The Sky Didn’t Fall But the GOP Did

I woke up this morning, ran to my window, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. And what to my wondering eyes should appear?  The sky had not fallen and was up there as it always had been.  I guess that maybe this past year was just a bad, scary dream.

People went to work, kids to school and the garbage trucks rolled down the street.  A few birds sang, the morning newspaper lay on the porch, and the coffee pot perked nicely.  I began to wonder whether it really was a nightmare.  All of those apocalyptic warnings over the TV of approaching doomsday events didn’t seem to have happened while I slept.  I looked in the mirror and there I was- still alive, older but nonetheless alive!

Wow!  What happened? The Health Care Bill passed and nothing out of the ordinary occurred overnight! Praise God- we were saved! Life goes on.  And I can, really, have a Blessed Day.  Isn’t it good to be un-dead?

You don’t suppose, do you, that it was all a hoax- I’m talking about all of those dire warnings about passing Health Care in America?  Just a slick propaganda scheme?  Bamboozlement? Shysters?  Con-men?

Who would do such a thing to the citizens of this country?  Scare the dickens out of the people and frighten them so badly?  Must have been some serious pranksters.  But don’t they know that Halloween is in October, not March?

Happy Health Care Day, America.


6 thoughts on “The Sky Didn’t Fall But the GOP Did

  1. Hello Muddy,
    The real lesson that we can all take from this is that the Teabaggers have been given a reality check that after all the Sunshine that Fox Programming had blown up their asses making them think they had the majority viewpoint influence…found out they did not. My best suggestion is for the Teabaggers are now to crawl back under their “ROCK” homes, turn on the TV while turning off their minds (not that their minds had ever been engaged in the first place) and watch Sarah Palin’s new reality TV show….I just noted how much of an oxymoron that last bit was….Sarah Palin and Reality.. :-)

    Like I have stated in my latest posting, many Teabaggers exposed that they were really nothing more than Bigoted Racists who resorted to racial slurs while standing on the Capitol’s steps. Yes those proclaiming that they wanted democracy returned to the process, were yelling the “N” word at black lawmakers and even spitting on some while protesting Health Care Reform.

    As you, Muddy, made note from my posting, any stable, sane, and self respecting Republican would denounce this Right Wing Extremist Teabagger group. Because I am involved within MY Republican Party, I can tell you first hand that most of the Teabaggers are nothing more than John Birchers, Neo-Nazis, and Klan members posing as God Fearing Christian Republicans under the guise of protecting American Citizens’ rights. Now good “O’l Uncle Tom” Steel rejected the notion that the racial slurs and spitting incidents may make any association with the Tea Party Movement a danger. To reiterate, Republican Chairman Steel still supports the Teabaggers and keeps them welcome within the Republican Party.

    But back to a more positive note. The American people won yesterday. I too looked out of my front window this morning, counting my blessings, and noted that the leaf buds on the Holy Oak Tree were coming out ready to burst forth with the rebirth of new life. Health Care Reform Bill passing is truly a Holy Oak Tree miracle. Holy Oak Tree bless us everyone.

  2. For whatsoever the people getteth, surely the conservative supreme court shall take away.

  3. Steve- much appreciated biblical spin

    Engineer- keep up your fight to wrestle the control of your once Grand Old Party from the hands of that clutch of those who kidnapped it and turned it into a den of thieves, bigots and charlatans.

    I hope that those to whom I refer as the ‘dumbed-down citizens’ have learned a lesson from this Health Care spectacle played out on TV screens throughout this nation. That angry, pitiful statement of John ‘boner’ Boehner compared to the statement of hope given by Nancy Pelosi ought to have set the record straight.

    Yet, I am ever-cautious of the possibility that the masses actually learned something in the process. Perhaps they did. I’m not betting on it, however.

  4. Interesting that EoK is a republican since that party once had a populist and progressive strain. Also, I like to point out that Richard Nixon would seem liberal by today’s standard, but that is the subject of an upcoming post.

    I believe it has been pointed out that TR was an early proposer of a National Health care scheme.

    I do have to admit I thought I felt a shudder that health care has finally passed in the US legislature. It may be a shudder of relief.

  5. I wish that I could be as enthusiastic as you are, but I can’t…To be sure I have always championed health care for everyone..I believe it is a right and not a privilege. The best this legislation accomplishes is to put the United States on the same field as the rest of the industrialized nations have been on for decades, as we played with philosophical scare-crows. I say the much as Rep. Dennis Kucinich who voted for it because it establishes national health care but it is still a bad piece of legislation. Look, it’s a give-away to the insurance companies, 32 million more customers mandated by the federal government. For christ’s sake, Obama just threw trillions to Wall Street, now he and the Democrats throw trillions to the insurance companies.
    Moreover, where is the money to pay for it? Right, Red China! “Stupid does, as stupid does.” Larry McDonnel, who was the chief of staff on the Democratic Senate Finance Committee when Clinton tried health insurance and a regular talking head now on MSNBC laid it all out on “Morning Joe” today as the Governor of Ohio, Strickland was singing its praise, despite the fact that when the medicaid provision kicks in two years from now, Ohio will have to pay $200 MILLION more. McDonnel chastised Joe for not asking the question, “and Governor where do you get that $200 MILLION.”
    (a good example of how the national media fails to ask the important questions.). How much will taxes in Ohio have to be raised to pay for it? Where is the industrial base or manufacturing in Ohio that is going to pay for it? Finally, O”Donnel said to Sen. Coryn from Texas that the Republicans blew this by not talking about this as the largest tax increase in the history of the United States, and they never made that the issue. Instead they tried to scare people with “death panels”, the louisiana purchase, the corn
    husker giveaway, abortion, etc. As a senior citizen with the repeal of medicare advantage progams, we had better not see a lessening of our medical needs. If there is, kiss Ohio off for Obama. Obama can point to signing national health insurance into law, but the devil is in the details. With social security everyone pays some thing in, that is truly national.

    An Aside: What would have happened if the single payer provision
    had been in from the first? And, Congress would have
    used the simple majority vote in both Houses as they
    are now 15 months later? Obama and his bipartisan
    idea was a sham; it had no chance. This B.S. that a
    bill this national needed national bipartisan support
    was a pile of it. While Obama fiddled, the country lost
    jobs and a recovery is months behind. Did Bush and
    DeLay wait a year to pass the Bush tax cuts or the
    senior drug prescription program, which again was
    unfunded? They did reconciliation from the get-go, and
    Obama plays with the sham of bipartisanship…Go

  6. Can anyone tell me what the high risk pool is going to cost me? What if I don’t qualify for the subsidies and can’t afford it? What about prescriptions? Would they be covered under this high risk policy?

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