They Cry TAXES!

One thing that is sure to alarm the voter is the word, “taxes!” Americans just hate taxes.  Europeans do not necessarily enjoy paying taxes but have come to understand that they reap many benefits from tax money.  The American adolescent mind, in comparison, wants its cash in hand to spend it the way they see fit.  I suppose that is typical of those lacking wisdom. Before my wisdom solidified, I cried too about those taxes that were deducted from my paycheck at age 16.  I had better places to spend my money than on taxes!

The GOP has always had the ‘tax card’ in its pocket and they know how to play the game very well.  Right now, while licking their wounds from the health care loss, they are waxing and pressing the ‘tax card’.  Although they played it [along with many others] during the so-called debate, it didn’t seem to take with the citizens.  Now that all of the noise has subsided, they are shining it up for the fall elections.

‘Tax and spend liberals!’ How many times will we hear that one? The GOP will throw that net over every Democratic candidate this November.  Will the freshman House Democrat cower under that net or stand up with the facts?  And, what are the facts about this health care bill and taxes?

First, John Boehner’s tanning booth visits will be taxed which may be why he was so angry on the evening of the vote. Fact: 10 percent excise tax on indoor tanning services.  How will THAT one play to the voters in November?

Second, beginning in 2018, insurance companies will pay a 40 percent excise tax on so-called “Cadillac” high-end insurance plans worth over $27,500 for families ($10,200 for individuals). Dental and vision plans are exempt and will not be counted in the total cost of a family’s plan. How will that play out for the elections this fall?  Will the Democratic candidate be shackled with that whopper?  How many families have a ‘Cadillac’ plan that costs $27,501?  And what does 2018 have to do with 2010?

Third. Medicare Payroll tax on investment income — Starting in 2012, the Medicare Payroll Tax will be expanded to include unearned income. That will be a 3.8 percent tax on investment income for families making more than $250,000 per year ($200,000 for individuals). First, it starts in 2012 so the few who fall into this category will not see any increase in taxes before then.  Additionally, it will effect only families making a quarter-million per year.  That excludes the majority of our citizens.  Finally, it is only a 3.8% tax.

Let’s consider that ‘egregious’ tax increase!  First of all, if a person is making a quarter-million a year, why do they need Medicare? Medicare was intended to help our those with modest incomes retire without worry of medical bankruptcy.  Nonetheless, if our well-to-do $250k retiree made $52,000 in investments after retirement- which is in fact the median income for families in 2009- then he would pay 3.8% tax on that $52k.  That’s a whopping $1976.  Pocket change for those folks.

How will the GOP candidate spin these taxes?  Surely he/she could not use my data because the average citizen doesn’t make $250k and doesn’t earn $52k in investments. Rather the general theme of ‘raising your taxes’ will be heard all across the land.  Dumbed-down citizens will think it will be their taxes, for sure. That’s what the slick GOP candidates will hope for.

So a tanning tax, Cadillac plan tax, and the $250K retirees can gripe- and of course they will. The rest of us schleps can just enjoy the benefits of knowing that the insurance companies, at last, have been reigned-in.


6 thoughts on “They Cry TAXES!

  1. Hello Muddy,
    There you go again using those annoying FACTS again. Don’t you know how irritating FACTS are for the delusional extreme right wing conservatives? FACTS, as we all know, have a liberal bias leaning which just confuses the weaker minds like those who follow and fawn over the Sarah Palin.

    You are a very bad boy choosing to unfairly employ FACTS into this argument debate. Because you have done this unforgivable act of pointing out FACTS….I’ll show you….I’ll just stamp my feet real hard and throw myself on the ground kicking and screaming how unfair you are!…Just wait on this next election!!….We are going to vote for real conservatives to take over Congress!!! That’ll show you!!!! I hate you, I hate you, I hate you!!!!!!!!!

    Now I will return back on the reality side Muddy my friend. I just thought I would pass on the Teabagger / Extreme Conservative Republican retort to your posting before some of the others that visit your site did.

  2. the Teabagger / Extreme Conservative Republican retort… Been there, heard that, rolled off of my brain like water off of a duck. Thanks for the chuckle. It’s always a hoot over there in the caves of the far-rightosphere.

  3. “Americans just hate taxes.” First, isn’t everyone in this hemisphere “Americans”? Don’t you understand that by appropriating that term to represent only the United States is continuing to support the jingoist, Big Stick policies of stronged armed United States dominance? We are the United States of America, not America per se.

    Secondly, citizens don’t “hate taxes”, that is just a glittering generality.
    If taxes were hated, no one would be elected. Yet, in this country of over 300 million April 15 comes and goes without revolution. We pay our taxes. However, what we want to see is our taxes used for good programs that we can see as a result of paying our taxes. National Defense, social security, and medicare come to mind. Hopefully, now that the United States has joined the other industrialized nations of the world in providing its citizens with national health insurance, so to speak, this will be a program that justifies the taxes we will pay. We should expect our taxes used for
    the general good, not as in building a bridge to no-where.

    Moreover, taxes are not the primary issue. The Constitution was ordained by a compromise over large versus small government. Jefferson and his followers wanted a weak central government. Hamilton and his followers, the federalists, wanted a strong central government. This division has continued throughout our national history. And, the amount of taxes levied either increases or decreases the power of the federal government. The central issue is the role of the federal government versus state goverments. Who should pay the bill of the mandated laws of the federal government. For example, the new health reform bill mandates changes in medicaid and Ohio which will cost Ohioans $200 MILLION. Yet, Congress says that this is not to be paid out of the revenue collected to pay for health reform. Rather, it mandates that Ohio itself come up with the money. Where does the buck stop?

  4. “Tax and spend”

    What is the alternative, spend like a drunken sailor with no income?

    The problem is that some people want the services, but don’t want to pay for them. They want highways, but also want cheap fuel (no taxes to pay for infrastructure repairs).

    Also, I think taxes have been made to be evil as part of the US creation myth. The problem was “taxation without representation”, not plain “taxation”. The taxes were low by British standards, but they came at the cost of not having a voice in their implementation.

    Likewise, the defecit has grown, but people don’t realise the reason is out of control military spending and other squandering of US taxpayer money (e.g., subsidising Israel) that has caused this, not the social programmes which are needed.

  5. but people don’t realise the reason is out of control military spending and other squandering of US taxpayer money (e.g., subsidising Israel) that has caused this, not the social programmes which are needed.

    Those are the two large elephants in the room that no one wishes to discuss. We have come to believe that we need a monstrous military machine in order to defend ourselves, but that machine costs trillions of dollars.

    The result is terribly similar to the Roman Empire when they rotted from within, and not from barbarians on the outside.

    Israel – Congress kissed Netanyahu’s ass today but Obama allowed no photographs in his White House. Smart man.

  6. The sad thing is, M_R, that the “smart man” and his Secretary of State will provide Netanyahu with all the money he came to collect on the annual Israeli Prime Ministers “hat in hand” trip to Washington. Something seems to be missing in kicking “Netanyahu’s ass”! As Laci says, “subsidising Israel” is an annual rite of passage for the U.S. Government, regardless of Democrat or Republican. What’s that echo I hear? Oh, not a dimes worth of difference…..

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