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As with all sports events, today 50% of the teams will lose. And so will 50% of the political parties.  The GOP team is solid’ the Democratic Team is not, but they have more players.  One will stand out at the end of this day as ‘the winning team.’  Extending health care to more  citizens and limiting the restrictions to health care has to be considered ‘a win.’  And so, today, I am hoping for a health care win.

Jargon such as, “Ram, ram, ram it through!” and chants of “Kill the Bill” have been attached to the ‘debate’ that has taken place here the past year.  “Government-run health care” is one of many propagandist slogans that confused the citizen who did not pay close attention to the facts. I saw hundreds of TV ads, most sponsored by entities closely associated with the insurance industry, which portrayed this new health care legislation as ‘evil.’ The Devil himself could not have received more vilification. Amazingly, I am now hearing a TV spot that says, in a very scary woman’s voice, “Stop on health care….before it’s too late!”  Doomsday!

This issue clearly defines the goals of the two major political parties in America.  One works of the middle and lower economic class while the other is clearly in the pocket of corporate America and the wealthy. A clear divide. Like a wall.

Well, it all plays out on TV today.  The goal is 216.  If that is matched or exceeded, middle-Americans win.  If not, it’s a victory for the upper class.  Odd, isn’t it, that the ‘masses’ might be defeated because of slick propaganda.  But then, the masses are often a victim of propaganda.


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  1. Hello Muddy,
    I am patiently waiting for later today to see what our future for this country is. Are the Baby Boomers going to be medically covered in our progressing age, loosing our medical insurance when our jobs went and go to China in this current Depression? Should one of us get sick, loosing our homes and everything we worked for our whole life because we went bankrupt trying to pay this medical bill. Many will become burdens on society costing so much more than the cost of health care for all.

    Many of the predatory capitalists have already raped our retirement funds, tax coffers, and employment futures. Much like Enron’s leaders, even after were found guilty,….still walked away with the money with just a little slap on the wrist. Some even had their guilty verdicts overturned as an afterthought.

    We here in this country pay more now per capital than any of the industrialized nations throughout the world, and only rank 15th in the value of what we are getting for this money. If these numbers were applied to any aspect for a company in this country, the CEO & CFO would have been fired years ago. Of course we have the majority of the Republican Party and some Democratic that are suppose to be representing the U.S. citizens, are being influenced by lobbing money touting they are going to keep the Status Quo of a system that they themselves say is broke. Try to follow the logic of that thought process.

    Yet we have the “Spoon Feed Propaganda Stooges” stand on the street corners shouting, “Kill The Bill,” like they even know what is in the bill or have even taken the time to read what the bill contains. A sad commentary for this lot indeed.

    Well I am going to start my own chant using the sport euphemism, “Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Health Care Bills? Who dat? Who dat?”

    Hey!!! I feel better already but I need to be careful….someone in the medical insurance industry may say this is all the Health Care Reform that is needed. The Healing Powers of Positive Thinking.

  2. That is a frightening thought, EoK. While I am not a fan of the proposed plan, it’s better than nothin’! There needs to be some progress made, but I am not sure how it will happen.

    BTW, sort of off topic, but you might like this site:

  3. Hello Muddy,
    I thought that I would take this time pass this bit of information on.

    For those Teabaggers who shout with indignity that they don’t want “Obama Socialism” need to think about what is really happening in this country because the vast majority of capitalist preaching U.S. companies have focused their future in Communist China. Yes they have closed in the U.S. and exported manufacturing industries to Communist China. It is obvious that Corporate America loves not only Socialism, but out right Communism.

    Where are these Teabaggers on this issue? Of course you won’t here about this fact because they are not going to be spoon feed to repeat this truism. Did we not sacrifice many of our youth in the 1950’s in Korea and 60’s in Viet Nam, 1970’s in South America hot spots, because we had to stop the spread of Communism? Was there not cheering in the streets of the U.S. when Communist Russia collapsed proving that Communism did not work? I guess it is OK now that Corporate America likes to exploit the Communist Worker System. Remember when it was called, “Slavery Under Communism?” U.S. Corporations who invested in Communist China and are reaping large financial rewards. Unfortunately this is also at the cost being extended to the American workers.

    One example is FedEx who just posted earnings that were “DOUBLE” of last year. Of course FedEx is no longer contributing to any U.S. employ’s retirement funds, the sales people have to supply their own personal cars to make FedEx sales calls, laid off many dock workers amortizing the work load with those who are left, forced pay cuts to all employees, as FedEx invests more and more in Communist China. Does anyone feel that with these actions, FedEx is a good steward of the future of the United States?!?!? I am sure that the Teabaggers have been spoon feed to say, “Yes,” with a smile by the aid of “High Fructose Corn Syrup” drug induced contentment…..much like the worker lemmings in Orwell’s book, “1984.”

    Now don’t expect any Health Care when this HFCS, that is put in all processed food, causes all of the medical repercussions…You Are Not Worthy and Don’t Deserve Any Medical Health Care.

    Hello Laci,
    Much like a new design of a machine, you have to debug, modify, redesign some parts to get it to perform like you want. You even do design modification when in production to make it even better.

    So can The Medical Health Bill after being put into law, can always be modified, adjusted, and in some spots be redesigned to make it work. It does not have to be thought of as being written in stone by any means. But we do need to have a starting point to learn from and move forward.

  4. I have to agree with you EoK abpout the health bill being tweaked once it has been enacted. Although, I do worry about the forces of reaction which will attempt to dismantle it as they have gun laws in this country.

    I am not sure how I would describe China after having been there. It is a command economy. The party members have extreme wealth while the rest of the country suffers, although not to the extent that the US has a rich-poor divide.

    The spectacle site had an interesting piece on a US military takeover, which is begining to fit into this thread. I worry about the direction that the US is taking.

  5. Hello All,
    I have just heard at 6:45 PM….It is now looking like the passage of the Health Care Bill will pass by a vote of 224-206. The House approved the key procedural measure necessary to pass the legislation, showing that Democrats and Mr. Obama had succeeded in cobbling together the votes they need to achieve a goal sought by presidents and progressives for more than a century. This all started with Teddy Roosevelt, then Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, L. B. Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton. All tried to pass some sort of Health Care Bill for the country but it now looks like President Obama may have done it.

    Hello Laci,
    I too worry about the forces of reaction which will attempt to dismantle it and as soon as the Republican’s gain back the majority in the House or Senate, or a Republican President can just write a Presidentian order negating pieces of it at a time, it could all go away a whole lot quicker than it took to construct it.

    I know well and have seen first hand the separation of those who have and those who have not when I was in South America when I was with the Navy in the mid=1970’s. When you loose the middle class….you loose Democracy.

  6. Laci & Engineer- thanks for all of the great comments on this thread. I was out of town yesterday after posting this, but the two of you covered it well.

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