation of the bill and what it actually did.
    By the way, she and her husband are paying almost 1000 bucks a month for Health Insurance.
    I got a terse email back from here telling me that I was trying to tell her how to think. I didn’t respond.

  7. Microdot! Glad to hear from you and I wish your technology well!

    I read your comment just after posting my newest rant. I think that you and I have the same ‘worry’ about this nation. Your brother-in-law is, no doubt, the person who I addressed in that post.

    Incredibly, absorbing the propaganda like a thirsty sponge. And illiterate of the facts and data. Two components that produce his ‘thinking’ style.

    Does “pathetic” cover it?

    Glad you’re back.

  8. Damn straight, Reichert is “sorry” about nothing more than he got exposed. He’s just another lying, hypocritical, greedy, right wing POS.

    So he donated some money to a Parkinson’s charity? He did a variation of that ALREADY, didn’t he?

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