The New Barbarians

Your mother warned you about playing with fire- it can burn you!  Apparently the GOP is so dreadfully pathetic that their base is essentially fire itself- human incendiaries that go off at the slightest provocation.

They don’t know exactly what to do with these extremists who camp near their headquarters and act like the barbarians who threaten civilization as in the Dark Ages.  How does one control barbarians? Barbarians cared little about culture, art, cities and other expressions of civilization.  Rape, pillage and plunder was what they knew and they did it well.

Today’s Republican party, purposely purged of wise statesmen, face a dilemma. The Tea Party gangs and their leaders from the right-wing media are causing the average American to shudder as they watch the grossly barbaric antics of this crowd play out on their TV screens. The GOP likes to keep them close and uses them to stir up  trouble for the President and the Democratic Party, but how close is too close?  The American citizens are not dumb and see that the two are connected in thought, word and deed.

The question remains: how long can you play with fire before getting burned yourself?  Apparently, the GOP is willing to risk it all in order to ‘win.’  However, that’s a risky bet and the GOP already lost the big bet on Sunday.

Within the ranks of the GOP, decent congressmen are facing serious challenges from so-called Tea Party candidates.  Bennett in Utah and McCain in Arizona may in fact lose to the radical right-wingers who would pose less of a threat to the Democratic opponent than the Republican would have.  The GOP invited them to play, but couldn’t get them to go home.

Will the citizens of Arizona, Utah and Florida elect the far-right candidate to represent their state in Congress or will they decide on a more moderate Democrat?  I don’t know, but the luck of the GOP seems to have ended somewhere back in 2005. Yet, rather than repairing the old machine, they’re betting the farm on it once again.


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  1. There was an interesting op-ed in the NY Times this week, suggesting that abolishing party primaries, in favor of an open run-off election followed by another vote where the top two candidates in the open election square off for the congresional seat, would put better respresentatives in office. In party primaries, where no one votes anyhow, the strategy is to appeal to the most rabid elements in your party. Then you go to the general election and pretend to be a centrist to get the “independent” votes. However, if there was one preliminary election where every candidate, regardless of party, had to face the entire electorate, you might get two qualified candidates who appealed to most of the voters, and not two mediocrities who appealed to the extremists on both sides. I like the idea.

  2. Today’s GOP confounds logic. It acts in the benefit of huge corporations and the filthy rich who have little in common with the majority of people, yet it claims to be the majority party. It wants law and order, but opposes government regulation. It is racist and anti-intellectual. It is warmongering. It attacks and ridicules those working for the common good. It ignores history and denies science. It constantly lies and distorts. It encourages and incites revolution at the same time it claims to be patriotic. I know what I would call it: insanely delusional and anti-social. But I would love to have some psychiatrists do a psychoanalytical study on it, and read their comments and conclusions.

  3. Jack- your summary to today’s GOP ought to be written in Wikipedia because it is an excellent and exact representation of this New GOP that we see today. Perfect summary. Sad and dangerous, but you nailed it all.

    I too, Jack, have wished for a psychiatric evaluation of the typical member of this new conglomeration of people who have kidnapped the once-Grand Old Party. There has to be a common thread in that far-right wing- the one that we see and hear from on a regular and disgusting basis.

  4. Tom M- that NYT suggestion of the elimination of party affiliation for primaries sounds to me like real democracy in action. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It is obvious to me that the GOP needs to do something different if it hopes to offer the American citizens viable candidates that are not driven by a narrow agenda. Their house is in much disrepair!

    TCL- Were I living in the House district ‘served’ by Bachman, I would be embarrassed as hell. What type of people sent her to DC in the first place??

  5. Hello Muddy,
    You have nailed it on the head with the Teabagger thug gangs and their leaders from the right-wing media should cause a normal American to be outraged with their actions. But not the New Republican Party based on the viewpoints of Rush Limbaugh, Fox Programming Personalities and their Teabaggers!! It has even gotten as bad where the Republican Chairman Steel, a black man himself, rejected the notion that the racial slurs and spitting incidents where the Teabaggers’ exposed themselves on the Capital steps last week for what they really are; may make any association with the Tea Party Movement a danger. To reiterate, Republican Chairman Steel still supports the Teabaggers and keeps them welcome within the Republican Party.

    Now Republican’s in the Senate are going to try to destroy what has just been passed into the house. Now mind you, this Republican opposition to the Bill is not really about Health Care…but just about trying to make President Obama look like he failed… matter what the issue is. Health Care Reform just happens to be the one that is current.

    The only way I see any return to social respectability and polite society is the total destruction of the Republican and I for one am in hopes that this battle over Health Care Reform is the issue that brings them down.

    I am fine with the splitting of the Party with Secular Moderate Republicans like myself going one way and Rush Limbaugh, Fox Programming Personalities, the Teabaggers, Ku Klux Klan, Christian Brother John Birch groups going their way. I think ALL would be more happy in the long run.

  6. For a good psychoanalysis, even though the author is not a psychiatrist, read “Conservatives without Conscience” by John Dean. “What’s the Matter with Kansas?” is a good one too, but more of a sociological analysis.

  7. Eng. of Knlg,
    Unfortunatly for you and your party, if you split the party in such a manner, it would be a while before republicans of either stripe were able to secure enough votes to be a competitive party again.

  8. Hello Conservative Lie,
    You are quite correct with your assessment that it would take quite a while before the Moderate Republicans could secure enough votes to be a competitive party again…..and I am fine with that fact because it would be the Moderate Republicans that would eventually gain that upper hand again. If this is what it would take to purge the radical extremist from the GOP so well be it….Let’s take it down and good riddance.

    Thank you for your profound observations as I did enjoy them.

  9. why couldn’t I have been born in Finland? I’m pining for the Fjords and I’ve never even seen a Fjord.

    Do they yodel in Finland?

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