The GOP Purge: Now in Full Force

“We’re going to repeal the bill!” shout the angry losers.  That’s of course not all that they are shouting these days.  “Baby-killer” and “Fag!” and of course, “Niggers!” Quite the adolescent minds from the far-right side of life.  That’s surely an ugly place to live.  I can’t imagine anyone enjoying much of  life in that cesspool of society.  Hate rules,  oddly, most claim to be Chrisitans, but then, they’d pimp their own grandmothers if it was in their best interest.

Several Republican members of the House have announced their  departure earlier this year.  Two senators as well.  Ohio’s George Voinovich wants to get out as does Kit Bond of Missouri. They’re too much of statesmen to exist any longer in the current GOP. Four other GOP senators are not seeking reelection. In the House, 19 Republicans are retiring.

As has been noticed of late, the Republican Party continues to purge centrist members and has attracted more and more right-wing candidates.  Now that the Health Care Bill has passed, the GOP “faithful” as they are called [those who vote in primaries] want red meat!  They want hard-line, right-wingers to run and will in fact choose the reddest and rawest in the primaries.

The trouble is that America is not hard-right, but center to center-right.  Those hard-line GOP candidates need to get 51% of the vote and many Americans are not as conservative as these candidates represent. Even though the base is ‘revved up’  and angry over this health care bill, that does not mean that centrist America is. The ‘kill the bill’ and ‘repeal the bill’ Republicans may not be as ‘hot’ as they think they will be this Fall. If this is all that they have to offer their constituents, then their plan to ‘take over Congress’ will fizzle.

As the party moves farther and farther to the right, they will find themselves isolated from the larger majority of Americans who will regard them as radicals and they will vote for the more moderate voices to govern them. America does not tolerate extremists. The GOP will, in fact, purge itself out of relevancy.  Within my lifetime, I predict.


7 thoughts on “The GOP Purge: Now in Full Force

  1. Hello Muddy,
    I heard a man in his early 30’s dressed in jeans, checkered shirt, and ball cap, proclaiming to the local nightly news that, “We’re going to elect more conservative cannadiates and over turn this Health Care Bill. I thought yea…what we need is more conservative nut job polticians?!?!? I just felt sorry for the young man who had no clue how stupid he sounded tonight.

    When you said, “The GOP will, in fact, purge itself out of relevancy. Within my lifetime, I predict.” I say it is well on it’s way right now so you will not have to wait very long my friend.

  2. Laci @ Who will defend the left end of the spectrum? Sadly America does not like the left end of the political spectrum. They are obviously more cautious about that end than the far-right. Strangely true.

    Engineer- I’m wondering how many Republicans today have come to realize how they were ‘spun’ during this health care debate by their party leaders?

  3. Hello Muddy,
    You bring up a very good question on how Moderate Republicans who do not hold the Extreme viewpoints being spewed out during this process. We are viewed as the worst kind of traders for not taking up the banner of Bigoted Racists and Haters. Rush Limbaugh coined the phrase, RINO (Republican In Name Only) to slander those of us with opposing views within the Party.

    When you made the comment, “I can’t imagine anyone enjoying much of life in that cesspool of society,” I am thinking that most of these people are really those who are very dissatisfied, and “feel lesser than,” with their own lives in the first place.

    I think that it is very Freudian and revealing of someone with a negative outlook on their lives verses to the person who takes a positive outlook on their lives.

    George Bernard Shaw’s play “Back to Methuselah” where he wrote, “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?’” President John Kennedy liked Shaw’s writings so much, he used this quote in one of his speeches and when his brother Robert spoke at John’s funeral, he ended his eulogy of his brother by repeating this quote. Well Muddy, as you and I remember well, or maybe time has mellowed my memories, but it seems like such different times back then

  4. Utah is a good case to watch. Senator Bennett, who maybe has voted once or twice for so called progressive bills, is on the purge list. I believe the Republican Party caucuses begin in a week or two, and the
    reactionaries are working to defeat Bennett in the caucus or in the Utah Republican primary. This caucus will be interesting to watch. In Mormon Utah, however, it won’t make much difference as Utah is a “safe” senate seat for the Republicans. The Florida Republican Senate primary has so far received the most attention with Governor Criss falling behind a reactionary Rubio. As a more moderate secular State, Florida should be in contention for a good Dem.-Rep election. What are the Dems up to there?

    And, what is happening in Ohio with an open Senate seat? What is interesting is that Ohio is surrounded by other states with Senate elections, that is, PA, KY, IN, and I believe MI. If the Dems can’t win 3 of these races, it may be a bad night in November.

    BTW, was that Toledo’s Democratic Representative, Marcy Kaptur, standing with Stupak? What gives there?

  5. Kaptur stood with Stupak because she is a life-to-righter. Yet, by the logic of a Republican from Texas, she really is a ‘baby-killer!’

    And, what is happening in Ohio Surprisingly, nothing. No TV spots, nothing at all. In fact, few know who is running for Voinovich’s seat.

  6. as you and I remember well, or maybe time has mellowed my memories, but it seems like such different times back then

    UptheFlag and I well-remember those days where legislators actually talked with each other, dined together, and attended family baptisms, mitzvahs, weddings and funerals together. Now it’s all toxic. I’m not sure that it will ever come back. Perhaps it will poison itself out of existence.

    Then what?

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