Vandals, Huns and Mongols!

The have been resurrected!  Through some DNA reprocessing, science has been able to recreate the barbarians who terrorized civilization some 16 centuries ago!  Burning, looting, raping, pillaging, the hordes gathered on the lawn of the Capitol of the United States to grunt, holler and scream!  Others were dispatched to various locations outside of DC to vandalize and terrorize the law-makers and citizens.

Retrogression.  Regression.

After reading of the death-threats, the messages left on answering machines, the window-breaking and other barbaric deeds done to U.S. Congressmen in the past 48 hours, one has to wonder if that barbaric blood passed on by the hordes of invaders some 1600 years ago has activated some primeval instincts in some of their modern-day relatives.

Gosh, say some of the Re[ublicans, how’d this happen?  Blink, blink.

Has progress in America  reached its limit- like a bungee cord fully-stretched?  Is it now snapping back, pulling our civilization back to the days of Vandal hordes that ravaged European civilization?  Is that what America now faces?  TPM Muckraker leads with this headline: Vandals Attack Dem Offices Nationwide.

“Vandals smashed doors and windows at five Democratic offices around the country in the days surrounding the landmark House health care vote Sunday night, and a right-wing blogger in Alabama is taking credit for starting a so-called “window war.””


Window war.  As in Kristallnacht in Germany in 1938? The beginning of the round-up of 25,000 Jews led by the infamous Hitler-Jugend whose numbers sored to 8,000,000 by 1940.  Children as young as 10 were forced to ‘join’ the HJ and were summarily brainwashed into believing the crap fed to them by the Nazi Party leaders.

So some jackass in Alabama ‘jokingly’ refers to this terrible event with the same term! And the dullards, ignorant of history, carry on with this mindless vandalism- like the propagandized Hitler Jugend of the 1940’s.

Our dumbed-down, history-illiterate American masses could easily be led down a similar path by angry, bigoted leaders with a singular agenda of unseating the first black president.  Don’t think for a moment that this agenda is not on the table.


2 thoughts on “Vandals, Huns and Mongols!

  1. What can I say my friend….Teabaggers / Nazis….One In The Same.

    I do want to add to others who may visit and read this….Any self repsecting Republican should be ashamed for allowing this “Teabbager” aspect into the Republican Party much less having our political leaders embrace them.

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