Tea Party Challenger to Toledo Pro-life, Yes-Vote Dem

“It’s going to have to be disassembled a piece at a time.” This from a Tea Party [turned GOP] challenger of Congressman Marcy Kaptur, a pro-life Democrat who voted for the Health Care Bill along with Bart Stupak.

Rich Iott made that claim. In January, the Blade reports,  he bowed to pleas from conservatives in the Tea Party movement to run as a Republican so that he and the winner of the GOP primary would not split the conservative vote.

Iott who lives in the rural area outside of Toledo, inherited ownership of a large local supermarket chain, FoodTown, from his father and summarily sold it, made a fortune, and the newly-sold food market owner shut it down several months later, laying off hundreds of local workers.

This evening Iott and his GOP opponent, Jack Smith, former Toledo police chief,  will debate.  That ought to be an ‘interesting’ event.  Maybe I should attend, albeit with protective gear.  I wonder just how many times I would hear those old chestnut phrases about ‘big government take-over’ will be hurled? And ‘death panels.’ And ‘tax-increases’ And ‘Patriotism.’  Do you suppose that they will begin with the Pledge of Allegiance? Will there be a prayer?

Then there is the thought about the attendees of the event. Who will show up?  Will they be ‘carrying?’  What kind of bumper-stickers will be displayed on their cars?  Maybe I should just take my camera and photograph the bumper stickers.  That ought to be a hoot in itself!

How many minorities will show up?  Could I count them on one hand?

So many things to do at ‘the gathering’ today.  So much ‘data’ to collect. So much ‘stuff’ flying around.  It would be fun, though.  How should I dress for the occasion?  Suit and tie? Overalls? Bandanna and leather jacket?

Hey!  I just thought of something!  A well-known political celebrity will probably be there with copies of his book.  Joe the Plumber!! Maybe I can get an autographed copy.  Wow!  Joe the Plumber live, in person.  Perhaps he’ll be called to the dais to share his wisdom from the McCain-Palin tour.

Samuel Wurzelbacker AKA Joe the Plumber

It’s sounding more and more tempting.  I’ll let it up to my readers.  Should I go or not?


7 thoughts on “Tea Party Challenger to Toledo Pro-life, Yes-Vote Dem

  1. Well Muddy,
    Let’s hope that Rich Iott pisses away the large bulk of his father’s wealth that Rich inherited running for this office. A fool and his money are soon parted and I cannot think of any bigger fool than Rich Iott if he is professing to be a Teabagger. If we are really lucky, Rich Iott may end up in the same social / economic stratification as Samuel Wurzelbacker AKA Joe the Plumber.

    Maybe they could all move in with Joe the Plumber’s dad. Yea what a vision, Sam, Rich, and Old Man Wurzelbacker bunking down in the old man’s house sitting around at night pissing and moaning how they are going to set this country straight again someday. I see a reality TV show here that could compete with Sarah Palin’s new reality show.

    Wouldn’t you just love to see Wurzelbacker and Iott going from one NUT JOB political rally to another hoping to sell enough vanity books to be able to make enough for gas fare to be able to make it back home? Hey I would love a picture of Wurzelbacker and Iott with their thumbs out trying to hitch hike back home with a couple of their books under their arm. Then when they did finally make it home the Old Man Wurzelbacker would be sitting in the living room with Glen Beck on the TV while the old man bitched that Sam and Rick did not bring home dinner from Pizza Hut, after all, what in the Hell did they think he was going to eat??

  2. Great visual, Engineer! I wonder just how many books Wurzelbacher sold? And, who the hell would want to read his story, anyway??

  3. OK, 2-1 against my going so I didn’t. Besides, it’s a cold rainy night in Toledo, temps at 34° I’ll read about it in the local newspaper tomorrow and give a report.

    BTW- anyone know where Microdot is? Is he having more Internet problems or did he fall off of Big Holy Rock while meditating?

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